Dec 30, 2013

Dee-1 - Jay, 50 and Weezy

One of my friends showed me this video when we were talking a few weeks ago and I knew I would be writing about it in an upcoming post.   Dee-1 is a really talented artist, with great lyrics and a cool message.   I am a tiny bit late on finding him because he has already been signed and toured opening for Lupe Fiasco, but better late than never.   He has a lot of great stuff out and I am sure there is more to come- but really this one song caught my attention.   Besides the absolute genius of addressing some of the music world's biggest names, the delivery of the video and the lyrics are on point... check it out and let him know what you think!

Available on iTUNES:


Dec 16, 2013

Semi Precious Weapons Live

It's like the music gods know exactly how to tease me and weave my worlds together in the most fantastic of ways.   Last week I got invited to an industry event to preview the new album for a band.   I was really excited because the venue is one I fondly refer to as my "Cheers" (omg, you know- where everybody knows your name) and when I found out who the band was, it was even more exciting... I have been a fan of theirs for a minute.

Rewind to last Tuesday night- I walk into Sayers in Hollywood, and make it just in time as Tricky Stewart introduces Semi Precious Weapons.


SPW is a band from New York that came out to LA around the same time I finally moved here for good, and I have caught a few of their shows in Hollywood and loved them.   They've opened for Lady Gaga and are the perfect kitschy type of weird and awesome that I love.   The lead singer - Justin - is this caricature of what you imagine a rock god should be in 2014... he dresses well, looks perfect and can hit notes like the greats in rock history before him.   There's a level of theatrics to the show that could only come from a NY import, you can feel the grit in the music while you nod along.

Listen to their new single coming out soon... Aviation High

And here are two video sneak peaks I took from the show- sign up for updates on their website and follow as SPW becomes the next big thing.

Dec 9, 2013

B.B. King Live

This week I did something I promised myself I was going to do- I went to a B.B. King concert.   I bought my own ticket and went alone, mostly because I wanted to enjoy every moment and not get distracted by anything else.   I actually bought the ticket and planned this in August- so it is very cool that it worked out in terms of my job and what city I was in at the time...

I have always loved B.B.King.   I wasn't sure what to expect, I mean the man is 88 years old (he told us so himself), but he is one of those classic greats that I needed to see with my own eyes, and hear live.   And as expected, he did not disappoint.   To begin with, I would like to say that the nine African American gentlemen standing  on that stage (ok, six standing, B.B. sat as did the keyboard and the drummer) are nine of the classiest, most respectable musicians I have ever seen.   They wore suits, swayed and had slight choreography- it was just such a pleasure to watch them loving the music, playing their instruments and knowing their craft so perfectly.   Such a contrast to artists today.   I could have sat there listening for hours longer.

I recorded a bunch of the concert with my iphone voicememos and uploaded them to a Soundcloud channel so you can all hear the concert with me.
The first is an intro of just the band playing:

Then BB came out and introduced the entire band- it is long, but cool to hear

Then he jammed a bit on the guitar himself

Then he sang the longest version of You Are My Sunshine EVER - he was laughing and talking with the audience...some jackass asked him to "play some blues" and he said "What do you think I'm doing- I played the White House before he got there!" (He meant Obama... and it was hilarious, he's the funniest artist I have ever seen on stage, I am serious.   The audience sang along, and I started crying although not sad tears, it was just emotional because I could hear my grandmother singing the song in my head, she recently passed away and it just touched me...

Then came the song I was waiting for: The Thrill Is Gone.   Just listen.   I get chills listening to it now, and definitely when it was live and the music covered my entire body and then he started singing...

He sang a Christmas song, after all Tis the Season:

and closed out the show with When the Saints Go Marching In

I do have some pictures as well-

Ladies and Gentlemen... Good Night.
Thank You BB King.

Dec 2, 2013

RZA Honors Paul Walker With 'Destiny Bends'

If you were on social media at all over the last few days you are aware of the passing of Paul Walker.   I was at work when I saw a tweet about it, and my first thought was total disbelief, that it had to be a hoax.  There was some confusion for the next hour or so, and then sadly, it was confirmed.   I watched as slowly the news spread, and reactions poured in on facebook, twitter, instagram- somehow this gorgeous, smiling man had touched millions of lives without even trying.   We all feel connected to him, and it is more than just the cute guy who drove cars.   My best guess is he seemed decent, he felt like your friend even though you'd never met him.   

