Nov 18, 2013

Slim Jeff @ The Viper Room

This is definitely one of my favorite things in the world- going to a show at a venue oozing with music history, to see someone you know perform.  

Tonight I was honored to be part of the crowd that showed up to support Slim Jeff as he took the famous Viper Room stage, along with Brandon and David (links at the end).   Slim is one of those guys who is always thinking- you can just tell. And it reflects in what he is saying when he is holding a mike.

The first two songs were cool...

But the last song was called Reparations and it was the one that made the biggest impact on me- I tried to video the entire thing but I ran out of memory close to the end (my apologies). You have to check it out though, and listen to the LYRICS

Pay attention to Slim Jeff and his boys, David on keys and Brandon on drums... check them out on twitter and let them know what you thought.

Also keep an eye out for Slim's debut project
"Better Late Than Never"
and stop worrying, you know I will definitely follow up with info and details when it is released.

Support music that makes you think.   Tell a friend.

Nov 11, 2013

Little boy surprises guitar shop owner!

Who is this kid?   I found this video on a facebook post my friend put up- and I would very much like to know more.   How old is he, where is he from, when was this recorded.

Anyone with information- let me know!

Billy Idol for John Varvatos ROCK IN FASHION

2013 was a rough start, as you all know.   It seems that the year has only gotten better and better, case in point: This week I was invited to attend the new book launch for John Varvatos held at the Varvatos store in West Hollywood.   It was hosted by Billy Idol.   That alone would be enough of a bucket list item to make it an unforgettable evening.

Here are videos of Billy Idol, John Varvatos, Mick Rock, Robert Matheau, Robert M. Knight all on a panel discussing images from the book:

discussing Lou Reed...

discussing Billy's pants...

Also, posted a gallery...  
Some bonafide rock royalty were out in force in LA last night, to mark the release of designer John Varvatos' first Rock In Fashion book.
'Rebel Yell' singer Billy Idol and legendary snapper Mick Rock were the special guests for the event on Melrose Avenue, with son-of-a-Beatle Julian Lennon also in attendance.
Representing the Irish was Jack Matthews of Children of the Son, who have just completed recording in LA with Warren Huart, producer with Aerosmith and The Fray. The 15-year-old singer has one of the most extraordinary voices in rock, frequently eliciting comparisons to Robert Plant in his Led Zep heyday.
"It's been a real love affair between the band and LA," one industry insider told Hot Press. "There is a feeling that this young Irish band can go all the way. The response from musicians and from the creative community in LA has been fantastic. A number of record companies are already on the case. The question is: which one is going to be lucky enough to get them to sign on the dotted line."
Click here for the full gallery of last night's goings-on.
- See more at: here is one of my favorite images:

oh look, at the very back, on the right, yes, hello :) me and Mosha

The night would have been complete.   But wait, there's more.   Aside from the sheer awesome of getting to stand in a room full of rock legends and their friends and family, watching while they reminisced about amazing moments in rock fashion and history.   I was able to hear the stories, details behind some of the pictures that are in the book, that represent amazing moments, from people who had been there, been a part of it.


Not only did I get the opportunity to pose in front of the table where Billy Idol was signing books for everyone, cutting the line of people in the process ... but then this happened:
Thank you to John Varvatos for a wonderful event.   Thank you to my boss Mosha who asked Lionel Ritchie's girlfriend to take this picture for us (she is stunning by the way).   Mosha also got to have her photo taken with Julien Lennon by the talented Brad Elterman so thank you Brad!

And thank you life, for being awesome.

Nov 4, 2013

Charles Jones at the Sayers Club

You all know by now that I get fixated on people musically.   Sometimes it is their voice, their stage presence, their instrument skills... sometimes it is a combination and sometimes it is just plain magic.   Charles Jones is magic.   I cannot explain properly why it is that I stare transfixed when he sings.   He opens his mouth and my eyes well up with tears.   Usually he blows me out of the water with an unexpectedly fantastic note of some kind, something you never would have thought of that he just effortlessly throws out onto the crowd.
Here is a collection of videos you need to see- the first is mine and a few others have taken of him at the Sayers Club.

Here are two videos I have to share as well, not at Sayers, but definitely worth watching:

Added note- this is one of my favorite songs to sing on my own, hearing him sing it...take me to church Charles!

And as you know, I wrote about him previously -

Now go follow him on twitter and tell him what you think!