Jun 29, 2012

SandFlower - "Rock it to the Moon" live at My Studio 6.28.12

It is with great pleasure and total happiness that I can finally post a new video of Sandflower for everyone to enjoy!   She absolutely rocked it at My Studio in Hollywood last night. It was wonderful to see everyone who has been such a huge part of this experience come together to support her and I got to meet a lot of new people who have been involved as well.   
If anyone has video of the second performer, feel free to post links in the comments, and let me know his name- he pulled Sandflower up on stage with him and they danced but I was talking and didn't get my camera back out until after (apologies).   I also got to see a super rough cut of the music video and cannot wait until it's released... it will blow your minds!   So support our girl, share her video, check out her website, friend her on facebook and follow her on twitter... and above all: Dance your ass off!
Bonus track - she also sang a second song in the same performance- you won't see it anywhere else but give feedback because I love it!!!!
http://www.sandflowerpower.com, SandFlower's New Single "Rock it to the Moon" is a smash hit from Blackground Records / Futuresound.

Futuresound records

Jun 27, 2012

Sheila E at the Sayers Club 6.26.12

Wow.   Sheila E might be my new hero.   This diva rocks the percussions AND the footwear.   For real.   I had the amazing honor of watching her play tonight and honestly it was so worth getting out of bed for!   I knew she was performing on Tuesday- problem was I forgot that today WAS Tuesday.   At midnight I saw a facebook post about it and suddenly jumped up and got dressed and booked it out the door to Sayers so I could watch this legend.   I think I have mentioned it here before- I am acutely aware of missing the opportunity to see a lot of legends perform live, so now when I get the chance, I take it.   This is one of those things that you sort of had to be there for to experience the full picture- the aura, the energy from the crowd, the pumped up vibe... but I do have three videos I shot and some pictures although those didn't come out as well as I'd have hoped.   Enjoy!

In case you have no idea who this phenomenal powerhouse is- check out her wiki bio
Here is a blurry shot of her shoes- her backup singer had a great pair on too!

Jun 21, 2012

Cotton Candy Michael Jackson Dancer

I know, this isn't technically music- but it sort of is actually.  

I was browsing this website I recently discovered (www.liveleak.com - enter at your own risk, it is more addictive than twitter, facebook and youtube combined) and stumbled across what I might classify as the MOST entertaining video I have ever seen.   It's not just that it's about cotton candy (yum!) or that the dude is making cool shapes with it, or even that he's rocking out phenomenal Michael Jackson dance moves as he hands out the cotton candy.   No it is the total experience of all three- and the cool lighting, and the wisps of candy floating and the children jumping trying to grab it... I could really go on and on.  And now I am craving cotton candy...

Seriously, this guy needs his own tv show!   How fun would he have been as a contestant on America's Got Talent???? Even Howard Stern would have sent him to Vegas!
For some reason this cracked me up completely and I felt like I had to post it here- check it out.

Jun 19, 2012

Neon Hymns Live @ Viper Room 6.18.12

The great thing about going out to see live music is stumbling onto new stuff that you didn't know about before.   That's the case with Neon Hymns... I went to see Davis Fetter perform and ended up discovering a whole new group to love!   These guys are Australian by way of LA and very very cool.   Like, super well dressed in that crazy effortless way that boys have started doing (I approve).   I also heartily approve of the slightly longer hair on top and the shaved sides haircut...it's like a modern twist on the pompadour...sort of.   If I were braver I'd rock the one side shaved haircut myself, however I am a total wuss on that front.

ANYWAY... so I recorded one of their songs "Who You Really Are" and have uploaded it for you to watch.    Neon Hymns- Who You Really Are

Honestly they sang one song after this one that gave me chills called 'Lose Your Lover' - Joseph,the lead singer snapped a guitar string and then went ahead and sang the song without playing guitar...It was a loud, deep song but he was very into it and super animated- very very moving and awesome and if I figure out what song it was I will update.  I wish I had recorded it but I was too into it to stop and take out my phone (apologies, it was kinda epic).
But I found a video of it for you to watch - not mine, but still worth watching!

I would suggest listening to the studio version too--- because it sounded more like this one than the video of them performing it-

 The 2nd guitarist (James) is super cute btw- like, if Danny Zuko in Grease was a real guy and in a band instead of the T-birds- that kind of cute.  Trouble maker in a rock band cute, pack of cigarettes rolled in your t-shirt sleeve... I'll shut up now.   Listen and love em, they are good.