Paul left behind a fifteen year old daughter he had only recently begun to know.   He often spoke to the media of how being a dad changed him and that his relationship with Meadow was the most important thing to him.   He was a really cool guy with a head on his shoulders and a smile that made you happier when you saw it.   For myself, I am sad.   I can admit he was one of my first crushes and it is my loss that I never got to meet him.   I feel tremendously for the friends and family who are grieving, and send thoughts and prayers to them all.

RZA wrote a song after he heard the news, in Paul Walker's honor.   I included it at the top of this post, and below is the article from Rolling Stone:

December 2, 2013 11:10 AM ET

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA has just released a song he wrote in honor of Paul Walker, the Fast & Furious actor who died in a car accident Saturday. The four-minute vocal ballad, titled "Destiny Bends," features singer Will Wells, and it begins with the rapper dedicating the song to Walker. RZA had met the actor on the set of Brick Mansions, a movie reportedly in post-production with a planned 2014 release. A note on RZA's SoundCould page specifies that the track is just a "sketch demo" and "not for criticism."
RZA's note explains that he wrote the song after hearing of Walker's death. He says that on the set of Brick Mansion, "We talked, laughed, and exchanged ideas of life and fatherhood." He goes on to say that even though he had known Walker for less than a year, he felt a connection to the actor. "We saw in each other a kindred spirit of men coming from unlikely circumstances, and rising to be the light and beacon of our family and loved ones," RZA wrote. "Men who learned the joy and pains of love in life, and success, while coming to realize that nothing is more important than family, friendship and the brotherhood of humanity." He later explains the title by saying, "We had plans to continue working with each other in the future. It seemed destined, but 'destiny bends.'"

Read more: 
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Nov 18, 2013

Slim Jeff @ The Viper Room

This is definitely one of my favorite things in the world- going to a show at a venue oozing with music history, to see someone you know perform.  

Tonight I was honored to be part of the crowd that showed up to support Slim Jeff as he took the famous Viper Room stage, along with Brandon and David (links at the end).   Slim is one of those guys who is always thinking- you can just tell. And it reflects in what he is saying when he is holding a mike.

The first two songs were cool...

But the last song was called Reparations and it was the one that made the biggest impact on me- I tried to video the entire thing but I ran out of memory close to the end (my apologies). You have to check it out though, and listen to the LYRICS

Pay attention to Slim Jeff and his boys, David on keys and Brandon on drums... check them out on twitter and let them know what you thought.

Also keep an eye out for Slim's debut project
"Better Late Than Never"
and stop worrying, you know I will definitely follow up with info and details when it is released.

Support music that makes you think.   Tell a friend.

Nov 11, 2013

Little boy surprises guitar shop owner!

Who is this kid?   I found this video on a facebook post my friend put up- and I would very much like to know more.   How old is he, where is he from, when was this recorded.

Anyone with information- let me know!

Billy Idol for John Varvatos ROCK IN FASHION

2013 was a rough start, as you all know.   It seems that the year has only gotten better and better, case in point: This week I was invited to attend the new book launch for John Varvatos held at the Varvatos store in West Hollywood.   It was hosted by Billy Idol.   That alone would be enough of a bucket list item to make it an unforgettable evening.

Here are videos of Billy Idol, John Varvatos, Mick Rock, Robert Matheau, Robert M. Knight all on a panel discussing images from the book:

discussing Lou Reed...

discussing Billy's pants...

Also, posted a gallery...  
Some bonafide rock royalty were out in force in LA last night, to mark the release of designer John Varvatos' first Rock In Fashion book.
'Rebel Yell' singer Billy Idol and legendary snapper Mick Rock were the special guests for the event on Melrose Avenue, with son-of-a-Beatle Julian Lennon also in attendance.
Representing the Irish was Jack Matthews of Children of the Son, who have just completed recording in LA with Warren Huart, producer with Aerosmith and The Fray. The 15-year-old singer has one of the most extraordinary voices in rock, frequently eliciting comparisons to Robert Plant in his Led Zep heyday.
"It's been a real love affair between the band and LA," one industry insider told Hot Press. "There is a feeling that this young Irish band can go all the way. The response from musicians and from the creative community in LA has been fantastic. A number of record companies are already on the case. The question is: which one is going to be lucky enough to get them to sign on the dotted line."
Click here for the full gallery of last night's goings-on.
- See more at: here is one of my favorite images:

oh look, at the very back, on the right, yes, hello :) me and Mosha

The night would have been complete.   But wait, there's more.   Aside from the sheer awesome of getting to stand in a room full of rock legends and their friends and family, watching while they reminisced about amazing moments in rock fashion and history.   I was able to hear the stories, details behind some of the pictures that are in the book, that represent amazing moments, from people who had been there, been a part of it.


Not only did I get the opportunity to pose in front of the table where Billy Idol was signing books for everyone, cutting the line of people in the process ... but then this happened:
Thank you to John Varvatos for a wonderful event.   Thank you to my boss Mosha who asked Lionel Ritchie's girlfriend to take this picture for us (she is stunning by the way).   Mosha also got to have her photo taken with Julien Lennon by the talented Brad Elterman so thank you Brad!

And thank you life, for being awesome.

Nov 4, 2013

Charles Jones at the Sayers Club

You all know by now that I get fixated on people musically.   Sometimes it is their voice, their stage presence, their instrument skills... sometimes it is a combination and sometimes it is just plain magic.   Charles Jones is magic.   I cannot explain properly why it is that I stare transfixed when he sings.   He opens his mouth and my eyes well up with tears.   Usually he blows me out of the water with an unexpectedly fantastic note of some kind, something you never would have thought of that he just effortlessly throws out onto the crowd.
Here is a collection of videos you need to see- the first is mine and a few others have taken of him at the Sayers Club.

Here are two videos I have to share as well, not at Sayers, but definitely worth watching:

Added note- this is one of my favorite songs to sing on my own, hearing him sing it...take me to church Charles!

And as you know, I wrote about him previously -

Now go follow him on twitter and tell him what you think!

Oct 28, 2013

Andrew WK and Marky Ramone @ The Fonda

Bucket list... I have one.   I got to check off two items from mine last week- the first was meet David Geffen.   Yeah, I know, that alone would have been enough.   The second was see a Ramone perform... and as usual I have twitter to thank for this one.   I randomly responded to a tweet about the Blitzkrieg show Andrew WK was doing at the Fonda on Tuesday, and wouldn't you know it- I won two tickets to the show!   Kind of awesome actually- I have always loved the Ramones (who doesn't) and wish my brother was in LA because he is the first person I though about taking with me.   There was no way to get him across the country in time for the show, but I invited a friend of mine and we went on our way.

October 15th, 2013

The Fonda Theatre

6126 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, California
Andrew W.K. will be joining Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg as the lead singer for their 2013 world tour. The punk drumming icon and his band will be fronted by the king of partying for a high-octane performance of more than THIRTY of Marky’s classic fan-favorite songs! These will include songs that took him from the halcyon stage of CBGB’s to touring around the world. From the celluloid halls of Rock ‘n Roll High School to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, Ramone’s career has taken him far and wide, earning him a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, an MTV Lifetime Achievement Award, and immortalizing his handprints on the Hollywood Rock Walk.

I did not expect what happened...grown adults and young teens moshing in a giant circle.   I am not sure what I was expecting now that I think about it, but it blew my mind.   I also adored the cover of Wonderful World... kind of like watching my love of beautiful music colliding with rock and the calamity that came from it was pure awesome.  The following video is a snippet from the last song, special thanks to my concert partner-in-crime for getting good video of it!   I know, I was too busy unleashing my inner punk princess to video anything worth posting.

Andrew WK is someone I discovered on twitter, and I find him fascinating.   I don't feel like there are very many guys out there right now doing what he does, and while he is doing covers on this tour, he has a flavor all his own.   He will be back in LA at the Echoplex Nov. 19th...

