Aug 26, 2012

ChaniSays T-shirts are finally here!

I cannot believe how a small idea that began as a personal project for myself has exploded into such a fun creative outlet.   A year ago I started playing with apps and pictures and created a bunch of graphics that I really liked.   I was enamored with a few of them in particular and thought jokingly that I would totally wear these images on t-shirts and would buy them if I saw them in a store.   Partially just to be funny, I printed up a few samples a short time ago and started wearing the designs out.   I was not prepared for the fantastic response I received from friends and total strangers.

People stop me and ask where I got the shirts.   It is an amazing feeling knowing that my little idea has made a splash and is getting creative attention.   Because of the requests I started getting, I have made them available to everyone now- and will continue working on this new project, adding new images as I create them. If you have a specific request regarding a t-shirt please let me know, there are a lot of options available and I will do my best to get you exactly what you want!

 Check it out:
ChaniSays Merchandise

Aug 5, 2012

Capital Cities Live @ Sayers 8.4.12

I've seen Capital Cities live before but last night was a hectic whirlwind of events and I had a great chance to catch them again live at Sayers.   They have such a fun energy and put on a very enjoyable live performance, which as you know is the key to my heart.  Having a perfect studio album is one thing, killing it with a mic and a live audience is a whole other animal and I greatly respect anyone who can pull it off.  I only recorded two short snippets because I was too busy dancing and having a blast, but here they are for you:
First up- love covers! These boys did a great cover of Nothing Compares to You (trumpet player was awesome all night- he kept popping up at various spots around the venue, give him extra credit for that!)

I apologize, it might be the fact that it's 9am and I haven't gone to sleep yet but I am completely blanking on the name of this second song- feel free to let me know in the comments and I will edit, but here ya go:
NY- catch them before they bounce off on tour- check the tour dates below
Capital Cities image

Aug 4, 2012

Nikki Alva - Cowboy Casanova Cover

The interweb is a magical place- it enables me to discover talent and music I might otherwise never get the chance to experience.  I received this video in my inbox and felt like I needed to pass it along...something about this girl made me smile and I really enjoyed her personality coming through as she sang.  Her name is Nikki Alva and I think she is kinda awesome.  I can at least admit that when I was her age (she is only TEN!)  I did not exude one tenth of the charisma that she does.  Enjoy the video, links and all that good stuff below...

Nikki onYouTube
Nikki on Twitter
Nikki on Facebook
Nikki Alva's Website