Dec 13, 2014

Viktoria Modesta - Born Risky

Random internet surfing last night resulted in this new and unusual find. I watched the video twice before I did anything. After the first viewing I sat and thought about what I had just seen. Then I had to watch it again. Intriguing.

Meet Viktoria Modesta.

My initial reaction was why is this very beautiful woman playing like she's an amputee? I mean, I get the Gaga-esque bizarre weirdness merged with pretty artisticness of it all, but maybe a tad extreme? I could go so far as to say the song itself is empty pop without the handicapped theme... but then I started reading about who this woman is. She is an amputee who has not let it stand in the way of her doing everything she wants to do. She's also a talented creative personality with very interesting taste. And I like her eye makeup choices. I don't know enough about her to do more than post links and let you discover her for yourself, but as far as I'm concerned, she has a new fan in me.

Dec 1, 2014

Louis Vivet "Save Tonight" feat. Gavrielle & Nick Goldston

Louis reached out to me on Instagram and told me to check out this cover of Save Tonight. It was funny timing because I had just bought an Eagle Eye Cherry CD solely for the purpose of bumping Save Tonight in my car and posted a snippet of me singing it on IG. The song has always been a favorite and over the years it has been a go to song for karaoke and general good feelings. It never ceases to amaze me how a song that struck a cord with me when I was younger can come up years later, and then I find out it resonated with so many other people! That's the awesome of music for you!!!
 I listened, I liked what I heard, and I told him to send me the track and any links or info:

Press Release: Louis Vivet Presents “Save Tonight”
Debut Single Feat. Gavrielle & Nick Goldston 
In the three years since its initial inception, The Discovery Project has proven to be a truly innovative exhibition for budding stars within the dance music collective. Escape All Hallows Eve was no different as this year’s winners, Louis Vivet, showcased its one-of-a-kind act to a raucous crowd hungry for new talent. The LA-based duo is following up this massive performance with their debut single, “Save Tonight”. Featuring vocals from Gavrielle and Nick Goldston, this cover of the 90’s smash hit is set to be released on November 25th, in anticipation of the duo’s debut EP coming out in early 2015 on Prep School Recordings.

Louis Vivet pays homage to the Eagle Eye Cherry classic, creating a genre blending rework that breathes new life back into the original. Drawing influences from EDX & Kygo, “Save Tonight” begins with Gavrielle’s sultry and seductive vocals and immediately draws listeners into a mesmerizing trance. As the downtempo backdrop develops, Nick Goldston is introduced through a perfectly harmonized duet with Gavrielle. The driving synth progression gradually builds throughout, culminating in an epic, orchestral-like chorus. The climax transforms “Save Tonight” into a progressive anthem, meshing perfectly with the harmonized vocals previously introduced. 
The integration of both male and female vocals is a representation of Louis Vivet’s overall brand as an artist. This is similarly emulated in their live performances, as opposite spectrums of dark and light oscillate with the utmost expertise. The name Louis Vivet is derived from the first documented case of multiple personality disorder in medical history. This core ideology is the foundation behind the duo’s creative drive as artists. Made up of Nicolas II and Aria S, the rising stars bravely cross the lines between electro, progressive, UK bass, deep house and pop among numerous other contrasting genres.
Nick, trained at USC’s Roski School of Fine Arts, is behind Louis Vivet’s visual component and oversees the visual component that showcases the distinctive identity of their brand. He embodies the darker half, while Aria, with a background in Law & Civil Engineering, represents the duo’s lighter, more rational side. This core duality is inherent to all people; Louis Vivet’s goal is to communicate the tension between modern rational thinking versus basic reptilian subconsciousness. “Save Tonight” is a representation of these ideals, showcasing Louis Vivet’s wholly artistic foundation in one all encompassing package .
“We decided to cover this song because we thought it was something that fans would connect with. A lot of the stuff coming out these days doesn’t have that emotional component that really resonates with fans. We wanted to create a song that seems happy but underneath, there’s an underlying sadness...we enjoy creating art that carries with two different meanings. And when we first linked up with Gavrielle (via YouTube, funny enough) we started talking about our favorite childhood songs, and we all universally named ‘Save Tonight’ by Eagle Eye Cherry. So we decided to give it a modern re-interpretation and infuse it with different elements from our favorite producers like Kygo, EDX, and Christian Karlsson of Galantis.”
- Louis Vivet.

