Apr 28, 2014

Marc Cohn Live 4/25/14

It has been way too long since I last posted, and I apologize for the lengthy absence. Since my last post I have had so many adventures but the one I am truly excited to write about happened this past Friday... I finally got to see Marc Cohn perform live. That was most definitely a bucket list item for me. I uploaded all of the songs into soundcloud so you can listen to the entire concert song by song (You're welcome). Trust me when I say this- as stunning and moving as his voice is on his albums, in person you can't help but cry.

Marc Cohn is actually really funny- he was talking a lot between songs (some of it I recorded with the songs and you can hear it) but I also took a video and it had me laughing, really glad I accidentally caught it since it's pretty much the only video I took all night.

Two notable things happened to me during the show. The first was during True Companion. If you don't know the song, here is the direct link. 

It is one of the most emotional songs for me since it relates to my wedding and all that (Actually Marc comments during the show that he was glad the song worked out for everyone, except him...I guess he initially wrote it about his true love and then it ended, you can hear it in the recording). I didn't expect to get emotional about the song but as the first words rang out into the theater "Baby I've been searching like everybody else..." I suddenly lost it. Tears. It is such a deeply moving song, I love it every time I hear it, despite the tears. For me, it reminds me of when I was young and in love and thought the hardest things in life were behind me- if you know my story you know that this kind of naivete is precisely what makes me determined to enjoy every single day now. 

The second less deep but no less awesome moment I need to mention occurred during Marc's rendition of my second favorite song of his- Walking in Memphis. If you've watched my YouTube videos or listened to me on soundcloud you know I cover this song because it is amazingly fun to sing. It was the song I most wanted to hear him sing live- and he actually gave a lengthy explanation prior to performing it regarding the history and how the song came to be- THERE IS AN ACTUAL MURIEL!)
Ok so do you hear the tambourine? Yeah.  A RANDOM lady walked over to the side near my seat with a tambourine and started playing it! He calls her out a bit, but since he was playing he didn't realize she was not joking- she intended to play the entire thing! It actually marred the experience of hearing it live for the first time to be honest, but since it a funny story I am sort of content to let it be. I do wonder who this woman was and what her story is.

After the show I waited in line to buy a CD and get it signed- usually I don't bother but I really did need to shake his hand. Unfortunately they sold out of CD's by the time I got to the table and there was a drunk girl harassing him (Thanks a lot Meg, wherever you are). I leaned across her, looked Marc Cohn in the eye and said thank you, shook his hand, and walked out. I knew if I stayed much longer I would cry and or launch into some sort of unwanted explanation of how his music has kept me company on so many sad car drives, lifted me up when I was all alone and basically reminded me that heartbreak can be healed.
So thank you again, for the music and the healing.

I don't share stuff I do unless someone asks me to, but since I love the song so much:
Soundcloud is acapella, YouTube has a backing track