Aug 11, 2014

Survivor and Lou Gramm (Foreigner) LIVE 8.2.14

My loves.

I never intended for there to be such a long interval between posts, my apologies.

Honestly there has been a lot going on in my life that interfered with my late night music quests and I definitely feel like I neglected this blog, myself and you guys most of all. I can't take back time, but I can make up for the drought with a super fun post... guess who got to see Survivor AND Lou Gramm (from Foreigner) live last weekend? Yup.

And yes it was awesome.
I don't know if you recall two years ago I went to Pershing Square and saw Modern English and The Fixx live... so this was the same venue and the same concert series with the same person who took me last time. We have decided we need to do it again in four years next time! It was truly awesome hearing "The Search is Over" live. I do have video snippets, and I recorded audio of some of the songs as well so prepare for a power ballad onslaught... and enjoy!

You need to understand- this is an outdoor concert... as Lou Gramm is about to get onstage, after Survivor, it starts to rain. He ends up singing most of his set in the rain (well I was in the rain, he was dry on stage) and it was AMAZING. Dancing to Jukebox Hero in the rain! Those are moments you can't buy.

I put all of the video snippets into a playlist to make it easier to view them: