Mar 14, 2013

Billy Joel - Michael Pollack - NY State of Mind

Wow.   So besides having the very cool nerve to ask to accompany Billy Joel on the piano while he sings his hit "New York State of Mind", Michael Pollack actually knocked it out of the park with his skill!   Very cool and kinda epic to watch how he just lays it down...

Dear Billy Joel,

Next time you are in Hollywood can you please bring me up onstage and sing UpTown Girl with me?

Thank You.

Mar 1, 2013

Sayers Club 2.28.13


Tonight I got home (it's 3am) and immediately sat down at my computer to write about the music I experienced over the last couple of hours.   It was that amazing.   I have written countless posts about the phenomenal talent that is always represented at the Sayers Club.   Really- I have- just search "Sayers Club" in the toolbar at the top of my blog, it's almost ridiculous.   It is no secret that I maintain a special place in my heart for the group of individuals responsible for Thursday nights there.   Rob, Jason, Chris, Evan, Rico, Terrence, Nicole, Nick, Dave, Mike, Calle, Matthew... there are so many more of you and I am blanking right now but know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort you all put into these Sessions.   The quality of music that is portrayed here is so beyond astounding- if it were humanly possible to exist on music alone, this night would keep me sated for the week.  

You all know my recent history regarding employment, and the song that has become something of an anthem for myself, my friends and co-workers - Swedish House Mafia "Don't You Worry Child".   (In case I have lost you see this post here).   So of course, what is the first song that the ever talented Calle Lehman starts singing?   You guessed it.  

I spoke to him after the show and explained why that specific song has so much meaning to me now (because frankly, prior to it becoming our theme song for 2013 it was just another song on the radio and in the clubs that was fun to dance along to).   I feel like I was meant to be there tonight- the energy, the vibe, bumping into all the people I saw... the perfect culmination of everything I love and adore about being here in this city.   Back to Calle- so he gets up and bathed in this amazing blue light (yes, the blue lighting is a keeper Jason, definitely an amazing addition!) and the first lyrics out of his mouth "There was a time"... my heart skipped, my vision blurred for a moment and I felt a rush of emotion as he started singing.   Thank you, it is so wonderful to hear your version, and on my first night back in what has definitely been way too long!   By the way- like Calle on Facebook! DO IT!

That would have been enough to make my night- but at Sayers they go big.   So the next video I am about to show you will blow your socks off.   Meet Shemika Secreast.   Her voice does things that most voices cannot ever hope to do.   She sang Creep (by Radiohead) and couldn't have known that it's one of my favorite songs.   Sang is an understatement.   The girl annihilated it.   Her vocal range and the ease with which she hit every note- inspiring (and I apologize in advance to my neighbors because they will be hearing my own version when I shower for the next few days at least).   Follow this girl on twitter and make note, because she is someone to look out for. (Twitter - Shemika Secrest)   Shemika did a mind blowing version of Halo as well, but as you have heard me say before- I love to video the songs to share them but that detracts from my ability to enjoy them- so I limited myself to one song per performer tonight...but that high note in Halo...OMG.   Chills.   Epic, awesome, goosebumpy chills.

The evening would have been complete with these two singers alone (backed of course by the fantabulous house band, you guys are beyond by the way).   But Sayers does it to the utmost degree- so meet Bartholomew (yes, he is on twitter too folks- Bartholomew on twitter) who did room raising covers of Queen's ever epic "We Will Rock You", followed by "We Are the Champions" finishing off with a soul searing version of Aerosmiths "Dream On".   I was so busy rocking out to the first song I didn't video it, but I captured the room blowing up for the second and then (and again, I apologize Bartholomew!) my phone was full as he blew the roof off with Dream On.   I did catch a few seconds of it... so check both videos out.

After the show I talked to the artists and the band, and I just want to say thank you again for all you do. Also, a quick thank you to DJ Rare Matthew for spinning the best songs for us as well.   Every person who makes this the night that it is, you are all amazing and I am grateful to be a small part of whatever magic is cooking here.   I feel like one day in the future we will all look back and say "Woah, we were a part of something huge".   I dare you to say otherwise.

Besos lovers, play some music and dance. This girl has a pillow with her name on it and a smile on her face.