Louis Vivet on Facebook:
Louis Vivet on SoundCloud:
Louis Vivet on Twitter:

Prep School Recordings on Facebook:
Prep School Recordings on SoundCloud:

Prep School Recordings on Twitter:

And because the coincidence and timing was just too cool- here is the video I made before any of this happened:

Nov 10, 2014

Eddie Money (live at Saban Theater) 11.9.14

Were the Eddie Money groupies ever officially named? I decided tonight, as I watched Eddie singing on stage, that they should have been called "Money Honey".  I also knew, with zero hesitation, that I would have proudly worn a "Money Honey" t-shirt or jacket. Instead I have to make do with a pink v-neck autographed t-shirt...

To begin, I have uploaded all the Eddie Money songs from tonight's show on soundcloud. Special bonus feature- before the show began this group of young guys walked out on stage and played a few songs. I didn't catch their name, but the lead singer absolutely slayed it. Later on in the show, Eddie told us it was his son (!!!) Dez.
Two things- Dez Money is amazing good. I recorded the audio of one song and included it in the play list so check it for yourself.
Second- I CAN STILL BE A MONEY HONEY!!! Second generation woohoo!
Facebook - Dez Money Music and Youtube - Dez Money

I would keep an eye on Dez- before knowing who his dad was, I had already decided that I was going to find out more about him. His voice is gritty but awesome and he has a Kings of Leon type quality to his music. IMO someone to watch out for, I bet you hear more about him in the coming years.

There is a part two to this story. After Dez and his group left the stage, this other group came out and rocked the house. They were the actual openers, Harley Jay. Find them at

They were super energetic and I really liked their sound. When they did a cover of Bryan Adam's Run to You the Canadian in me went absolutely wild. (It has a phenomenal guitar riff in it, great cover!) Even sweeter? You can get a free copy of the cover by signing up for their newsletter  I didn't record audio from the show because I was scolded by an usher for accidentally leaving my flash on while I recorded video and I felt like a total goof (sorry guys- that flash was probably annoying!) but I did video part of one song (with my flash) so enjoy! 

Fun fact- if you tweet an opening act and they respond during the headliner, they are official cool. And probably a lot of fun. As you can guess- we had posted stuff online and gotten responses during the show...

Naturally after the show ends one must then track down the responder and what do you know, we ended up taking a selfie with Jay from Harley Jay and my friend Chuck, who came with me to the show.

All in all, totally a fun night. Yes- Chuck and I were the only two on our feet absolutely rocking out at certain points but as I said after the show- this was on my bucket list. How could I sit down while Eddie Money is mere feet away from me singing Take Me Home? I would never forgive myself for missing the opportunity to stand up and dance to that. And I didn't.

Special thank you to Steve for the tickets. Much much much appreciated- Saban always treats me properly and I look forward to some amazing shows in the coming year!

Aug 11, 2014

Survivor and Lou Gramm (Foreigner) LIVE 8.2.14

My loves.

I never intended for there to be such a long interval between posts, my apologies.

Honestly there has been a lot going on in my life that interfered with my late night music quests and I definitely feel like I neglected this blog, myself and you guys most of all. I can't take back time, but I can make up for the drought with a super fun post... guess who got to see Survivor AND Lou Gramm (from Foreigner) live last weekend? Yup.

And yes it was awesome.
I don't know if you recall two years ago I went to Pershing Square and saw Modern English and The Fixx live... so this was the same venue and the same concert series with the same person who took me last time. We have decided we need to do it again in four years next time! It was truly awesome hearing "The Search is Over" live. I do have video snippets, and I recorded audio of some of the songs as well so prepare for a power ballad onslaught... and enjoy!

You need to understand- this is an outdoor concert... as Lou Gramm is about to get onstage, after Survivor, it starts to rain. He ends up singing most of his set in the rain (well I was in the rain, he was dry on stage) and it was AMAZING. Dancing to Jukebox Hero in the rain! Those are moments you can't buy.

