Dec 17, 2012

Promise (music)

A friend of mine asked me to listen to this guy and said I really needed to hear his stuff.   I get told that line a lot especially when people find out I do this music review blogging thing as a hobby, so I don't usually get excited about a new artist until I get a chance to actually sit down and listen to the music, get a feel for it.   When I started listening to Promise's first song... it was over.  This guy is really talented.   And kinda hot.   And can sing.
And... well- here (also hear btw).

I listened to his song "Nothing Like Me" and that was it.
I officially love this guy.

Darlings, you know me... I'm all about the crooner soulful pretty boy who can melt hearts and make breathing hard to do.   This one is the real thing.   Like a nicer Chris Brown, and younger Usher, a hipper Sisqo.   (Sorry boys, it's true).   Look at him.   LISTEN to him!

I really liked Super Star... like I want to get my friends who spin in clubs to remix it and blow it up...

I had to creep on him just a bit (ok, ok, a lot... you know me better than that) and found his naturally I am including it here for you to read and get a better idea of who he is and what he is all about.
Born and raised on December 22 1986 in Los Angeles, California was Damian “Promise” Eskridge. An uprising R&B sensation with years of entertainment experience sharing his story with the world through music. “Promise” began into the music industry by becoming an hot producer for several artists but as time began to pass, there was an yearning for something bigger than just beats. Proven to be very versatile, Damian’s career began as an audio engineer ten years ago and transitioning into an well known writer to now currently gracing us with his smooth vocal sounds of R&B. “I developed a lot of my R&B flows by listening to my favorite group Dru Hill and my favorite solo singer Tyrese. When I was growing up, I listened to a lot of Dwele, Musiq Soulchild, Maxwell, Jagged Edge, KC & JoJo, and my favorite rap entertainer Mystikal.” 
“Promise” mixed with Brazilian & Hispanic & African American has been swooning ladies all across the world from hot singles such as “Don’t Stop” & “Lost In Your Mind”. This just to name a few for the many hits he has recorded. Since coming into the music industry, this talented trending artist has already collaborated beats with world reknown producers such as: Scarecrow Beatz, Johnny Juliano, Super Star O, and O’brian. “They are great musicians and I will continue to have them be a part of my music” says Promise. Damian Eskridge can be seen promoting his upcoming mixtape at various locations in Houston, Texas to Dallas/Fort Worth and abroad. Some recent performances has been at: Sumatra Hookah Lounge, Shadow Bar and more. 
“I have been told by many to make something different and make real R&B music. So I took what they said and I'm applying it to my upcoming album. I'm bringing the old school back to light with a lot of my own flava. I think my lead single is going to be "Lost in your mind" then "It's all on me" .I'm going to have some great features on my album but I can't say just yet lol. When my album drops you can get it online at iTunes cdbaby and many more to name.

You can listen to all of his music via this link:

You can also start following him on twitter and friend him on facebook and listen to him on soundcloud.

Go ahead and thank me later- you know I always do my best to pass along the good ones for your aural pleasure.   Just remember when he blows up that you found him because of me... and that's all the thanks I really need or want.
Oh... and because I'm just that awesomesauce:

Dec 14, 2012

Kibitz Room - Happy Birthday DJ Morty Coyle

Live music.   There is nothing like it.   It can be extremely awful or amazingly great- but even at its worst live music does something for your soul that a recording cannot possibly accomplish.   I think really it all comes down to eye contact and human interaction (which is why, if you follow me on twitter you have heard me complain previously about not being able to wear mirrored aviators everywhere in life- seriously, they keep the weirdos away!).

So.   Why am I telling you all of this?   Well, I have a new spot.   And I have an intense desire to share it with is many people as are willing to check it out.   It may not be the coolest up and coming place in Hollywood, in fact I bet most of the people who go would prefer it NOT be like those other spots.   But I walked in last week for the first time and literally fell in love with it.   If I were Norm, this would be my Cheers.   This all started from a weekly twitter party I take part in (#SMTA) every Sunday night (for more info-   Granted, I don't have a TV so my participation in this weekly event is limited but one of the commentators is DJ Morty Coyle.   He tends to say the things I wish I had thought of.   Also, he is probably the most entertaining human I have ever seen perform live music ever.   Yeah.   I said it.   And I've seen Mick Jagger perform live.   I'm not kissing ass here, I really love his energy, his ability to read a room and adjust the vibe of what he is singing to match or enhance it... I'll get into that in a bit.   Anyway, he celebrated his birthday party this past Tuesday and that was my second visit to what I now fondly refer to as my musical home... Kibitz Room.   You know it, I swear, even if you've never been you know of it... it's connected to Canter's on Fairfax.   It's awesome.  I love it and will be there as many Tuesdays as I can- which works out because these guys perform live every Tuesday.

In fact, you can come see The F.O.C.K.R.S. yourself and feel free to reach out to them on facebook as well- Tuesdays with the FOCKRS If you're extra sweet you can even request songs from them via the link and maybe get to see your request performed live... and maybe maybe even get to sing live with them as they perform your request as well.

I took some video from the night- it's not my best work and frankly you really just need to see it for yourself live to understand it- but have at it, and enjoy.

So in this first video we have DJ Morty Coyle himself (yes, he does scare the pants off me in the middle, I almost dropped the camera but then I was laughing so hard it didn't matter). We also have Malik Pointer (vocals), Yogi Lonich (guitar), J.J. Blair (vocals, tambourine), Paul Ill (bass), Owen Barry (guitar), Matt Tecu (drums), Jordan Summers (piano), Brad Watson (organ) and Alex Laborwit (percussion) on Suffragette City.   I would like to add that Malik is so talented he barely sings a word and you can feel the musical talent floating off his persona... the magic this duo creates when they sing together...omg j'adore mes amores.

I just really enjoyed watching the band jam together... grabbed a short segment of the instrumentals to share with you all.... J.J. Blair (guitar), Paul Ill (bass), Owen Barry (guitar), Matt Tecu (drums), Jordan Summers (piano), Brad Watson (organ), Alex Laborwit (percussion), Damian Kaner (vocals) and Pricilla Yolanda (vocals) on an instrumental jam in between several medleys.

Finally, the birthday boy gets on the keys and plays a bit in his birthday suit, yes actual suit that we inscribed for his birthday.   Yup- I know, I think it's genius too and yes, I may or may not already be planning on finding one of my own for my upcoming trois grands zero in June.   
J.J. Blair (guitar), Dave Jenkins (bass), Dan Rothchild (vocals), Leslie Van Trease (drums), Alex Laborwit (percussion), Brad Watson (organ) and Fuzzbee Morse (flute) on Stuck in the Middle with You.

Well... I could stop here and let you either man up and check the place out next Tuesday or not, whatever floats your boat... but instead I am going to keep talking so batten down the hatches. There is more to the night, and I intend on sharing it.   Halfway through the night Morty runs up to me and my friend in the middle of a song and says "Quick, name artists".

Bruh.   In moments like that I am neither quick nor culturally refined.   
All I could think was "Bon Jovi" so that's what I blurted out.   
Then I realized he meant he wanted numerous artists, ideas to dictate a set list for his songs so I hopped on twitter while he was singing and sent him this list:
Chris Isaac, Elton John, a-Ha, Rolling Stones and Morrisey.

Son of a star ship he fucking hit every single one I named except the Stones (and I forgive him because he did a fantastic Bon Jovi cover of Living on a Prayer.   He never stopped singing either, just glanced at his phone and segued into the next one...

But wait. There's more.
Of course my inner trouble maker started to take hold of me and I sent him a follow up list...thinking there was no way he could possibly mix the random grouping of songs together:
Steve Miller Band, Eddie Vedder, Herman's Hermits or the Monkees.

You already know.   Guess who closed out the night singing David Cassidy "C'mon Get Happy"...

My challenge for this coming Tuesday (because of these never ending holidays I have no idea if the show will go on so maybe the first Tuesday after New Years) is to 
A) get the nerve to sing onstage myself (I cover the entire Rock Band set list in my shower, how hard could this be right?) and 
B) create such a phenomenal set list for Mr. C and the FOCKRS that people are blown away by my musical genius.   

It is far more likely I will accomplish A than B  because while I know most of the songs these guys play, I also am that annoying punk bumping my bass everywhere I go when I drive around.   By which I mean that my musical choices are dictated by my mood and can range from highly elitist to downright underground, depending on the moment.... anyway, this is my dare to you: If you say you like live music (and I hear that claim being made day in and day out) and you still always bitch that there's no good stuff to be found in LA, stop whining and come through.   If you still hate it after you give it a fair shot, I'll buy you a beer.   Once.   

Happy birthday Mr. Coyle.   Thank you to all of the musicians and people involved in making this night a blast.   It's possible I enjoyed this one more than you did.   

Dec 13, 2012

These Curious Thoughts - What Is It, And How Did It Get In There (music)

Andddddd I'm about to introduce you to your next quirky music obsession.   You know how bands like Capital Cities and Foster the People seem to come up at you out of nowhere- and how you might not even really like them the first time you hear them?   Well this next write up is one of those- this absolutely different duo that somehow have entranced me and made me a fan.

First- a tiny bit of back story: I received a submission in my email and honestly it sat there for about a week before I even looked at it.   It's a blessing in disguise that I waited because I might have just chucked it had I not already been in a musical mood... but tonight I felt like going through the few submissions that I had flagged for review so I started listening and then after I heard a few songs I had to know more.   Once I had the chance to take it all in I knew I had to write about them- so introducing:
These Curious Thoughts

Even their bio is quirky!
As modern-day pen pals, Sean Dunlop(USA) and Jamie Radford(UK) have utilized the Internet to compose their unique songs for nearly a decade. Being separated by the Atlantic Ocean has had little affect on their productivity. Radford provides lyrics via email for Dunlop who then composes the music.

 You can read more about them in depth on their website, but I pulled some quick tidbits for you to get an idea of what I am talking about.

Do you understand how fun this is- they make music from different countries and somehow it's better than some of the junk you hear from groups that get to practice together live for hours daily!   I think my second favorite song of their is "Lead Balloon".   I just like it so much I keep replaying it over and over.

I need to point out at this point in time that if I didn't already love them enough, once I read that they have a song about John Wayne AND Batman where they are positing that the two are actually brothers...yeah, sign me up, I'm sold.   Obviously, this song is my favorite, it's called, unsurprisingly, "John Wayne" and I totally love it.   Completely and utterly.   I consider this concept pure genius. Bruce Wayne. John Wayne. OMG every time I think about it, I giggle a tiny bit inside and am overwhelmed at the brilliance.

Anyway- here's some more info- enjoy, love them, support them, and thank me later.   And keep reading till the end because I included a link to a free download for you.

From their Press Release regarding their latest upcoming album:

Aiming for a clever PR campaign for their previous album Building Mountains from the Ground, song writing duo Sean Dunlop (music) and Jamie Radford (the quirkiest off the wall lyrics you’ve probably ever heard) came up with a wild origin story that’s about as crazy and intriguing as the idea of The Duke being Batman’s brother (Bruce Wayne)—the driving concept of “John Wayne,” a trippy, ambient-psychedelic track on What Is It, And How Did It Get In There?, their new 5 track EP they are releasing under their longstanding group name These Curious Thoughts.

The two have a very unique international setup as they create a constant flow of what Dunlop calls “indie rock that’s progressive, introspective, poetic, upbeat, catchy, strange and unique…
 Radford pens the words from his home base in London and emails them to Dunlop, who lives and makes music in his studio in Detroit.  They thought it was in line with their crafty sense of humour to say they met in 2004 while vacationing separately in Tingo Maria, Peru, where they were introduced to the Ancient Society of Mound Builders. The less glamorous reality is that Dunlop and Radford met on a “musicians wanted”-type website. When Dunlop read one of Radford’s off the wall lyrics, he was hooked. Dunlop, whose college major was history, couldn’t get enough of Radford’s riff on Civil War zombies.....Braaaaaaiiiiiiiins

Once the two clicked and became prolific partners, Dunlop had the idea to create an internet based band with contributing members from all over the world. When that didn’t pan out, the two formed a local Detroit band called Shock of the Cold. Their first album, “Listen At Your Own Risk”, was written and recorded over six months and consisted of over 30 songs. In 2006, Shock played at the Emergenza Music Festival in Detroit and took first place in all three rounds of the competition, beating out many local bands. Shock earned the opportunity to perform in front of 1,600 people at the Majestic Theater where Dunlop won Best Guitarist. In 2007, Radford came to visit the band and participate in one of their shows. The band performed throughout the Midwest and released 3 full length albums. When the band broke up in 2008, Dunlop and Radford decided to forge ahead creating a new band, These Curious Thoughts—and quickly gained a buzz for their multi-faceted albums whose covers featured the colourful artwork of Dunlop’s dad. These Curious Thoughts’ discography includes “The World Outside”, “The Colour of Sound”, “Let’s See What 2moro Brings” and—in line with the Peruvian tall tale—“Building Mountains from the Ground”.

