Nov 18, 2011

Sigma - Dry N Shape

Recently I started getting back into makeup brushes again after mostly just using my fingers (lol, yes the lazy way out).   I have slowly been building up my brush collection for years and now I feel like I have most of the necessary brushes- anything else I would buy would be for looks or just because.   One company I am interested in trying is Sigma- they seem to really care about not only how the brushes look and feel, but also about caring for their products.

For instance- they sell this Dry N Shape brush holder that I am VERY interested in buying.   Basically after you wash your brushes (and yes- you should DEFINITELY wash your makeup brushes after EVERY use) you can store your wet/damp brushes in this case and not only do they claim it dries within 4-6 hours, it also keeps the brush perfectly shaped!   I watched a video about them from one of my favorite youtube makeup gurus - Tiffany D (here is the link to her page) and now I'm more inspired than ever to try this product.

Sigma is definitely paying attention to what makeup junkies like me are looking for!   Check out their site here - and tell me what you think :) Click on the picture below to explore Sigma and get a free gift when you buy from them!

Porcelain Black - This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like (video)

I heard this song in July or August I think, and realized I had it on my playlist from a few months before that and hadn't really paid attention to it (my bad!)... Anyway, I love Porcelain Black.   She represents the awesome rock grunge punk goth vixen side of me that I rarely admit exists.  So it was very exciting to hear an anthem that pretty much embodies everything I think but rarely say.   Her costumes and makeup are super fun and interesting too- in fact if you pause at exactly 2:00 you can see that not only is she awesome- she is also wearing the AMAZING Dsquared Spine Heeled Shoes that I blogged about in 2010.   Did I mention that Lil Wayne appears in the video too? Yup- she is awesome.

Nov 12, 2011

Zombie Boy - Dermablend Commercial

Ok.   This is possibly the awesomest ad for makeup ever.   I have posted about Zombie Boy a.k.a. Rick Genest before (remember the Lady Gaga video and his appearance in the Thierry Mugler fashion show?) and I was pretty interested to see how handsome he is without the tattoos... super great concept for a concealer ad and very cool video...My favorite moment is his smile at 1:47.

Go beyond the cover from Agence Tuxedo on Vimeo.

Go Beyond The Cover: Behind the Scenes from Agence Tuxedo on Vimeo.