I started blogging as a way to retain articles, videos and information I found online.  
Over time this blog has morphed into a central place for me to share music I find in the randomest of ways.   Things you probably would have never discovered. I record live shows, post video links, discuss songs and artists I like.

A cool by-product of this has been the response from people who read it and follow it- I have started getting invited to shows and people send me their stuff to listen and watch. Another awesome fact is that a lot of the msuic I post becomes super popular later on, after I've written about it. I didn't make it popular, but I have a decent track record and picking what will become a hit later.

I welcome input, and love getting comments- I try to respond to every single one. I do welcome any submissions you think would make good content- music, art, videos...I like the idea of sharing things I like with people who might otherwise never find it.

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