This post was going to go up last week but I had a different show I wanted to talk about, and in a way it worked out because now I can tie this Ramone's post into something more relevant that happened this week.   Yesterday, October 27th, 2013, the amazingly talented Lou Reed passed away.   Talk about bucket list- the man was a legend and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to see him perform live in NY at Madison Square Garden in 2009.   When I heard the news yesterday I immediately started thinking about all of the music he influenced and all of the ways music has changed and progressed.   The internet was inundated with people discussing his passing and his greatness- that alone is a testament to how much he affected music.   Someone linked an article that has a playlist Lou kept on spotify of all the songs he liked to listen to...
and the following video is a must see for any fan - video of Reed running through "Walk On The Wild Side," "Heroin," and "White Light, White Heat" at the Olympia Ballroom in Paris, circa 1973, is one of the most powerful performances you’ll find on YouTube:

Rest in peace Lou.

Oct 21, 2013

Oh Dear Vegas

This week was absolute insanity- every single night of the week I had an event or show or when I got a text to come see this band Oh Dear Vegas perform at the Viper Room on Monday night after I missed their show earlier at the Roxy, I knew I was giving up my one night at home- but it was totally worth it.   Oh Dear Vegas is a band from Paris, their sound is along the vein of Imagine Dragon but not really.   They have that raspy rock electric cool sound, but then there is a playful fun side they share too, it's a very interesting mix and sound and I am a huge fan now.   Extremely grateful that I did not miss their last show in the US, and definitely looking forward to seeing them again when they return!

I have one decent video of one song because I got really caught up in the performance and forgot to record, but I have all the links at the bottom so you can actually hear everything in it's entirety.   It's a Lana Del Rey cover of Blue Jeans, and the quality is always iffy when I record at Viper Room... but these guys are fantastic:

Their song Strange World makes me happy every time I listen to it:

Oct 14, 2013

Covers, Soundcloud and Insomnia

This week was definitely an interesting one for me.   I heard a lot of new music and struggled with what to write about.   Then I realized the whole time I was researching music I was actually listening to my own soundcloud... it's not something I share with very many people but since it helps me I have decided to put it out there.  
Before we get into it, there are a few things you should know, if you don't already.   I am a closet singer- I sing in my car, my shower, my room, anywhere there is no audience.   Once I have to make eye contact while singing I get hot flashes and can't focus and fall apart.   I think I get shy and mess up if anyone watches because when I sing it is such an emotional and personal experience.   I relate to melodies and what music brings out of me, and as I have mentioned umpteen times before, songs represent different times and experiences in my life.

So I am about to share my two soundcloud stations- they are for the most part duplicates of each other, although some of the songs on my ChaniRubin account are sweeter and softer, and some on the ChaniSays account are just for fun.   The history behind my soundcloud is kind of random.   I have acute insomnia, and it can get so bad that I will suddenly realize I haven't slept properly in a couple of nights, so I set out trying to find a way to put myself to sleep.   I can't use medication because it's very powerful- one nyquil green gel capsule puts me down for at least two days straight, so no bueno.   I accidentally discovered that the sound of my own voice literally knocks me out.   I was messing around with the voice memo app on my iPhone and recorded myself singing American Pie - honestly it was an easy song to test the sound quality and I sort of know all the lyrics... I was listening to it on the soundcloud app and suddenly realized it was morning and I had slept a solid eight hours while it played on a loop the entire night.   Curious, I added a few more songs.   EUREKA!   Since the soundcloud app plays all the songs on my channel in a neverending loop I stay asleep all night! Insomnia cure be mine!!!!!

What has evolved is an eclectic collection of songs I love and songs I was curious to see if I could sing.   Nothing is edited, nothing is done after more than three takes, and sometimes I got creative-ish and added a karaoke track via YouTube as backup.   Nothing is original, it is all covers, although there are a few songs you will have probably never heard of because they are Hebrew, but maybe you will enjoy them.  I save the rapping for my YouTube channel mostly because I use my hands when I rap, definitely a spectacle to be seen, and it would be a total waste in this format. There are some flat notes, some sharp moments and some completely off key warbling, but this is a part of me that represents music I feel at home with, and since this blog is about music I like... well, enjoy.
I will start you off with American Pie, and feel free to explore from there:

Oct 7, 2013

Dizzy Wright - We Turned Out Alright feat. Wyclef

Last night I wrote an entire article about music, detailing how I was struggling to find something of substance to share with you all this week.   I wasn't super happy about it but I didn't want to miss posting something today... and then I woke up and one of the first things I hear is this new song by Dizzy Wright.