I put all of the video snippets into a playlist to make it easier to view them:

May 20, 2014

Slim Jeff - Better Late Than Never

I can't think of an album title that is quite as accurate as this one I'm about to drop on you. Welcome to the musical happenings of the talented Slim Jeff. I've written about him before- when he blew my mind with his lyrically exquisite Reparations (check out the video and my previous post here).

The point is he finally let us into his mind and world and released his mixtape and I am listening to it as I write this. I don't have a favorite track yet and I haven't listened to all of it yet but I invite you to click the play button, buy the tape if you like what you hear, let your mind wander as you experience what real creativity and talent sounds like. I love an overproduced fun song as much as the next person, but there's a genuine authenticity missing from 95% of all music released today and if that is what you crave...then this is what you've been waiting for.

Show him some love- check out the mixtape here and let me know what song is your favorite

Better Late Than Never is a co-curation between artist Slim Jeff & hip-hop producer 80beats. Recording began in 2012 and was completed in early 2014. BLTN blends elements of soul, jazz, funk, and hip-hop, which produces a wavy ambiance throughout. Slim Jeff's virtuoso rap style meshes seamlessly with the canvas of smooth instrumentals.


released 11 May 2014
Executive Producers: Slim Jefferson + 80beats
Written by: Slim Jefferson
Curated by: 80beats
Recorded @: Waxroom Studios, San Pedro, CA
Mixed by: Jake Fernandez @ Lighted Path Studios, Whittier, CA
Additional Vocals: Molly Keeltey + Emily Hopper, Heather Robinson
Additional Bass: John B. Sprague
Cover designed by: Mark Walker
Original Artwork: Kristin Hector (36x40, oil + acrylic on canvas)
Photography: Alan John Torres

May 12, 2014

Steven Tyler, David Osmond and Race to Erase MS 5.2.14

I was fortunate to be able to attend the annual Race to Erase MS charity gala last Friday night and among other many awesome things I somehow was talked into asking Steven Tyler (yes, that Steven Tyler) to take a selfie with me... which he did:

The night was amazing- there was so much great music from awesome performers- CeeLo Green, Natalie Cole, the aforementioned Steven Tyler...such a cool event. The finale of the evening was a rendition of "Lean On Me" where Nancy Davis, the founder of Race to Erase MS and many other guests got up and sang together.

I recorded Steven Tyler singing two of my favorite songs that he sings (ok really, anything he sings is pretty epic but these two songs specifically are incredible live so hopefully the recordings do them justice)

Click the link to see pictures of the event:
Annual Race to Erase MS Gala Photos

One voice struck me because it was both moving and really really beautiful- and then after the event I was able to meet the guy who belonged to the voice...and found out he is David Osmond. It didn't actually click for me at the time but in hindsight, yes of course he must be related to those other musical Osmond's... per his facebook bio:
David Osmond has music running through his veins, literally. He's the 4th son of Alan Osmond, oldest of the performing Osmond Brothers, and began performing as the lead singer with his own brothers when he was only four years old.

They were known as The Osmond Boys and were discovered by the late Bob Hope, appearing on his 1986 Christmas show for their national television debut. By the 1980s, they evolved into The Osmonds 2nd Generation, signed with both Curb Records in the U.S. and Epic/Sony in Europe, had four songs in the Top 40 in the U.K., and played to sold-out stadiums and arenas in the U.S., Europe and Asia., making appearances on MTV, Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, CBS This Morning, CNN and Entertainment Tonight, as well as other major shows and networks. Eventually as a group they settled in Branson, Missouri, as featured performers at the Osmond Family Theater.

David became his Uncle Donny's understudy in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, actually taking over the lead role and continuing as JOSEPH in regional and national touring companies of the musical for many years.

He was forced to put music on hold for several years however, due to a physical battle with Multiple Sclerosis. He has passionately dedicated himself to raising awareness and resources for the MS community through speaking and performing nationwide with a hopeful and positive message of overcoming adversity. David was the 2010 recipient of The National MS Society's Spirit Of Life Award.

