Jun 24, 2013

Brave Native - LIVE at The Viper Room

On a balmy, summery, exactly why I live in LA June 14th Friday night at The Viper Room in Hollywood the talented boys of Brave Native performed once again- and frankly they rocked it as only they can, bringing back the funk to LA like no one else.   Brave Native is one of those unexpectedly talented groups that hooks you in with one song and reels you in further with another.   Case in point- peep the video:
See?   Not only did they have a saxophone player, but the crowd was totally into it and dancing.   I have written about these guys before- and if you haven't paid attention to up to now, maybe you finally will- they are poised to explode onto the scene and because I love them so much, I am gifting you with the honor of hearing about them and loving them before everyone else finds out.   Ok, maybe that's a tad dramatic, but really, I love them and want everyone else to hear them and love them as much as I do.

Here- go back and watch some of their other stuff that I posted in my previous article about them (thank me later) Brave Native - My Dear Friend Molly

and because I know I always need to repost the links:

Jun 17, 2013

Don Benjamin

There's always a story.   Back in December at my old salon we had a holiday party and two guys performed.   One was J Watts (who I will write about another time- you have to check out his stuff!) the other was Don Benjamin.   I realize you may not know who he is (your loss, he's gorgeous) but in a few months you will because he is appearing on America's Next Top Model.   Talk about talent- he models, sings, smiles... and he is a total gentleman.   I procrastinated writing about him because of all of the craziness going on in my own life, but I know this is one of those things I'll be mad at myself for later if I don't do it, so finally, belatedly- introducing Don Benjamin.

One of his songs is called "Real" and I really like it- I play it in my car a lot when I'm driving at night.   It's smooth and I like listening to his voice.  Watch the video here, and then thank me later when he blows up all over the place and you were already ahead of the game.

Follow him on twitter: ItsDonBenjamin
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Find him on Facebook: ItsDonBenjamin

Jun 15, 2013

Quick update...

Ahhhhhh been the craziest month for me- my deepest apologies for not updating as often as I used to but I have literally not stopped doing things since my last post.   Not only am I a new aunt (we added a second niece to the posse!) but I also started a great new job at a fantastic spot in Beverly Hills.  

Quick interjection- I now run the front desk for a fabulous men's club called John Allan's.   Basically it's a grooming club only for the boys, and we serve scotch/beer, play pool, offer a shave, haircut, manicure, massage--- basically all the male pampering you guys don't want to get at a female oriented spa because let's face it, no guy wants to sit in a chair with a hot towel on his face listening to girls talk about their latest issues. I understand completely- so for all my LA based followers- come in and say hi, or bring your guy, and let me show you how it's really done.   The LA Times thought we were great enough to write about us, so check it out...

Now, back to music.   I have so much to share and write about, keep checking back over the next few weeks for cool artists you won't find anywhere else.   Hint...my next artist is about to become a household name when he appears on the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model!   I also started uploading random videos I call "Chani Car Karaoke" because I sing in the car and my friends think it's worthy of an audience.   My apologies if it's not always great, in fact in can be downright awful, but we laugh so yeah- find me on YouTube and check it out (http://www.youtube.com/chanisays)

Stay groovy....