I first real encounter with Dizzy was when I saw him in the Funk Volume 2013 video with Hopsin (I would like to state for the record that I can rap almost the entire song AND I still get super amped when it comes on shuffle in my car playlist).   You can read about Hopsin and Dizzy and their previous stuff here.   Watch the video and you can get a free download of the song here.

But none of this explains what I heard when I woke up today.   Dizzy has collaborated with Wyclef, yup THAT Wyclef, on a song called We Turned Out Alright off his new album The Golden Age.   And I love it.   After I watched the video once I wanted to tweet one line from the song- and then I saw Dizzy tweeted it himself at that moment!
"While I'm sprinting on a mission I ain't half stepping, I'm too focus"
It's really awesome to see Dizzy doing big things for himself and I'm very much looking forward to seeing him when he comes back to LA.   Because I love it so much - here is the video AND a free download of the entire album as well!

Here's all the links:
DOWNLOAD on iTunes:
Purchase a HARDCOPY:

Dizzy Wright

Produced by Wyclef

Directed and edited by John Colombo

Funk Volume

Sep 30, 2013

Current Mood - Music

Every once in a while a specific song will play on the radio and grab my attention.   Like a moth attracted to the light I flutter back to it repeatedly, every time I hear it.   The previous fixation for me was Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke... and I played it on repeat even though I knew it was going to get over played and I would get sick of it (It did and I did).   I can't figure out what it is that makes these songs so engaging.   It can' just be that artist or the genre, because for me it can span many different kinds of sounds.

Currently I have two songs I am obsessing over.   The first is Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball.   Go ahead, judge me.   I can take it.   I was prepared to hate the song completely... and then I saw the video.   It blew me away.   Not the part where she sits naked on a wrecking ball or licks a hammer - but the intro where she cries is visually stunning.   Laugh if you want to but I love this song, and it has a comfortable place on my playlist.   Since I saw the video after her MTV performance I was ready to write it off (I don't like her party song at all) but I can admit when I am wrong- and there is something so raw about this song... yes, she is pushing the lines with the underwear and nudity, but it's ok, I forgive her, because I can't stop singing this song.

The second song is Avicii - feat Aloe Blacc "Wake me Up".   I don't really know where to begin with this song.   After Levels I was kind of really over Avicii, and then he goes and makes me fall in love all over again- I think full credit is due to Aloe Blacc.   Something about the lyrics and the positivity in the song just grabs me and makes me want to throw my hands to the sky and dance.   Every single time I play it in my car i turn up the volume and smile at everyone.   I can't help it.   I saw the video today for the first time and now I like it more- it's about finding the place you belong.  

I just felt like I needed to share two songs that I am loving right now, not trying to point the spotlight at anything new or undiscovered but showing something that makes me feel good.   Have a great week!

Sep 23, 2013

Melody Gardot

The wonders of Pandora.   I was minding my own business at work and a song came on over the sound system.   Having no clue who was singing, I looked it up - Melody Gardot - Your Heart is Black As Night.   I was so moved, so intrigued that I tweeted about it- how had I never discovered her before?   Who was she?   What was she all about?   Well, it turns out I was on to something- one of my twitter friends tweeted me this article about her and wow she has such an interesting story!   Not only is her voice stunning and the music hauntingly good- there's more behind the scenes... check it out.
By Shanon Cook
Decrease font
Enlarge font
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Singer Melody Gardot made her first album lying in bed.
Melody Gardot took up music as therapy to recover from a near-fatal accident.
Melody Gardot took up music as therapy to recover from a near-fatal accident.
Not because she's incredibly lazy. Hardly. She was recovering from a near-fatal bicycle accident that at age 19 shattered her pelvis and left her with neurological damage. Her doctors suggested turning to music as therapy: So she took up guitar, learning to play on her back because it was too painful to sit up.
Now 23, Gardot's jazz-inflected major label debut album "Worrisome Heart" has critics and music fans sitting up all over the place. Some call her the new Norah Jones. Gardot prefers to call herself Superwoman.
"I can see everything, I can hear everything," she says referring to her post-accident hypersensitivity to light and sound.
She always wears shades. And her ears always ring. She sees the irony, too.
"I picked the most unusual path. I have a hard time with light and a hard time with sound and I sit on the stage almost every night with a lot of noise and a lot of light!"
Gardot talked to CNN about her unexpected career, discovering Buddha and learning the art of patience. Video Watch Gardot talk about her struggle »
CNN: Are you in pain?
Melody Gardot: It's a relative state. Pain is something I experience on a daily basis, yes. But to what degree depends upon what I'm asked to do, what the nature of the journey is and where my head's at.
CNN: As you're getting all this attention and your career is on the up and up, are you worried that people focus too much on the accident and less on the music?
Gardot: Not so much because I'm a musician in the first sense. And in the second sense I've come from a very unusual place. But it's a part of me. It's not like a tag that you wear. It's more something that flows through your veins.
I think of it like a bottle of wine. When I buy a bottle of wine I look at the label. I want to know about the vineyard, I want to know about the story behind it. And whether you're investing in a night at a concert, a CD, or half an hour of your life to listen to something, you want to know a bit about what you're getting into in advance. So I think that curiosity is just human nature and it doesn't really bother me.
Besides, I have short-term memory problems. I forget I've talked about [the accident] anyway, so it's all right!
CNN: You were 19 years old when you had the accident. So really you've only been a musician for a few years ...
Gardot: About two.
CNN: Do you feel like success happened too soon? Like maybe you need more time to hone your skills?
Gardot: No. I feel like I'm 80 on the inside! But it is a surprise. And it certainly is not something I expected. And success is a relative term to me. To me success is happiness. And I'm happy so therefore I'm successful.
CNN: What do you think you might be doing had you not had the accident?
Gardot: I have no idea.
CNN: Why jazz?
Gardot: Why not? It's just what I feel. There's no contrived nature to it. And I don't think what I do is just jazz. There are elements of jazz but it stems from a place that's more parallel to blues and lyrics and songs that just come from emotions.
CNN: I hear that you're into Buddhism. Is that something you got interested in before or after your accident?
Gardot: Afterwards. I was given a book by a friend and I opened it up and everything that was in there was what I was thinking. So I read a second book, and a third and I met some people who were Buddhists and I talked to some monks and I practiced and I evolved. Because let's face it ... spirituality is an evolution.
It has taught me the value of presence -- and I don't mean Christmas presents! Just being present in an everyday kind of way helped get me through a lot of the pain I had in the beginning. And it also helped me get through the mental blocks where you start to feel "Why did this happen?" or simple, small concerns. It taught me about greater concerns. So it was a very good thing for me.
CNN: So you've had to wrestle with feelings of anger and "why me" over the accident?
Gardot: No, not so much. I'm not someone who understands anger. It's just not an emotion that I get. To me it's senseless. It's sort of like a half-thought. You don't get all the way through to understanding [something] and you stop at anger. I didn't really go with that.
CNN: What would you say is the most valuable lesson that you've learned in your life so far?
Gardot: I think patience. Because true patience is compassion and grace. Someone once asked me: "What do you think the biggest difference is between you and Norah Jones?" And I said "Well, she shelves Grammys, and I live like one!" Because I go so slow ... walking with a cane. It taught me to surrender to what it is that I have been given and go with it. And that was patience, and thereby I was given the opportunity to understand grace. I'm sure I have much more to learn, but that was the biggest one.

Sep 16, 2013

Brave Native - Live at The Sayers Club (Yes, Again)

Ok, really now, this time you have to believe me- do you understand how difficult it is to get new unknown talent onto the Sayers stage?   Supremely- I should know, I try!   This past week Brave Native graced the Sayers stage AGAIN but this time... this time it was on a Tuesday night.   That's kind of epic.  I was also able to capture a few snippets of video for some of the songs (they had such a great set!)... so watch the videos below (all four please n thank you darlings) and then go tell Brave Native what you thought!  

and here is the link to the last time they performed at Sayers: Brave Native - Sayers Club

And their links:

Sep 9, 2013

Linney - Beyond Mix n 36

Le sigh.   Certain DJ's just sort of understand music and what to put together to make people happy.   Linney is one of those amazingly talented beings who can compile a long mix that will keep me listening from start to finish in one sitting.   Since that is what happened to me today as I was starting to sit down to write this week's post, I decided to shine some light on him and talk about his latest piece, the one I am listening to right now.