Each track on “What Is It, and How Did It Get There?is already being sold as a separate download via their popular Facebook fan page, where they invite their 3,500-plus international fans to participate in their ongoing evolution as a creative team—posting songs and accompanying videos as soon as they record them. 

“Definite sounds of late 60s and early 70s influence through the music, quite a bit of this could sit alongside Sgt Peppers without raising an eyebrow.” – Simon Jones - Rumbles & Grumbles

“‘The bass however owes nearly everything to The Beatles and Paul McCartneys’ Hoffner throb.” – Jules - TAPEtoTAPE

“This is a fascinating experiment in transatlantic musical relations hinting at a pair of powerful song writing imaginations.” – Stephen Morris -

“These Curious Thoughts gave me some curious thoughts on how a couple of fellows who were across the pond from each other could actually make a music project blossom into a full blown band. These guys had the raw garage chops and musical intuition to pull it off.” – Cory - Boy Meets Music




2011 - LETS SEE WHAT 2MORO BRINGS (Viaduct Records)
2010 - THE COLOUR OF SOUND (Viaduct Records)
2009 - THE WORLD OUTSIDE (Viaduct Records)

2013 - WHAT IS IT, AND HOW DID IT GET IN THERE? (Viaduct Records - Expected Release Date 1/13/13) This album is being written, recorded and posted on Facebook during the year. Hear songs by going to


Ohhhh and because I love them this much.... you MUST click this link to get to their facebook and download their stuff... it's free and then you can listen to John Wayne and judge for yourself.   Just do it you pansy.   It takes two seconds.   Unless your computer sucks- then you really need to upgrade.
These Curious Thoughts - Free Download

Dec 12, 2012

T-Double - Puzzling

One of the cool things about going to random places in Hollywood is the random people you meet when out and about.   Last night I went to see my new favorite musical obsession (Check my next post because I swear to god I will be there every Tuesday night and it's epic - I will link it here when I write it).   Anyway, I'm waiting for my friend to join me and this guy walks up to me and starts talking to me.   I saw a stack of cd's in his hand and asked him if he did music.   I believe his exact response was "Baby I AM music".   Or something similar.   Anyway, after we talked I copped a copy of his stuff and promised I would listen and write about it should I deem it worthy.

I guess since I am writing I am giving it my stamp of approval.

Introducing T-Double.
Yes, the guy on the left.

The first few songs were ok, I listened and tried to take in the vibe of the music, the lyrics and what T-Double was trying to tell me.   I wasn't entirely sure but by Track 4 (Y'all Aint Ready) I figured I'd end up liking it somehow, because it had a good energy.

I started getting sucked in around Track 5 (Real Shit) because suddenly I was listening to this guy spit verses like Busta Rhymes.   That's really all that impressed me in that song, because the female vocalists aggravated the heck out of me, but I was absolutely intrigued by his Busta-ness.  A lot of artists think they can throw down like Busta, but this guy actually really sorta can.... props for that.

Another track I really liked was track 7 (This Is All I Know) however once again- T-Double himself is great, the extras in the song are detracting from his skill...nothing a great producer can't fix.   My apologies to the people who I am certain put in time and effort on the track, this is just my observation.

Credit to the producer on Track 9 (Going Down on You) because the intro is totally epic.   I loved the first 55 seconds of the song a lot... the female vocalist was decent but took away from the song for me.   In Track 11 (Bad Day) the beat is absolutely killer and I love how the whole thing was mixed, plus great lyrics... even the female who drops a verse doesn't completely annoy me in this one.   I am not sure if it is my favorite, but it's a close second if anything.

Track 12 (Let You Go) has a fun rhythm and if you actually pay attention to the words it's kind of funny too. I like the energy of it, it kept me nodding my head.

I promised a fair and accurate review- so here it is.   The guy is super talented.  His stuff is raw (hey, some of the best underground stuff is!) but I think with the right team of producers and talent around him his music would actually become mainstream.  Vocally I like his tone and as I said, lyrically he can keep you on your toes.   If you have a chance to listen and judge for yourself you definitely should.

I could keep talking- or I can direct you to his links and you can judge for yourself...

Nov 28, 2012

The Sayers Club - Charles 11.27.12

Sayers.   I have been MIA the last few months and as a result missed out on the delightfully fantastic vocal acrobatics of the absolutely wondrous Charles.   Out with my partner in crime tonight in Hollywood, we decided to hit up one of my favorite locations and why am I not at all surprised that it was as mind blowing as ever.

There were amazing performances, and I wish I had the ability to both rock out completely and hold the camera to record, but since I cannot and frankly the latter is much less enjoyable for me when I am getting treated to live music, the only performance I can share from tonight is the one you are about to watch... the video in no way does justice to the sweet vocals that this gentle giant belted out at the crowd. The entire room collectively reacted as he sang the first notes and as he continued, we all stared transfixed and swayed along to the soulful sounds tantalizing our ears and stimulating our remaining senses.   As my best friend commented to me after "I feel like I just went to church".   Now, I'm Jewish so I cannot actually relate having never been to church myself- HOWEVER - if I were going to be saved I think this is how I would want it to go down.

Watch and learn kids- real music comes from that place deep down inside your soul and if you are lucky enough to find a way to share it, you will be forever blessed.   Charles.   I look forward to watching many more performances from you.   Thank you again for capping off another super special night.

Nov 12, 2012

Dragonfly 20th Anniversary w The Spazmatics

Last night I had the amazing privilege of being a part of the 20th Anniversary celebration of Dragonfly in Hollywood.   It's not often a venue will last as long as this one has, especially in an ever changing environment like LA where people tend to be constantly on the lookout for the next big thing.   It was actually my first time so really a phenomenal introduction to such a kickass place.   Special thanks to my girl Lindsay and the owner David for including me and allowing me to experience what I am only describe as my perfect 80's nirvana.   Yes, I am an 80's rock junkie- this is a well known fact. Imagine rocking out to every song you have on your daily playlist and dancing in a super energized and extremely fun space with a crowd that is totally into it.  That's basically what the night consisted of for me- oh and I got to see DJ Morty Coyle sing (up to this point he has mostly been an identity I follow on twitter for his hilarious #SMTA tweets and a groovy DJ I was able to catch few sets from at various venues)... but wait, there's more-  I also got to see Moby rock out on the guitar a mere few feet from my face. Yup kinda epic.  There were a lot of other amazing guests but honestly I was so into it I put my phone away after I filmed a few videos and literally danced my ass apologies to anyone I did not include and did not film- you are welcome to add links in the comments and tweet them to me and I will absolutely pass them forward!

Enjoy the three videos I did snap:
Ok... So their opening song is one of my favorite songs from when I was a kid- there was a knockoff version of this song I grew up listening to with the same intro and one day I heard the original and thought they totally ripped off my version!   It rocked me to my core finding out there was an actual original version and I was in fact obsessed with the knockoff....

Second...DJ Morty Coyle (links to all the mentioned people places and things at the end btw) got up and blasted us with a super energized version of the Billy Idol classic 'Rebel Yell' and I loved it.   I may or may not have sung along at the top of my lungs.

Third and finally, although very much at the beginning of the night- another video of Rebel Yell but I focused a bit more of trying to capture guest guitarist Moby in this one.

Oh and final kicker of the night for me: this guy was rocking a super cool tiger shirt that had lit up glasses on it. The entire night I kept saying to my friends that I was going to snap a picture of the shirt but suddenly the night was over and I realized he was leaving- so in true compulsive fashion I booked it outside the club and managed to chase him down and YEAH I got my picture:

So... If anyone knows this guy feel free to forward him this link.   It's hard to tell in the photo but the sunglasses literally light up- SO FUN!  

And last but not least: Links
The Spazmatics
DJ Morty Coyle


Sep 23, 2012

Homemadesoul - The Day I Fell In Love

I've written about Homemadesoul a few times before and every time I get a new track to listen to I love him more and more... check out his song "The Day I Fell in Love" and see what I am talking about for yourself:

He is releasing his latest album too, so get on board now and start getting used to his great vibe and beautiful sound.
On October 23, 2012, independent recording artist, Homemadesoul will release his newest music project, titled, "Inspirations".

This album will be his 3rd official album release under his own imprint, Keepin It Homemade. While his previous projects have been in the genres of Soul and R&B, Homemadesoul relies solely on his gospel roots to inspire his listeners this time around.

The lead single from this project is titled, Perfect Friend. The song was written over 15 years ago by Homemadesoul and his first cousin, Malik Boyd. The album also features Neo-soul gospel recording artist, Sean C. Johnson, who also happens to be Homemadesoul's first cousin. Homemadesoul also includes his son in the final track of the album, an impromptu recorded freestyle, during a recording session for the album.

The album will be distributed through and will be available at all major online retailers. It will also be available for on demand physical copy purchases, on Homemadesoul's official website, Reverbnation, and Bandcamp.

For all press inquiries, you may contact Homemadesoul at
You can find all info about Homemadesoul at

Homemadesoul is an independent recording artist, and singer-songwriter. Over the past 10 years he has performed on stages all around the world, from festivals to NBA games, and backyard bbq's. In late 2011, while based in the Gulf Coast of Florida, Homemadesoul was nominated for 4 Beachcomber Awards, an awards program under the local music publication. In 2012, Homemadesoul has released a slew of singles ranging from covers of Musiq Soulchild, Maroon 5 to originals written, recorded, and produced in one day.

Check out my previous posts about him too!

Thank you for reading and following me, I have a few new projects I am involved with right now and am looking forward to posting as soon as I can!   

Sep 18, 2012

SmithAgentSmith - NOW: That's What I Call Open Format (mix)

Every time I think he's put out a great mix, SmithAgentSmith goes ahead and releases something even more fun and more exciting than the previous one.   I was pretty much obsessed with his No Dudes Allowed mix, playing it all summer in my car.   Then I discovered his Slow Your Roll (Part Dos) mix tape and that took center stage.   So of course, his latest masterpiece NOW: That's What I Call Open Format knocked my socks off. Or my chucks.   Whatever.

This one is kinda cool for a different reason.   His explanation on soundcloud summarizes it very well for me- before you have the chance to wonder if you like it, you're already hearing the next song.
In less time than one month, SmithAgentSmith has released two absolutely massive mixtapes. NOW: Thats What I Call Open Format is the follow up to Slow Your Roll (Part Dos) and it applies the same type of musical influence as its predecessor: a mix of electro, house, dubstep, pop, and hip-hop. But the way it comes together is nothing like Slow Your Roll (SYRPD). Just take one look at the tracklist. In SYRPD, Smith stays between 104-109 beats per minute maintaining a similar speed over the course of the entire mix. But in this 100 song, 84 minute mixtape, the Tempo, Genre, and Energy change completely almost every 5 minutes. This mix is the definition of high energy meets open format.
With so many songs in such a short amount of time, there is no room to disengage from this mix. Before you decide whether or not you like the track playing, it is onto the next one. But what is unique about the number of songs involved is that these are not mashups, or samples a la Girl Talk, Madeon, or even Smith's own style with Slow Your Roll, these are the original tracks (and remixes) from artists as dissimilar as Nicky Romero and Chief Keef; Lauryn Hill and Avicii; or Drake and Alesso. Nearly every track builds from where the track before it left off. Where SYRPD is a melting pot of sounds from different genres, NOW is more like a bento box in which each song gets its own time to shine. It plays out like an 84 minute bootleg. Take a look at the tracklist. If you're not intrigued to hear how Smith smoothly transitions from Tommy Trash to travis Porter, or from Trey Songz to Deniz Koyu, it is probably because you have already played this mix out!
Point is- if you think you have a great assortment of music in your playlist check out the songs he uses on this mix- epic.   And super current.   And danceable.   And fun.  Oh and did I mention you can download it for free????

I was really lucky this summer and got to see almost every single DJ or artist on this list if they did a set or show in LA.   I'm not even kidding- check it out- the one's I saw live over the past few months are highlighted below.  I only highlighted them once even if they appear more than that on the list- it's also possible I saw a few more and just can't remember.  The only one I missed that I really really wanted to go to was Calvin Harris and that was my own fault.   Links to all things SmithAgentSmith at the end...
Ellie Goulding - Lights (Acapella) 
Michael Brun - Rise 
Martin Solveig - The Night Out (A-Trak Remix) 
Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Madeon Remix) 
Lady Danville - Operating (SmithAgentSmith & MADEin82 Remix) 
John Dahlback - Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix) 
Kanye West, 2 Chainz - Mercy 
Kanye West, 2 Chainz - Mercy (Figure Remix) 
Knife Party Vs. Lil Wayne - My Homies Still vs. Centipede (SmithAgentSmith Bootleg) 
Felix Cartal - Tonight (Autoerotique Remix) 
Dyro & Rene Kuppens - Raid 
Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up (Kronic & Jake Carmody Pjanoo Bootleg) 
Eva Simmons - I Don't Like You (Nicky Romero Remix) 
Chief Keef - I Don't Like 
Future - Same Damn time 
Rihanna - We Found Love (Acapella) 
Hard Rock Sofa & Squire - Just Cant Stay Away 
Kaskade - Room For Happiness (Feenixpawl Remix) 
Felix Cartal - Domo 
Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know (KDrew Remix) 
Miike Snow - Devils Work (Dirty South Remix) 
Tommy Trash - Cascade 
SmithAgentSmith - Jay-Z, Mya vs. Tommy Trash (Bootleg from Slow Your Roll Part Dos) 
Travis Porter - Ayy Ladies 
Ludacris - Jingalin' 
Knife Party - Bonfire 
Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Jay-Z - No Church in the Wild (SmithAgentSmith Cutline Bootleg) 
Knife Party - Rage Valley 
Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Eyes Wide Open 
Zedd - Spectrum 
Hardwell & Showtek - How We Do 
2 Chainz, Kanye West - Birthday Song 
Rihanna - Birthday Cake 
Madeon - Finale 
SmithAgentSmith - Lauryn Hill vs. Avicii/David Guetta (Bootleg from Slow Your Roll Part Dos) 
Leventina - Champagne Nights 
M-3ox, Heidrun - Beating of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko Remix) 
Tristan Garner - Punk 
Qulinez - Troll/Stars Align (Kaskade Mashup) 
Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero - Sparks 
Congorock - Agarta 
Congorock - Babylon 
SmithAgentSmith - J. Cole Vs Congorock (Bootleg from Slow Your Roll Part Dos) 
Tyga, Knife Party - Rack City In Maximal Unison (SmithAgentSmith Bootleg from Slow Your Roll Part Dos) 
Wale - Slight Work 
E-40 ft YG, Iamsu & Problem - Function 
Justin Bieber - Boyfriend 
Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (Dada Life Remix) 
Cicada, Third Party - Feel 
WolfGang Gartner - Red Line 
Steve Aoki - Ladi Dadi (Tommy Trash Remix) 
Milo & Otis - Friendly City 
Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, Lil Jon - Turbulence (Oh Snap!! Trap Mix) 
French Montana, Drake - Pop That 
Schoolboy Q - Hands On the Wheel 
Ralvero - Rage 
Avicii - Sihouettes (Disco Fries Remix) 
Starkillers, Dmitry KO - Light it Up 
Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child 
Dubvision - All By Myself 
Alesso, Sebastien Ingrosso - The Calling (Acapella) 
Find Your Love - Drake (Calling - Spectrum SmithAgentSmith Bootleg From Slow Your Roll Part Dos) 
2 Reasons - Trey Songz (Cobra - Feel So Close SmithAgentSmith bootleg from Slow Your Roll Part Dos) 
Deniz Koyu - Bong 
Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner - We Own the Night 
Usher - Scream 
Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound 
Str8jackets & Sam Obernik - Love and Oxygen (Dubvision Remix) 
Calvin Harris - We'll Be Coming Back 
Pnau - Unite Us (Tommy Trash Remix) 
Example - Changed The Way you Kiss Me (Acapella) 
Jerry Rekonius - Paranormal 
Wolfgang Gartner - Flexx 
Roscoe Dash - Good Good Night (Acapella) 
Young Jeezy - I Do 
Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard Play Hard 
Meek Milli - Amen 
Nicky Romero - WTF 
Cedric Gervais - Molly 
Cedric Gervais - Cedanie 
Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You 
Azealia Banks - 212 
Far East Movement Dirty Bass 
Machine Gun Kelly ft. Meek Milli - Wild Boy 
Driicky Graham - Snap Backs & Tattoos 
Otto Knows - Million Voices (SmithAgentSmith Transition) 
Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me 
Afrojack - Pacha On Acid (RL Grime Trap On Acid Remix) 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, A-Trak - Heads Will roll (Kid Kamillion Trap Edit) 
Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Avicii Remix) 
Tiesto & Showtek - Hell Yeah 
Deadmau5 - The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix) 
Sultan & Ned Shepard - Walls 
Porter Robinson - Language 
MADEin82 - Elevate 
Cash Out - Cashin Out 
Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make it Bun Dem 
Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie - Moombah (Munchi Remix) 
Chris Brown & Big Sean - Till I Die 
Alesso - Years

Sep 14, 2012

Davis Fetter - KROQ Interview

It makes me so happy to see Davis Fetter getting recognized for his talent and this article plus video interview  give you an insight into what he is all about... definitely worth a read:
Original link:

Davis Fetter Promo 3
A Locals Only favorite, retro-coiffed Davis Fetter pays homage to his musical heroes as brilliantly as the brilliantine sheen that keeps his hair in place. For one, not many can pull off an aesthetic that would make Morrissey proud and couple that with a personality so alive and luminous that anyone would fall in love with him.
And that’s sort of the point. With each one of his singles dedicated to different stages of the process of love, Fetter is the nice guy that steals the girl-next-door after her bad boy motorcycles away; the reason why he can do this is that under the artistic allure is a whip-smart young man with an edge that peeks through in his love of director Werner Herzog’s dry sense of humor and Queens of the Stone Age’s Song For The Deaf. 
Just like the raw edge of his voice at the end of his lyrical phrasing, Fetter himself has a raw edge despite what seems like an aura of absolute romanticism.  Fetter cites “Go With The Flow” from Queens of the Stones Age’s “bad ass sexy rock ‘n roll record” as his favorite make-out tune because it’s really “driving.”
His dark side was enough to appeal to Bauhaus veteran Peter Murphy who asked Fetter’s old band, Venus Infers, on the road after a chance performance with at the House of Blues on Sunset.  One day, the band was opening for the goth hero and the next day they were on the road to Emo’s in Austin, Texas.
Without jobs, Fetter said they had nothing to lose, plus Murphy, who Fetter says he still e-mails with and has expressed interest in producing one of Fetter’s solo songs, was more than willing to hook the broke band up with rock ‘n roll road perks.
“We were trying to sell enough merch just to make it to the next stop because the gigs weren’t even really paying—even in gas money, you know, to make it. Just kind of barely getting by,” explained Fetter, saying that every night on tour was a crazy story with Murphy. “The coolest thing about Peter Murphy is that he always hooked us up. With his catering, his food. He gave us the keys to his hotel room and said, ‘Go shower. Do whatever you want.’”
The “I See Love” singer credits the extensive vinyl collection of his parents for the knowledge it imparted, influencing him in a variety of music, all whom he gladly refers to on his website unlike many other artists.
Fetter says the some of the best artists he looked up to wore their influences on their sleeves, like Kurt Cobain who obviously loved the Pixies, John Lennon who was a “Buddy Holly freak,” and Roy Orbison, the singer of Fetter’s favorite break-up song “It’s Over,” who was Elvis’ favorite singer. When people tell Fetter that his music sounds like Jesus and Mary Chain he gets “stoked. “

“I really like bands that kind of carry the torch of rock ‘n roll,” said Fetter. “With all the bands that I like there’s definitely like a nod to kind of the classic crooners and some of the Motown pop structure.” Doing this with his own music as a solo artist, Fetter makes music that is easily personal, but also musically polished.
“As a solo artist, I think it’s really important to have a kind of personal relationship with an artist and the guys that I look up to I feel like I know. Even if I’ve never met them. I feel like I know him. Just by listening to his music. There’s a reason for that…Everything is kind of thought out artistically to support that intimacy,” said Fetter, explaining his songwriting process. “It’s definitely something that is on my mind when writing or, at least, when releasing a song to people…It’s definitely conscious.”
So, when Fetter leads us on a journey along the perfectly cobble-stoned pathway of his single releases, he is consciously letting us into his heart, blending together the euphoria of both the negative and positive aspects of love. Fetter said that the first time he ever felt like he was in love was at 18-years-old, but that, much like his individually-released songs, his amorous adventures are unfolding slowly, as little life-changing vignettes.
“I thought that I was in love many times. But when I wrote ‘Euphoria,’ of course it was just after kind of my heart was broken or whatever, but I feel like there’s a love in my mind, there’s an idea I have of love that I haven’t yet experienced, you know? A certain connection that I’ve yet to feel with someone,” Fetter explained.  “There’s this vision. There’s this ideal concept that I believe in. You know, I’m kind of a romantic so I believe in love, but I don’t feel like I’ve found yet, exactly what I’m looking for. That kind of connection.”
–Nadia Noir, KROQ Los Angeles

You can check Davis Fetter out at the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival this weekend. His singles are available on iTunes. For more on Davis Fetter, follow him on Twitter or Facebook.