Check out their website and links here- http://neonhymns.com/

***Special thank you to James for letting me know what the songs were called :) ***

Davis Fetter - Live @ the Viper Room

There is a lot of drama and theatrics in a town like Hollywood, naturally, so it seemed very fitting that tonight was the first time I went to the infamous/famous Viper Club in Hollywood.   If it had been just a random night, it wouldn't be nearly as exciting- but tonight was made even more special because I went to support an artist I actually believe in.   I've written about him before and this time I've got a lot of video to back it up so if after watching these videos you're still not sold... well you're a lost cause.   He did a great job and as usual when I hear his music I want to rock along... watch, listen, enjoy and for goodness sake check out his links because he's awesome!

About this last video- I goofed and thought it was over when in fact they ended spectacularly- my apologies to you guys because it was such a great finish and I spaced.   Hopefully the other four make up for it a tiny bit?

And finally- sign up for his mailing list because Davis sends out videos and invites and keeps his fans in the loop, which is always really appreciated... in his last blast he posted two new videos:

What started out as a fun and quick youtube project has now given me all kinds of ideas! The "Live from Le Garage" series is only gonna get better!

For now, check out these new videos:


Thank you so much for your support!


Jun 14, 2012

The Magician at Dim Mak 6.12.12

Tuesday was my birthday and after spending the previous night super low key (pizza and Swingers... plus congrats LA Kings on that win- not a hockey fan but glad for all my friends who are) I decided to do my own thing and see The Magician spin at Dim Mak... something I had planned on doing since I discovered he was playing a show in LA.   I was psyched that it was on my birthday, just felt like the right way to celebrate!   He didn't play Twist - my favorite happy song

But... he did totally rock it and it made my night!   I got to see random friends and meet a bunch of new cool people too, definitely worth it and awesome.   I was busy dancing but I did manage to take some video lol...

And here are the links so you can find him and listen to all of his stuff....

Jun 1, 2012

Driicky Graham @ Playhouse - Snapbacks and Tattoos

Who?   Yeah I wondered the same thing as this very fresh faced, energetic kid jumped up on the DJ booth at Playhouse and grabbed the mic.   Then he started his song, and I have to admit, I am kinda crushing on this one.   His name is Driicky Graham and you can read all about him here- someone else already wrote all about him so I don't have to, I can just redirect you :P
Or go to his fb http://www.facebook.com/pages/Driicky-Graham/211280925569698
or twitter http://twitter.com/#!/driickygraham
Check it out here...

So... I am at Playhouse in Hollywood and it's a very random and funny night- I notice this cute guy in a snap back (now that I know we no longer can just call them 'hats' I will come correct) and he's rocking a denim shirt which stood out a bit from the rest of the outfits everyone else was wearing...next thing I know he wanders up to the front and he's Driicky Graham- and he performs his song- Snap Backs and Tattoos.   And the place loves it.   And when I get home I watch the youtube video of it and now I love it too.   I mean- how cute is he?!? Look in the video below- he's like a TuPac and Chris Brown hybrid.   Yummy.

I will add this final thought- if snapbacks and tattoos become a real accepted thing- a lot of doormen and bouncers in Hollywood are going to be very aggravated because turning away the guys who wear hats is generally the most entertaining thing that happens to them all night.   (That and the shirts with no sleeves lol).
Have a great weekend- go listen to some music and dance!

Samantha Ronson - School Night @ Bardot

The last time I saw Samantha Ronson do anything musical live, it was 2008 and she was spinning at Villa (yes, the now closed down place on Melrose that is reopening as something new eventually, hurray!).   That was a long time ago.   Since then she has come out with her own music- as in, she actually sings.   And I really like it.
I got to listen to "Chasing the Reds" a while back from a link she tweeted, and then I downloaded it and pretty much kept it on repeat in my car for a long time.   I didn't pay attention to the lyrics and was completely clueless as to what the song was about until this past Monday night when she performed it live for School Night at Bardot.   Dude- it's about driving (insert face palm here) Read the lyrics....and then because she is awesome- get the free download of Chasing the Reds here
Anyway, so I was super excited to see it live- and she performed a few other songs, two of which I really liked- the first I caught on video (and can I just say again, I know I tweeted this but really- how awesome is she?   I mean, I have the biggest freaking crush on her like you can't imagine- she essentially epitomizes the me I would be if I wasn't who I am.   Stop, wait and think about it... yeah.).   So here is the video of "Don't Want You" and you can link to it here to hear it on her website....because people were talking and it's hard to hear (sorry).

and then she performed my other favorite of the night- the funniest song I have heard in a while, I don't know why I like it so much... I guess the way she enunciates "Singing pop songs in the taxi" just gets me... and the title- it's called "Summer of Sam"

Anyway, it was a fun night- you can listen to her music and watch videos on her official site- http://www.samantharonson.com/music/