Mar 10, 2014

Homemade Soul - I'm So In Love

My darlings, due to unforeseen life circumstances (my job no longer exists) I am taking a few weeks to travel and see my family. This means I am leaving my laptop and going where the winds take me (also loosely translated I have somehow been convinced to give up 80 degree sunshine for the East Coast frigidness because my siblings miss me and my mother has guilted me into coming out there). In defiance I refuse to pack warm clothing and will stubbornly wear only leggings and a bomber jacket for the duration- suck it winter!

I didn't want to leave you all without anything for a few weeks, and I am unsure when exactly I will be back and when I will be able to listen to submissions, so... here is a song Homemade Soul submitted a few weeks ago. I adore his voice- he writes his own songs and he is a genuinely awesome human. Check out his music and see the links I have included below showcasing previous posts I have written about him.

Homemade Soul - I Can Love You
Homemadesoul - The Day I Fell In Love

Mar 3, 2014

Liars and Thieves - Updated 3/3/14

I owe Adam Jones a huge apology. He submitted his music to me in December, and I was so busy I really didn't pay attention to it at all and left it marked as "unread" to get to later. My loss- I finally sat down and listened and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Liars and Thieves is a really interesting indie folk style group that has somehow made me fall fairly hard even though this is a genre and sound I don't typically gravitate towards.
The three songs on their Winter album are very sweet and I very much visualize the music being used successfully as a soundtrack in an indie flick that wins a ton of awards.   The title song "Winter" is my favorite.
There is also a single called Act of Dying featuring Holly Cooper that I find endearing although I cannot figure out if I understand the actual song or I just like the cadence of it.

I have reached back out to Adam and would like more information about the band and where they are from and all of that...enjoy!

Well after I posted this last week I emailed back and forth with Adam and found out a lot more about Liars and Thieves.   It turns out Adam is in the Coast Guard and has released all if his music online.   I hope within the next few months that he does a live show so I can get video footage, that would be amazing. In his own words:
We are from Mobile, AL. I'm currently 6 hours north west in Greenville, MS, stationed with the Coast Guard. Within the next year I'll be in Elizabeth City, NC for my airman program. 

I make trips back to Mobile when I can, to let Holly record her parts. So far, I've written material and recorded my parts, then have Holly do her parts and overdubs. 

I would love if all of you let Adam know what you think of the music- hopefully enough people will respond and convince him to start touring.   Find him on twitter @IWriteDiddies