May 18, 2012

Davis Fetter - I See Love

Wow.   I am so glad I made it back to Sayers Club tonight.   I changed plans at the last minute and decided I wanted a night full of fun music in a cool setting- and thank goodness I did because not only did I meet a great group of people, I had the incredible honor of discovering my new favorite musician.   Allow me to introduce you to Davis Fetter.

I am really into his sound, his vibe, his look- it was like watching Buddy Holly rock out in 2012.   I mean, I couldn't have asked for more.   He killed it with his performances, and although I didn't record them, I did talk to him after and have been listening to all of his music since I got home (on repeat- yeah, it's that great).
So... here's the stuff you need:!/davisfetter
And here's his soundcloud (trust- you will want to buy his stuff)
I literally hit play and listened to everything, a few times.   Then I started watching his videos on youtube (you'd think I don't have to be up tomorrow for work right?   ahaha this is what great music does to me).
By far the song I keep replaying the most is this one:

and of course as I kept watching videos I found phenomenal acoustic cover as know I love the acoustics!

So... check him out and enjoy the cool sounds and rockin vocals because while I may have just discovered him for myself tonight, I am sure I am not the first person who heard his music and was moved somehow...share the music, love it and live it.