Aug 27, 2013

Brave Native - Take Control

Told you so.

Brave Native... you've heard me say it before, and it is likely I will say it a few more times before you realize I was right all along.   They are just kind of awesome.   I consistently love the new songs they put out, mostly because they make me feel good.   What is music for, if not to make you feel, think, dream, breathe a little differently?   I got a sneak peak preview of their latest song "Take Control" and I'm pleasantly surprised.   It's a little more mellow than some of their other songs that I love, but it has a fun beachy vibe with a feel good beat.  I liked it even more the second time I played it, once I knew the chorus and could hum along- it is catchy and sweet...
Take a listen:

Get familiar with their music, you will only hear more and more of it.   Below are links to my previous posts about them- browse through, listen and watch and get used to them.
My Dear Friend Molly
Live at Viper Room
Live at Sayers Club

Aug 19, 2013

Real Mind of Mysonne

In what has become almost a weekly tradition, I once again need to thank the power of Twitter for this find.   Technically, I need to thank the makers of the iPhone game "Original Gangstaz" because the guy who introduced me to this video is someone I met years ago when I got sucked into that game.   We have stayed friends even though neither of us plays it any more, and frequently discuss music.   Case in point...

You know I have this thing for Hopsin- he just seems like an interesting character who has a lot to say and has found a different way to get his music heard than the usual sellout gimmick method (a proven method, but definitely undermines the value of the product).   I wrote about him previously, when he put out Ill Mind of Hopsin 6 and my friend was very quick to share this response/remix video with me.

I've never heard of Mysonne before.   Seems like that's my loss, he's kind of fantastic.   I listened to the remix a few times, and have to say I really want to know more about him as an artist and as a person.   If what he says is true, he has a real story to tell, one I would be interested in hearing.

Check out the video and hit him up (links below).   Let me know what you think....


Funk Volume

Aug 12, 2013

Cameron Mitchell - Sleep Beautiful

One night on twitter I tweeted out that I couldn't sleep and needed someone to come over and sing me to sleep.   One of my friends tweeted me a youtube video link called "Sleep Beautiful" and immediately followed it with a tweet saying he hoped it wasn't creepy because he hadn't listened to it yet!

Well, I went and listened to it.   It wasn't creepy, actually far from it.   It is an original song and it was performed by Cameron Mitchell.   The melody is pretty and almost haunting, his voice is sleepy and dreamy with a tender quality.   I had to find out more!

In researching the song and the artist I discovered another awesome fact- Cameron Mitchell is the SAME Cameron who was on the Glee Project!   Wow- so you probably have no idea, but Glee had a side series called the Glee Project- a reality type show where uber talented contestants fought the be the last one standing to win a role on the show.   Cameron was on the show, and while he didn't win, it didn't matter because people saw his skill and talent and recognized it.

So what started as a funny joke on twitter turned into a cool way to discover a great song!
Here are the links to Cameron's stuff and of course, the video for the aforementioned lullaby.

Aug 5, 2013

Propane LV - Letter to the Industry

One of the people I follow on twitter turned me on to Propane LV.   More specifically, when he came to Los Angeles, he stopped by my work to say hello and we talked about my blog and he said I had to check out this rapper he works with.   So I did.   And I am grateful that I listened because Propane LV is really talented!   He's a rapper out of Portland, Oregon and his mixtape just dropped on July 22 (link for a free download at the end of the post).   I have listened to the entire thing and while I can't pick a favorite song yet, I am intrigued.   I like his voice, he's definitely skilled, I'm curious about his background and I am looking forward to hearing more of his stuff.

He has some original stuff- that is what I originally saw- his song Weeknd Romance was the first video I saw that made me think, wow this guy is really talented, he sings too...

Now if you've watched any of my videos, you know I have a soft spot for things like oldies and jazz- so when I saw he did a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Heard It Through the Grapevine" I had to watch...

I have a feeling people will appreciate his cover of "Rich As Fuck" more

For me the best part about discovering artists like these on my own time is being able to look through all of their videos and links- like I would never have guessed he would cover one of my guilty pleasure songs but he did... check him out "As Long as You Love Me"

Now go do the social media thing and like, follow, and download his new mixtape!