Dec 22, 2015

The Dream - I Am Sam

I've been very lucky to meet and encounter some very interesting people along my paths. When that person is someone of the musical variety, it is like getting an extra bonus. At a previous point in my life, I met The Dream, otherwise known as Terius Nash, and we were able to connect over a discovered shared love for the great Sam Cooke. I was in charge of the music at my job and he noticed I was singing along quietly and skipping through various songs and letting certain others play out (you don't forward past Al Green or Bill Withers, I don't care who you are). Sam Cooke is one of those artists I knew nothing about until one day I suddenly realized I had grown up listening to and loving completely all of his music without knowing a thing about the artist behind them.

Anyway, this is a lot of explanation leading up to what happened. The Dream was playing pool (yes, we had a pool table at my job) and I brought him a coffee and he noticed I was humming along to the stereo system at work. Without saying anything he handed me one headphone connected to an ipod and pressed play. I heard a beautiful, sweet voice singing a cover of my beloved "A Change is Gonna Come". Enchanted, I asked who the singer was and he smiled and kept on playing his game of pool. It turns out what I had been fortunate to preview was a collection of songs he had just recorded, covers of Sam Cooke classics. I begged him to let me listen to everything and he said "Nope, that stuff is for posthumous release". I laughed at first because that is an outrageous reason not the play your music for someone, but then said it was a shame. The world has such a yearning for beautiful music, it would be a loss not to share it. I don't know if that impacted his decision (likely not) but I am so very excited and pleased to share it now...

This made me really happy. I love every one of these songs and hearing them again, like this... just brings all the good things bubbling to the surface.