Let's start with the fact that he dropped Lorde - Royals in the first few seconds... then segued to Murder She Wrote!   It's just those cool random references of songs everyone knows and loves spliced with things that may be less well known... to me that is what makes it really enjoyable.   Bonus points to anyone who listens to the 16 minute mark and hear's one of the songs I always bump in my car- that I wrote about before it was a huge club hit!

Linney is super talented and has worked as producer on so many songs you know and love.   He's one of those DJ's that just genuinely loves music and it shows!

Take a listen:

Check out all of his stuff and let me know what you think...

Sep 2, 2013

DJ As-Is Musty Grooves

Time for some recognition.   You all know my penchant for the random, underground, unknown and usually throwback or classic stuff.   There's a reason why certain DJ's and certain artists consistently draw my attention- it's because they are damn good.    Case in point- DJ As-Is.   I chose him for this week's blog post purely based on the fact that I listened to his latest mix that he just dropped on soundcloud and remembered why I love when he spins so much.   This mix is called "Musty Grooves" and if you need a one hour break from everything top 40 and overplayed (you do, you just might not know it yet) then take a moment and click and listen.   For serious, you will find yourself nodding along and suddenly realize you are totally digging the entire jam. Bonus points if you listen long enough to hear my favorite song of the summer (that means you actually listened to more than a minute and gave it a real chance. LOVE that he threw that song in there!!!! Hey Hey Hey)

In his own words:
Musty is a way I define a certain type of sound. I can't properly explain it without making the applicable faces needed to describe it but if you listen to the mix it'll make sense. This mix contains funky, discoy, housey, musty, grooves. Enjoy.
You can find him spinning his own superb blend of mustiness on Sundays at The Dime, among other venues (check his website for calendar).   Go see him do his thing and let him know I sent you. You know I'd never steer you wrong.

Aug 27, 2013

Brave Native - Take Control

Told you so.

Brave Native... you've heard me say it before, and it is likely I will say it a few more times before you realize I was right all along.   They are just kind of awesome.   I consistently love the new songs they put out, mostly because they make me feel good.   What is music for, if not to make you feel, think, dream, breathe a little differently?   I got a sneak peak preview of their latest song "Take Control" and I'm pleasantly surprised.   It's a little more mellow than some of their other songs that I love, but it has a fun beachy vibe with a feel good beat.  I liked it even more the second time I played it, once I knew the chorus and could hum along- it is catchy and sweet...
Take a listen:

Get familiar with their music, you will only hear more and more of it.   Below are links to my previous posts about them- browse through, listen and watch and get used to them.
My Dear Friend Molly
Live at Viper Room
Live at Sayers Club

Aug 19, 2013

Real Mind of Mysonne

In what has become almost a weekly tradition, I once again need to thank the power of Twitter for this find.   Technically, I need to thank the makers of the iPhone game "Original Gangstaz" because the guy who introduced me to this video is someone I met years ago when I got sucked into that game.   We have stayed friends even though neither of us plays it any more, and frequently discuss music.   Case in point...

You know I have this thing for Hopsin- he just seems like an interesting character who has a lot to say and has found a different way to get his music heard than the usual sellout gimmick method (a proven method, but definitely undermines the value of the product).   I wrote about him previously, when he put out Ill Mind of Hopsin 6 and my friend was very quick to share this response/remix video with me.

I've never heard of Mysonne before.   Seems like that's my loss, he's kind of fantastic.   I listened to the remix a few times, and have to say I really want to know more about him as an artist and as a person.   If what he says is true, he has a real story to tell, one I would be interested in hearing.

Check out the video and hit him up (links below).   Let me know what you think....


Funk Volume

Aug 12, 2013

Cameron Mitchell - Sleep Beautiful

One night on twitter I tweeted out that I couldn't sleep and needed someone to come over and sing me to sleep.   One of my friends tweeted me a youtube video link called "Sleep Beautiful" and immediately followed it with a tweet saying he hoped it wasn't creepy because he hadn't listened to it yet!

Well, I went and listened to it.   It wasn't creepy, actually far from it.   It is an original song and it was performed by Cameron Mitchell.   The melody is pretty and almost haunting, his voice is sleepy and dreamy with a tender quality.   I had to find out more!

In researching the song and the artist I discovered another awesome fact- Cameron Mitchell is the SAME Cameron who was on the Glee Project!   Wow- so you probably have no idea, but Glee had a side series called the Glee Project- a reality type show where uber talented contestants fought the be the last one standing to win a role on the show.   Cameron was on the show, and while he didn't win, it didn't matter because people saw his skill and talent and recognized it.

So what started as a funny joke on twitter turned into a cool way to discover a great song!
Here are the links to Cameron's stuff and of course, the video for the aforementioned lullaby.

Aug 5, 2013

Propane LV - Letter to the Industry

One of the people I follow on twitter turned me on to Propane LV.   More specifically, when he came to Los Angeles, he stopped by my work to say hello and we talked about my blog and he said I had to check out this rapper he works with.   So I did.   And I am grateful that I listened because Propane LV is really talented!   He's a rapper out of Portland, Oregon and his mixtape just dropped on July 22 (link for a free download at the end of the post).   I have listened to the entire thing and while I can't pick a favorite song yet, I am intrigued.   I like his voice, he's definitely skilled, I'm curious about his background and I am looking forward to hearing more of his stuff.

He has some original stuff- that is what I originally saw- his song Weeknd Romance was the first video I saw that made me think, wow this guy is really talented, he sings too...

Now if you've watched any of my videos, you know I have a soft spot for things like oldies and jazz- so when I saw he did a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Heard It Through the Grapevine" I had to watch...

I have a feeling people will appreciate his cover of "Rich As Fuck" more

For me the best part about discovering artists like these on my own time is being able to look through all of their videos and links- like I would never have guessed he would cover one of my guilty pleasure songs but he did... check him out "As Long as You Love Me"

Now go do the social media thing and like, follow, and download his new mixtape!

Jul 29, 2013

J Watts - Lookin (feat Chrishan)

This post is so long overdue that I feel I owe an apology to the artist.   As I mentioned in a previous post I met J Watts at a holiday party this past December.   He rolled up with a group of people but still stood out from the crowd even before he started performing- you'll see if you ever meet him, he just has this calm look and great energy that sort of draws you in so you start talking to him- and once he smiles- it's over!   

As life events changed, my intention of writing about him remained but different things got in the way so you can imagine how pleased I was to bump into him at a birthday party recently.   (Random but fun fact- the birthday boy and J Watts became friends through that very same holiday party so shout out to my boy Austin and glad I could help introduce you two!) 

It's about time I gave him some recognition - and the timing is great because J Watts has a new single coming out on August 6th!   It's called "Lookin" and it features Chrishan.   It's going to be on fire- and available on iTunes, Rhapsody and in select retails stores worldwide.   I found a link on Amazon so you can  listen to the sample - 

J Watts fascinated me from the first time I met him because he is such a quiet, respectful guy - and then suddenly he starts rapping and this entirely charismatic and engaging persona jumps out at you!   It makes sense then that he's involved in so many different avenues of entertainment- from Rapping and Producing to throwing some of the hottest events in LA, it definitely keeps him busy...

I always like to share stuff I discover on my own in addition to whatever the person I am writing about is currently working on... usually it's because I discovered them through some random clip or live performance and then I have to do research and learn all about them.   The video I really want to share is the one from the holiday party where I met J Watts, but I am unable to do that at this time, so instead I am going to drop his Versace freestyle on you...
And this other one which I keep replaying as I write this post called "M & B" 
Now go find him on social media and let him know you saw him here!

Jul 22, 2013

Brave Native - The Sayers Club

Remember when I said HERE and HERE that you needed to start paying attention to this band called Brave Native?   Well, if you haven't listened to me so far, maybe it's time you started because these guys finally got some very very deserved recognition and graced the Sayers Club stage with their awesomeness.   I feel like a proud mama, watching her babies grow.   Not really, the maternal thing escapes me, but still, I am supremely pleased that Brave Native performed to a PACKED house and finally got some recognition on a stage where I believe many musical legends are introduced to the masses. I could cite examples (like LP, Capital Cities, the NBHD) and you could look them up and see that I am right.   I fully expect these boys to blow up and become very well known very shortly.   So watch this special behind the scenes video of the performance, enjoy the music, and get acquainted with them, because they are definitely here to stay.   Congrats guys!

Side note- The Sayers Club just opened the front room and it is absolutely gorgeous.   When you get a chance stop by and say hello to the staff, tell them I sent you- and taste their food!   So happy for you guys, love the way things are growing :)