Recent improvements in his health have allowed him to place his focus back on music. David was featured on the FOX hit TV show American Idol in 2009, he reprised the role of JOSEPH at the CLO theater in Pittsburgh, and also had the chance to recently perform alongside artists such as David Archuleta, Take 6, The Jonas Bros, Michelle Branch, and The Eagles.

David has had some incredible highlights in his career as an entertainer, from performing onstage at Wembley Arena to singing at Harpo Studios for Oprah. But all of that has been leading him up to this point in his career, with so much more determination and appreciation. He just completed his debut solo album, REFLECTED, as well as his debut inspirational album, ROAD LESS TRAVELED, which was just released.

Guys- he has such a rich tone that his voice stood out among the other singers and not only is he a total sweetheart but he is such a strong person who is doing such wonderful things with his life. Do yourself a favor and check out his music for yourself.

Apr 28, 2014

Marc Cohn Live 4/25/14

It has been way too long since I last posted, and I apologize for the lengthy absence. Since my last post I have had so many adventures but the one I am truly excited to write about happened this past Friday... I finally got to see Marc Cohn perform live. That was most definitely a bucket list item for me. I uploaded all of the songs into soundcloud so you can listen to the entire concert song by song (You're welcome). Trust me when I say this- as stunning and moving as his voice is on his albums, in person you can't help but cry.

Marc Cohn is actually really funny- he was talking a lot between songs (some of it I recorded with the songs and you can hear it) but I also took a video and it had me laughing, really glad I accidentally caught it since it's pretty much the only video I took all night.

Two notable things happened to me during the show. The first was during True Companion. If you don't know the song, here is the direct link. 

It is one of the most emotional songs for me since it relates to my wedding and all that (Actually Marc comments during the show that he was glad the song worked out for everyone, except him...I guess he initially wrote it about his true love and then it ended, you can hear it in the recording). I didn't expect to get emotional about the song but as the first words rang out into the theater "Baby I've been searching like everybody else..." I suddenly lost it. Tears. It is such a deeply moving song, I love it every time I hear it, despite the tears. For me, it reminds me of when I was young and in love and thought the hardest things in life were behind me- if you know my story you know that this kind of naivete is precisely what makes me determined to enjoy every single day now. 

The second less deep but no less awesome moment I need to mention occurred during Marc's rendition of my second favorite song of his- Walking in Memphis. If you've watched my YouTube videos or listened to me on soundcloud you know I cover this song because it is amazingly fun to sing. It was the song I most wanted to hear him sing live- and he actually gave a lengthy explanation prior to performing it regarding the history and how the song came to be- THERE IS AN ACTUAL MURIEL!)
Ok so do you hear the tambourine? Yeah.  A RANDOM lady walked over to the side near my seat with a tambourine and started playing it! He calls her out a bit, but since he was playing he didn't realize she was not joking- she intended to play the entire thing! It actually marred the experience of hearing it live for the first time to be honest, but since it a funny story I am sort of content to let it be. I do wonder who this woman was and what her story is.

After the show I waited in line to buy a CD and get it signed- usually I don't bother but I really did need to shake his hand. Unfortunately they sold out of CD's by the time I got to the table and there was a drunk girl harassing him (Thanks a lot Meg, wherever you are). I leaned across her, looked Marc Cohn in the eye and said thank you, shook his hand, and walked out. I knew if I stayed much longer I would cry and or launch into some sort of unwanted explanation of how his music has kept me company on so many sad car drives, lifted me up when I was all alone and basically reminded me that heartbreak can be healed.
So thank you again, for the music and the healing.

I don't share stuff I do unless someone asks me to, but since I love the song so much:
Soundcloud is acapella, YouTube has a backing track

Mar 10, 2014

Homemade Soul - I'm So In Love

My darlings, due to unforeseen life circumstances (my job no longer exists) I am taking a few weeks to travel and see my family. This means I am leaving my laptop and going where the winds take me (also loosely translated I have somehow been convinced to give up 80 degree sunshine for the East Coast frigidness because my siblings miss me and my mother has guilted me into coming out there). In defiance I refuse to pack warm clothing and will stubbornly wear only leggings and a bomber jacket for the duration- suck it winter!

I didn't want to leave you all without anything for a few weeks, and I am unsure when exactly I will be back and when I will be able to listen to submissions, so... here is a song Homemade Soul submitted a few weeks ago. I adore his voice- he writes his own songs and he is a genuinely awesome human. Check out his music and see the links I have included below showcasing previous posts I have written about him.

Homemade Soul - I Can Love You
Homemadesoul - The Day I Fell In Love

Mar 3, 2014

Liars and Thieves - Updated 3/3/14

I owe Adam Jones a huge apology. He submitted his music to me in December, and I was so busy I really didn't pay attention to it at all and left it marked as "unread" to get to later. My loss- I finally sat down and listened and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Liars and Thieves is a really interesting indie folk style group that has somehow made me fall fairly hard even though this is a genre and sound I don't typically gravitate towards.
The three songs on their Winter album are very sweet and I very much visualize the music being used successfully as a soundtrack in an indie flick that wins a ton of awards.   The title song "Winter" is my favorite.
There is also a single called Act of Dying featuring Holly Cooper that I find endearing although I cannot figure out if I understand the actual song or I just like the cadence of it.

I have reached back out to Adam and would like more information about the band and where they are from and all of that...enjoy!

Well after I posted this last week I emailed back and forth with Adam and found out a lot more about Liars and Thieves.   It turns out Adam is in the Coast Guard and has released all if his music online.   I hope within the next few months that he does a live show so I can get video footage, that would be amazing. In his own words:
We are from Mobile, AL. I'm currently 6 hours north west in Greenville, MS, stationed with the Coast Guard. Within the next year I'll be in Elizabeth City, NC for my airman program. 

I make trips back to Mobile when I can, to let Holly record her parts. So far, I've written material and recorded my parts, then have Holly do her parts and overdubs. 

I would love if all of you let Adam know what you think of the music- hopefully enough people will respond and convince him to start touring.   Find him on twitter @IWriteDiddies

Feb 17, 2014

Why I Love DJ's

I've had this thought percolating in my mind for a few months now- when did I stop following individual artists/groups and start following DJ's.   Actually, the thought started out that way, until I realized I have always been more into the people who play the music than the makers of the music itself.   I can name a lot of great song writers and producers but I don't always know the name of the drummer from my favorite band. (I have tried to rememdy that by the way, I now pay attention to everyone involved).

This started to irk me, then I looked at my last few posts and saw that I have written a lot about DJ's and their mixes, and have veered away slightly from the actual artists, which is where this blog first started.   I am seeing a trend in general where more and more the masses are doing the same thing- turning to the DJ's playing the music to decide what to listen to next.   The influence a DJ has is so much more widespread than an individual artist, their reach is far greater, and they tour and expose fans to their sounds multiple times a week usually.

For myself, I know that the first DJ who made me understand that it is an art form, beyond wedding DJ's, was Funkmaster Flex.   When I was sixteen I went to my first nightclub, Exit, in NYC.   Funkmaster Flex was spinning, in a cage suspended high above the dance floor in a multilevel huge warehouse club.   There were glow sticks, drugs, thugs and hoochie mamas.   I realized I was, first and foremost, way too under dressed (the sequined sparkly halter top/tight jeans seemed woefully inadequate next to these Queens girls in short shorts and corset bustiers) and that I never wanted to leave.   I wanted that night to go on forever and ever- and when we left at 6am (because NY parties all night) and my friends drove me home, I was already dreaming about the next time I would go- until I saw my mom waiting on the front steps of the house.   She had been there all night.   I remember we were playing Gigi D'agostino - I'll Fly with You on the sound system and the sun was rising and then I was grounded for about three months that time.   But FunkFlex changed my life that night.   He proved that a real MC can spin anything and feeds off the crowd, who in return will feed of the MC, and thus start a fantastic circle of energy and make the night awesome, unforgettable.

These days I find myself loving the DJ's themselves more and more.   Part of this is because they are more accessible to the masses now, as a patron we know the names of the people behind the podium and we can follow them on social media and "meet" them.  Because they can play a mix of genres and hit all the stuff I personally like, I am happy to follow them to different venues to see them play what makes me happy.   Well, the good ones do.   The lazy ones play a mix of whatever is in rotation on the radio and don't enlighten the crowd to what is new or throwback.   I believe the reason DJ AM was as great as he was in part is due to the way he mixed old and new together.   I play his mixes in my car all the time because I get bored of the repeats on the radio.   Somehow his 45 minute sets never get stale even though I have listened to them many times over.   The same can be said for The Captains of Industry, whom I love and adore.   There is an era of entertainment that is getting forgotten, and now there is a new school of DJ's who have commercial success and good publicists but they aren't pushing boundaries, showing us anything new.

All of this started because someone asked me to name my current favorite artist... and all I could think of was Smith Agent Smith.   He's not an artist, he is a DJ and he has this mix that I wrote about a while ago called No Dudes Allowed, and then he made a second one, and I love them.  But I realized I couldn't really name a band or artist that I am obsessed with the way I was about Our Lady Peace or TuPac. Then I started looking at who I follow on twitter- sure, a follow a few artists and bands- but the majority of the people I follow (besides sports related people) is music industry- DJ's, producers, song writers, other music bloggers... it's an interesting realization.

I also want to point out that I wrote about Smith Agent Smith almost a year ago exactly...which I didn't realize until I went to pull the link to the last post... if you haven't listened to his stuff yet, I think you should step it up.

I wrote this a few months ago- how funny that between the time I drafted this and now I actually have posted ANOTHER write up on Smith Agent Smith after he liked my first one!

I know this is a rambling post with a lot of unfinished thoughts, but I am starting to wonder if the era of the artist is passing and it is somehow becoming the time of the DJ.   Or maybe it already is the time of the DJ and the artists need to step it up. Perhaps in reality, it is really the universe of the publicist and we are all just tiny pawns anyway.

Keep dancing.

Feb 10, 2014

91 Real

It always excites me when an artist sends me their music directly, and it's good.   I get a lot of submissions and have to sort through what I like, what will be popular (those are not always one and the same) and what just isn't good.   It can be exhausting.   I'm not complaining though, because I have met some extremely interesting and talented people through this and get to hear music I would otherwise totally be missing out on.

Case in point- I got an email from 91 Real and sat on it for a few weeks (sorry).   Tonight I started listening to all of his links and going through his music.   What a pleasant surprise!   He has a soothing voice, I like his vibe and he seems like he's got his shit together.   I don't know much about him, but i included his links below and will keep an eye on any new stuff he puts out.   I want to see what he does next, I think he has raw skills and can polish it up and make it something very interesting.

This is called "And I Was" and it is actually good, intro a little long but I would definitely keep listening and go check all of his stuff out...

He has some interesting stuff on his soundcloud too:

Feb 3, 2014

Jackson Blitch - Say Something

By now you may have seen the video, but for those of you who haven't, you need to watch it.   I had a different post prepared for today but then I saw this and had to post it instead.

Jackson is a four year old who reacted to the song "Say Something" by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera.   It is so moving to watch this little boy literally cry over emotions stirred up by music.  His dad asks if he wants him to change it and Jackson, tears rolling down his cheeks says no.   It will be amazing to see if he ends up in a music based career.   I would also be curious (and I commented on the actual video saying this) to see if Jackson reacts to the song the same way when he is older, say in ten years, then twenty.   How amazingly uplifting to know that your music moved a young innocent child in a completely organic way.  

Right now the video has almost 350,000 views.   I am certain it will be much higher within the next 24 hours.   Share this with anyone who needs a hug, it made me feel better and I was having a pretty decent day!

Feb 2, 2014

South Jordan - All of Us

Tonight I found out one of the bands I used to write about is no longer together.   I was really saddened to see this on their facebook page, I really liked the group and continue to play their music all these years later.   I am doing a quick post because I managed to find one of their best songs, in my opinion, online and had to share it.

I am also posting both links to my previous write ups about them even though most of their videos are no longer available.   You can also buy their album online but the one song I really loved- All Of Us isn't on it.   Here is that link for you:

But really you should listen to the stuff I fell in love with:
All Of Us - South Jordan
It opens up to a listening link and you can download it.

I had initially posted this link for the download in my second post about them three years ago:
South Jordan - All Of Us video and free download 2-11-2011

And you can watch their acoustic version of Hush Hush in this follow up post:
South Jordan - Hush Hush Video 8-22-11

Their facebook page is still up- let em know what you think!

Jan 27, 2014

Grammy's - Year of the Heist

It's kind of hard to compete with anything musically this weekend because the Grammy's seem to have taken over- especially here in LA.   I've been hearing about it non-stop pretty much since Thursday.   Last night the award show took place (although it still confounds me that the East coast gets a live feed and the West coast gets a taped delay hours later!).   I didn't watch the show, to begin with I don't have a TV and as I posted on facebook, I am disenchanted with the show.

After I posted that, something interesting happened... I noticed a lot of people on facebook sharing a similar sentiment.   I started getting texts from friends opening dialogue on the subject.   Primarily it circled back to the perceived biggest upset of Macklemore winning over Kendrick Lamar.   So Instead of posting a new artist or band who will get lost in the shuffle of the Grammy's, I am going to write about how I feel and would love for everyone to weigh in since it is obviously a topic that gets people talking.

I loved The Heist.   I am proud of the Mack for making it WITHOUT A LABEL to support him.   I didn't know anything about him before I heard "Thrift Shop" and I still get jiggy with it when the song plays.   I know he has other songs but we are not reviewing the album here, we are actually about to discuss the pressure social media places on artists...
So Macklemore wins his Grammy and the internet collectively gasps because OMG he stole it from Kendrick!   Poor guy- Kendrick is epic talented too but if you measure household name against household name, and who was where when this year began, Macklemore takes it.   The part I disagree with is when hours after the show, he posts a picture on Instagram APOLOGIZING to Kendrick and telling him he deserved it.


Ok love, I know you are new here but it works like this- if you want to apologize and be the good guy (which I believe you are by the way) that's all well and good- but by posting it on social media you just gave value to the outrage.   And you negated the value of your own award and of the Grammy's as whole by proving that public perception and pressure forced you to feel the need to make sure to acknowledge the upset publicly.   You could have had the conversation with Kendrick in private.   

There was another glaringly obvious middle finger up moment- when Jay Z accepted his award, after shaking his wife's ass on national TV as the show opener, he quips that he is going to give his baby girl another sippy cup.   Dude- you just referred to a Grammy as a baby's drinking cup.   If the award doesn't mean anything to you, why be the show opener with your bootylicious Bey?   Because my darlings, it is all a horse and pony show.   At the end of the day the music industry values flash, bang and social media rankings above value.   Which is why they cut off Queen of the Stone Age at the end of the way too long broadcast.  

Like I said, I used to live for the Grammy's, it was the most exciting awards show to me.   But now I feel like it is an empty waste of time and I dislike feeling disenchanted, it makes me realize I've grown up and that's not something I like to admit very often.   So musicians and artists out there I throw down this challenge at you.   Make music.   Create moving, memorable, heartfelt music that will stand the test of time and affect people in their hearts.   Do it because that is what is lacking right now and it's time we get back to it.   Let's see who steps up to the bar.
Until next week.... xoxo

Jan 20, 2014

Oh Dear Vegas! live at Loaded

I have warned you all consistently- pay attention to Oh Dear Vegas! because pretty soon you will be hearing them everywhere.   Last night these delightful boys from Paris performed a live show at Loaded in Hollywood and I got to rediscover all over again why I have fallen so hard for them.   They have so much energy and drama in their music, they are French (come on, accents will slay me every time) and they just personify what I imagine a rock band in 2014 to be.   What does this all mean for you?   Well- I am going to post a few videos from the show and you can listen to them for yourself.   Last time I ran out of phone memory in the middle of my favorite song of theirs although I was able to get the chorus posted on my last post (Oh Dear Vegas! live at Viper Room October 2013) this time THE SAME THING HAPPENED!   It is such a great song - a cover the the Lana Del Rey song "Blue Jeans" and I think it should be their single unless they release "Strange World" first to break in new fans.   I can totally see their music getting used in commercials for cars - imagine a Lexus zooming down the street with a stunning woman driving and the haunting "I will love you till the end of time..." in the background (thank you, thank you, I accept cash and checks you can send me my royalties later) ANYWAY here:

Now I need to tell you how dedicated these guys are... in the first few minutes of their first song Davy (Guitar and vocals in the plaid shirt) sliced open his finger.   He did not miss a beat and played the ENTIRE show. We have a picture of his guitar proving it (I'm just going to link it, not post)

So now you've watched a few of their songs and gotten a sense of what they sound like, do yourselves a giant favor: Mark this on your calendar TUESDAY, JANUARY 28th because these guys will be playing a show at THE SAYERS CLUB 

I could not be more proud of them or excited!!! Hope to see you all there!!!!

Jan 13, 2014

SmithAgentSmith - 2013: What Happened? I Blacked Out

I was minding my own business this week, busy at work and not really focusing on music and I get a notification that someone has commented on an old I go look what's up.
The master of the mixes himself, SmithAgentSmith commented on a post I wrote over a year ago about one of his creations!   Woah.   SmithAgentSmith - Now That's What I Call Open Format
Um.   That's amazeballs.

To answer your question, yes.   I have had a chance to listen to your new stuff and I consistently look forward to everything you put out!   I am vibing to 2013: What Happened? as I type...I am honored that you commented on my post and because you have consistently kept my ears entertained for a very long time now I have decided to do a follow up so hopefully a few more savvy music lovers can get in on this too...

I highly suggest and advise my readers to listen and discover why I adore this guy for themselves.   Funny random story, I was walking into a club two years ago and this dude with a flat top wanders out the door as I am walking in and he jumps from the top three steps down to the sidewalk and does a little shimmy shake type dance.   We made eye contact, he grinned, and wandered off into the night.   I never had a chance to tell him, so I will make up for that now- I had discovered his music a week prior and have been a huge fan ever since.

I told you all last time and I repeat myself now, don't sleep on this one.   Check him out:

Jan 6, 2014

Kid Ink - My Own Lane

I was driving to a party in 2011, right when I had first moved back to LA for good.   While waiting at the light at La Cienega and Santa Monica Blvd, two guys in the car next to me started talking to me and we had a very random conversation, then when the light turned I took off and figured that was the end of it.   As fate would have it, later that same evening I looked up and there were the same two guys having an absolute blast in the middle of the club!   I didn't go up to them, but I did end up at an after party in the hills- which if you know me is very rare- I have long maintained that after parties are way over hyped and much less fun for anyone who isn't completely drunk- and who do I bump into?   The same two guys.   That's not even the cool part of the story- I have stayed friends with both of them and have watched them both become successful, productive young men in their respective fields.

Here is where the story really begins- one of the guys introduced me to this kid, Kid Ink, shortly after we met.   I met his bodyguard, Bigg Chuck, his friends and a super talented DJ named DJ Tech.   I listen to their music all of the time and have watched as this talented artist is gaining momentum and followers, touring the world and achieving success.

Check out his song Show Me featuring Chris Brown

Kid Ink finally drops his much anticipated album "My Own Lane".

At 8pm tonight on Power 106 in LA, he will be live on the Liftoff with two of my favorites- JCruz and Justin Credible.   I am guessing they will preview some of his stuff so listen if you can, either on the radio or online.

Go listen to his stuff- he's blowing up and by this time next year he will be one of those artists everyone knows and loves.
On iTunes his bio:
MC and producer Kid Ink — born Brian Todd Collins in Los Angeles, California, and formerly known as Rockstar — rose steadily by releasing a series of four mixtapes during 2010 and 2011. XXL magazine was impressed enough to list Kid Ink beside the likes of Danny Brown and Macklemore in its Freshman Class feature for 2012. That June, Kid Ink released Up & Away, his first proper studio album, via Tha Alumni. Although it featured beats from several producers — including Ned Cameron, Cardiak, Jahlil Beats, and the Amazinz — there were no guest verses, and therefore no disruptions in Kid Ink's nonchalant flow. It peaked at number 20 on the Billboard 200 chart and reached number three on the publication's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. After another mixtape, he signed to major label RCA and prepared his second album.