Sep 15, 2011

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga 'Lady is a Tramp' Duet

Her voice is awesome.... and he is Tony Bennett
I also love her hair :)

Sep 2, 2011

NEWSIES on Broadway (video)

Ok so not really on Broadway, but eventually, I hope... some extremely insightful soon to be even wealthier geniuses have FINALLY adapted my all time favorite Christian Bale movie 'Newsies' into a play and here is some video of the rehearsals!   They changed the story a bit and the order of the songs, but it's still my Newsies :)   Honestly I would really love to go see this- hopefully it does as well as I think it is going to do and stays on the stage for years and years to come!   And yes, I do know every word to every song and most of the dialogue from the movie!

Britney Spears - And Then We Kissed (unreleased song)

I would have loved this song- I feel like it should have been on an earlier album, it sounds very similar to the stuff she put out on her 'In The Zone' album.   It sounds very similar to her song Breathe on Me (which I still play on repeat in my car sometimes).   Anyway- check it out here: