Oct 30, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger - Poison (Music Video)

Nicole Scherzinger released her video for 'Poison' which is ok, song is ok- ABS ARE INSANE!  

Rocky Horror 35th - Lea Michele & Matthew Morrison

Perez posted a great post about this:

The Sound of Music - Reunion on Oprah

This is a movie that always resonated with me, one of the few we could watch any time (and did, over and over) and often the adults would be walking by and sit for a 'few minutes' and end up staying till the end.   It's great that I saw it so often- I can sing every song from beginning to end- and often do, to the delight of my 19 month old nephew (He likes my 'yodeleigh' version).

Oct 27, 2010

Six Things You Didn't Know About Rock Band 3

Like the title says...

In case you've missed some of Game Hunter's Rock Band 3 coverage, includingthe complete song list revealed here, MTV Games has confirmed an October 26 release for the rhythm game sequel, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. And you're probably aware you can play keyboards this time around, with an optional game/peripheral bundle available at launch.
We caught up with Daniel Sussman, project lead for Rock Band 3 at Harmonix, to give us a half-dozen lesser-known facts about the upcoming music game.
About face. You can put yourself in the game via Rock Band 3's awesome character customizer and face creator. Tailor yourRock Band 3 avatar and band down to the last detail and then watch your doppelganger star in all the game vignettes as you progress through the game from catching the train to play a $5-paying gig to jumping your private jet to Japan to headline a sold-out arena.
Get socialRock Band 3 will feature full Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing you to share playlists and other in-game information. Additionally, Rock Band 3 is nearly sentient as it will magically prompt you to buy a song if you play a friend's playlist featuring songs you don't have.
Challenge me. A new in-game goal system features hundreds of challenges for players that cover a broad spectrum of player skills and instruments and includes goals for players who want their mettle tested, like "Obsessive Compulsive," which is completed by hitting every "note" in Rock Band 3.
Switch it up. You can play traditional Rock Band keyboard parts with your existing Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitar or bass. Similarly, you can use your Rock Band keyboard to play guitar parts, which can be an interesting challenge on Expert!
More is better. Previous Rock Band downloadable content (DLC) and tracks from previous Rock Band games (Rock Band 1 & 2, Lego Rock BandGreen Day: Rock Band, track packs and more) can be exported into and played in Rock Band 3 -- which will result in more than 2,000 songs to choose from by the time the game comes out. Additionally, Harmonix will consider upgrading existing Rock Band DLC to include the newRock Band 3 features based on community feedback onrockband.com.
Training = fun. As players practice pro drums, keyboards, bass or guitar during the pro instrument training modes forRock Band 3, they will be able to play along with original tracks specially written and produced by the musicians/bands at Harmonix. Songs genres include country, blues, rock, metal, and so on.
By Marc Saltzman

Rock Band 3

I am so excited, I don't know where to start!   Rock band 3- OMG - this is the song list:

For the complete Rock Band 3 play list, starting with the songs released in the 2000s, click below.
The 2000s
Amy Winehouse, Rehab
At the Drive-In, One Armed Scissor
Avenged Sevenfold, The Beast & the Harlot
Dover, King George
The Bronx, False Alarm
The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
HIM (His Infernal Majesty), Killing Loneliness
Hypernova, Viva La Resistance
Ida Maria, Oh My God*
Juanes, Me Enamora
Metric, Combat Baby*
Paramore, Misery Business*
Phoenix, Lasso*
Poni Hoax, Antibodies
Pretty Girls Make Graves, Something Bigger, Something Brighter
Queens of the Stone Age, No One Knows
The Raveonettes, Last Dance
Rilo Kiley, Portions for Foxes*
Riverboat Gamblers, Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead
Slipknot, Before I Forget
The Sounds, Living in America
Tegan & Sara, The Con
Them Crooked Vultures, Dead End Friends
Tokio Hotel, Humanoid*
The Vines, Get Free*
The White Stripes, The Hardest Button to Button*
Faith No More, Midlife Crisis*
Filter, Hey Man, Nice Shot
Jane's Addiction, Been Caught Stealing*
ManĂ¡, Oye Mi Amor
Marilyn Manson, The Beautiful People
The Muffs, Outer Space
Phish, Llama
Primus, Jerry Was a Racecar Driver
Rammstein, Du Hast
Smash Mouth, Walkin' On The Sun*
Spacehog, In the Meantime
Stone Temple Pilots, Plush
Swingin' Utters, This Bastard's Life
Anthrax, Caught in a Mosh
Big Country, In a Big Country
The Cure, Just Like Heaven*
Def Leppard, Foolin'
Devo, Whip It
Dio, Rainbow in the Dark
Dire Straits, Walk of Life
Echo & the Bunnymen, The Killing Moon
Huey Lewis and the News, The Power of Love
INXS, Need You Tonight*
J. Geils Band, Centerfold
Joan Jett, I Love Rock N' Roll*
Night Ranger, Sister Christian*
Ozzy Osbourne, Crazy Train*
The Police, Don't Stand So Close to Me
Roxette, The Look*
The Smiths, Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before
Tears for Fears, Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Whitesnake, Here I Go Again*
The B-52's, Rock Lobster*
Blondie, Heart of Glass
Bob Marley, Get Up, Stand Up
Chicago, 25 or 6 to 4
Deep Purple, Smoke on the Water
Doobie Brothers, China Grove*
Elton John, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
Foreigner, Cold As Ice*
Golden Earring, Radar Love
John Lennon, Imagine
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free Bird
Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody
*Ramones, I Wanna Be Sedated
Steve Miller Band, Fly Like an Eagle
T. Rex, 20th Century Boy
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, I Need to Know
War, Low Rider
Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London
Yes, Roundabout*
Beach Boys, Good Vibrations (Live)
David Bowie, Space Oddity
The Doors, Break on Through (To the Other Side)*
James Brown, I Got You" (I Feel Good) – Alternate Studio Version
The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Crosstown Traffic*
The Who, I Can See for Miles

Oct 25, 2010

I Whip My Hair Parody (7 Year Old Rapper - MattyBRaps)

Haha and it starts....start watching the parody videos-

Can I just point out that at 1:23 the kid feels his head to whip his hair and makes the funniest face (he's shaved bald).   FUNNY

Oct 22, 2010

When did the Lakers become their own reality show?


Lakers’ Sasha Vujacic engaged to Maria Sharapova

Oct 21, 2010, 9:32 PM EDT
And we have another soon-to-be member of our new reality series Lakers Wives…
Sasha Vujacic is engaged to tennis star Maria Sharapova, something confirmed by Lakers.com’s Mike Trudell. Apparently she has been given a massive ring… insert your own joke here about Lakers knowing how to buy rings. The couple has not set a date, Vujacic said.
Just to save the tabloids time — Sashapova. There’s your nickname.
Vujacic had sat out the last few days after suffering a concussion at the elbow of Lamar Odom (that’s Mr. Kardashian to you), but he returned to the floor Thursday night. Vujacic is battling for playing time behind Kobe Bryant with Shannon Brown, who just got engaged to R&B singer Monica. Only on the Lakers.
Vujacic and Sharapova have been dating for about a year and he was seen working out this summer at the IMG Academy in Florida, where a couple hundred yards away Sharapova was training for the U.S. Open.
Sharapova has fallen to 18th in the world after a series of injuries have both sidelined her and hampered her when she has been on the court. Still, she is one of the most marketable names in tennis, a former world No. 1 who has won Wimbledon, the US Open and two Australian Opens (damn red clay or she’d have the career grand slam).
So let’s run down the cast for our soon-to-be-pitched reality series “Lakers Wives”: Khloe Kardashian (Lamar Odom), Monica (Shannon Brown), Vanessa Bryant (Kobe), Jeanie Buss (Phil Jackson) and now Sharapova.Pau Gasol‘s girlfriend Silvia Lopez Castro is already a reality television star in Spain, we can throw her in the mix.
We can sell that to E!, no problem. And it will be more entertaining than the George Lopez show. Easily.

Oct 19, 2010

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair MUSIC VIDEO

I really do love this song- and now that I watched the video I can honestly say that this kid is definitely going to make an impact.   I cannot wait to see what else she comes up with.   A lot of people are saying it's all because of who her family is (Will and Jada Smith) but while I agree that endless budget and fabulous editing can make flaws disappear, there is absolutely some talent necessary, and Willow has a lot more than just 'some talent'.   If you ever see pictures of her on the red carpet, she is always dressed in amazing outfits and even if a stylist helps or does the whole thing- she still carries it off in public.   Keep it up Willow- you have one fan already!

Regarding the video- I don't think I could actually physically whip my hair nearly as well as she does...the white world splashed with paint is cool to watch and some of the 'whipping' dance moves are sick.   She already has the whole facial expression close up music video thing down perfectly.   Nice!

p.s. How funny is the tiny asian dancing baby?

Oct 16, 2010

Sam Tsui - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

Pretty cool when you can outsing Usher with either very little or absolutely no autotune...way to go Sam Tsui!

Oct 15, 2010

That's right Chargers...you lost to OAKLAND!

This might be my favorite youtube video of all time simply because I, a long time Oakland Raiders fan, have NEVER seen anyone cry this hard when their team lost...and my team has been on a losing streak for YEARS now!   So it gives me immense satisfaction (sorry kid) to watch this and know that somewhere out there on the planet, for a change, someone else is crying cuz their team lost...to Oakland.

Oct 13, 2010

Dirt Nasty + LMFAO - I Can't Dance

At least Simon Rex has a sense of humor about himself right?   This is the brand spanking new video for the collaborative effort between Dirt Nasty and LMFAO aptly titled 'I Can't Dance'.   And yes, they sampled Hava Nagila.   I think it was filmed in Wonderland in LA judging by the dance cages on the ceiling at the club, or if it was in a studio they were trying to mimic that look possibly.   It's pretty funny, even if you're not a fan- although since I am it's absolutely hysterical!

Marty McFly ... 2010 Scream Awards

How cute is Michael J. Fox?   I know I watched Back to the Future and it's sequels many many times as a kid, although not recently- but I don't think there was a tween alive when these movies were new who did not want to marry Marty McFly and ride shotgun in that DeLorean :)   Nice to see him 'reprising' the role.   Actually, since I am obsessed with mirrored aviators, does anyone know what brand his sunglasses are, I definitely want to try to score a pair like those!   Seriously- let me know.

Oct 12, 2010

Rock Band Shuts Down 101 Freeway, Promptly Arrested

Haha, they obviously love the game Rock band as much as I do!
Turns out you can't make an "Everybody Hurts"-style video on the 101. A local band named Imperial Stars stopped traffic on the 101 near Sunset Boulevard this morning, and was arrested after climbing atop their van. Judging from their MySpace page, the band likes to pose on their big rig. Via the Times: "On its website, the band pledges that all the money earned from the song will be going to Homeless Children America. The website features the same truck used during the impromptu concert Tuesday morning." And more via the AP: "The driver took the keys and fled in another car, then three musicians climbed on top of the van and began to perform."

You can watch the live footage here:

Jai Ho Wedding Dance

So fun!   A friend of mine from ages ago got married and family and friends performed a great dance at the wedding- looks like everyone had a blast :)  I especially like the four armed move and when the groom joined in at the end!

Winner of China's Got Talent 2010 - Liu Wei

Some things in life are just completely mind blowing.   For instance:

Lost his arms from an accident at age 10, Liu Wei from Beijing never gives up living strong. He managed to do everything with his feet and started to learn to play piano at age 19. His dream is to become a musician. He is now 22 and just won the China’s Got Talent Show on Oct. 10, 2010. In the final, he played piano and sang the song “You Are Beautiful”, perhaps his vocal is not the best render of this song, but the power and inspiration of his zest for life won him the final. Bravo! Liu Wei’s motto is,”I have two options – I can die as fast as possible, or I can live a brilliant life. And I chose the latter.” Congrats to Liu Wei!
Liu Wei’s quotes:
“To me, there are 3 things can not be missed in life – air, water and music.”
“There are only 2 paths in my life for me – either to die as fast as possible, or to live as brilliant a life as I could.”
“I don’t feel that I am that different from other people. Normally everyone is used to do everything with one’s hands so your hands are more flexible. There is no rule saying that you can’t do things with your feet.”
“A man should be responsible to his dreams. My dream is to become a great musician.”
“I know if I want to do it better than other people, I have to put in more efforts”
On the note he wrote on the paper in this clip, it says’”
Walk on, at least I have a pair of perfect legs.”
His mother said in the clip,”Sometimes his legs would cramp, he couldn’t put any strength on them. He has worked harder than normal people.”

Oct 11, 2010

Dropkick Murphy - Shipping Up to Boston

You know when you love a song but have no idea who sings it or what it's about or anything- just whenever it comes on during a TV show or on the radio or some other random time you start getting adrenaline pumped and super into it...that's this song for me.   I was trying to describe it to someone and was failing miserably and typed 'Irish rock song' into google hoping it would work- and it did!
Presenting Dropkick Murph- Shipping Up to Boston

And yes, it is also on The Departed soundtrack- excellent movie :)

Oct 9, 2010

Samantha Geimer on Larry King - RE: Roman Polanski

Samantha Geimer was 13 years old when Roman Polanski raped her, but in her interview on Larry King she says very clearly that she has forgiven him- he has served his time and it's easy to forgive him.   She goes on to say she has been damaged more by the media and legal system.   It is fascinating to hear her take on it, and she is right- if the legal system and the medi would allow it to just be dropped then she could have her life back.   She has legally requested they drop it, but they haven't.

Hollywood Babble On (H.B.O.) w/ Kevin Smith & Ralph Garman and Smodcast w/ Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier

I have mentioned my new found Kevin Smith podcast addiction a few times now and I have been promising a real post so here you go.   Basically, Kevin Smith (just google him if you have no idea, seriously-if you are under 40 how can you not know who he is?) has this website- www.smodcast.com and he hosts a different type of podcast for each day of the week.   For those of us bad at math, that is seven.

I started by listening to Hollywood Babble On, a show he does live in the SmodCastle in LA (which I absolutely want to attend and plan on doing so shortly).   I found it on iTunes when I was looking for a new podcast to listen to in the car.   I saw there were five episodes, I grabbed all of them- and have basically not stopped talking about them since.   Ralph does the most amazing Sean Connery impressions.   He does other ones too, and very well, but the Connery one is the winner.   Kevin is one of the funniest people I have ever heard speak- sometimes without trying to be.   I love how he really has no filter- he literally says whatever words come to his mouth.   I didn't realize it until today when they mentioned they received their 'first fan email' that the show was only seven episodes old.   By the way, Neal's drinking game is great- and I would totally play- but then I'd fail the sobriety test :)   I don't want to try to narrate what it is they discuss because you really have to listen to the entire thing (or at least, then entire portion of the conversation that applies) but I promise you will laugh at some point at least once.

I thought I was not that familiar with Ralph Garman (although I do know of the radio show he is on KROQ's Kevin & Bean) but then when I looked him up I realized he has been a presence in my life before- he does voices on Family Guy and American Dad - which is even funnier when you know about the 'feud' Kevin has with Seth McFarland.   If I have to explain anything in that last sentence you really do need to spend a few hours on wikipedia and Hulu.

I found a great summary online that really outlines the point of the show and what to expect-

Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman Team-Up On New ‘Hollywood Babble-On’ Podcast

So H.B.O. is awesomely entertaining, refreshing and daring- they definitely take pot shots at some of the biggest names in the industry.   For some reason they do not fear repercussions but it is thrilling to know someone enormously successful could potentially get extremely upset and make this whole thing even more popular!   In case Ralph is thinking to himself 'Epic Failure' right now as a result of the possible backlash against the show I say 'C'mon Ralph, give it a chance!'   I definitely want to keep hearing these shows every week.

This brings me to the next K.S. show I am obsessed with - Smodcast.   Kevin and his friend Scott Mosier (Sm+mo+dcast) basically talk as if they are alone hanging out and chilling.   Only, this is not a G or PG rated conversation.   Very rarely does it maintain less than a solid R rating and typically it spikes up to NC+17 at least once.   And it is fantastic.

I have learned that Kim Campbell was the P.M. of Canada at one point (when I lived there it was Jean Cretien and I have no idea how Canadian politics has evolved since we moved).   They have discussed Helen Keller and how the heck you would explain what an 'elephant' is to a blind/mute/deaf individual.   They also theorized  so many what if situations- some slightly based in reality, others very much not.   I also now know many of Kevin's personal likes and dislikes and that he absolutely adores his wife.   I relate very strongly to that last part (about the wife) because he refers to his intense attraction to her often and it reminds me of my hubby, which is nice.   There is one slight drawback- the show has episodes available from 2007, so I started from there, and we are currently still in the Bush era, the 'new' Indiana Jones flick is coming out soon and Kevin is going to make Red State next.   (In reality, Obama has been president for 2 years and a bit, the Indiana Jones   crystal skull thing has come and gone and they are supposedly working on another Indy film and Kevin Smith is currently filming Red State.   I have a lot of catching up to do--- but I am chugging my way through each episode, laughing hysterically.   You should definitely check them out.

Oct 8, 2010

Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (NEW VIDEO)

Oct 7, 2010

Camp Simcha - Waving Flags

I can't watch this without tearing up.   From what I have been told, this camp makes dreams come true for these kids during the summer.   Every person who takes their life, family, freedom, health for granted (or just forgets to be thankful every once in a while) should watch this as a reminder of how lucky we are- and how wonderful these amazing people are to make this small difference in the kids lives.   Please share it with everyone you love and appreciate.

http://www.chailifeline.org | http://www.campsimcha.org

This music video was created by the campers and volunteer staff of Camp Simcha, an overnight camp for children battling cancer, as our summer music project to generate pediatric cancer awareness. Everyone had a blast making this video and we hope you enjoy it as well.

Camp Simcha is a program of Chai Lifeline.

This video was made possible by the Ariella Horenstein Music in Our Lives program.

Video Credits: Akiva Bomzer, Amitay Stern, Yehuda Klein, Moshe Wasserman, Ephraim Shapiro & Mordy Tiefenbrunn.
Lyrics: K'naan
Audio Credits: The Amazing Campers of Camp Simcha & Shmuli Glick.
Music: Sruli Portnoy, Mendy Portnoy & Mikey Holder
Choreography: Scott Moerdler, Moshe Reiss, RN, Moshe Buchen & Moshe Deutsch.
Photo Credit: Benji Weintraub
Thank you to Ari Dembitzer & Shaindy Lowenthal.

Oct 6, 2010

Sam Tsui - King of Anything

Sam Tsui, I have missed your covers, I feel like you (or is Kurt responsible?) don't post them as often as you used to- but this one cheered me right up and I actually like this version better than the original (by Sarah Bareilles).

Glee - Grilled Cheesus

Wow Ryan Murphy, this episode was one of the weird ones- where you walk away a little unsettled (remember the paralyzed football player singing with Rachel) but there are also some interesting things so you can't quite hate it... sigh.
So, I am not a huge fan of preaching any sort of religiousity of any sort to anyone.   My perspective has always been to each his own as long as you are a good person who does not set out to hurt others you can believe, love and live as you choose.   I knew this episode was about religion but I was hoping it would be a fairy tale glee-ed out version with anthem songs and quirky one liners.   Nope.

So in the recap we find out (because I was actually curious about this) that Sam (new kid, big lips) is still the quarterback...they tend to slip facts and details into these recaps so I always have to pay attention.
Finn is making himself a grilled cheese sandwich on the george foreman because his mom is away (remember that for later please) and when he opens it- there is a Jesus on his sandwich.   Cue the harps.
'And when I pulled it out I saw the face of God.   Literally.   I had made a grilled cheesus."
Finn looks at this miracle in wonder and murmurs "I'm so hungry" and cuts it in half (so he can eat the non religious figure half) and narrates 'I'm not the most religious guy, I sort of worship ERIC CLAPTON and Ocho Cinco...' Um- really?   Clapton?   Because I have been WAITING for a Clapton song sir.   Put your money where your mouth is and deliver on that one please.   After eating the half, Finn wraps the Cheesus in saran wrap on the plate with a 'do not eat' note and stores it in the fridge- but not before he prays.   "Dear Grilled Cheesus, first of all you are super delicious.   Please let us win our first football game, it would mean so much to Artie, and I think you kind of owe it to him I mean you did sort of screw him in the leg department.   And in return, oh Cheesy Lord, I'll make sure we honor you this week in glee club."
Lo and behold the next day, they win the game- and Finn sinks to his knees on the field and raises his hands up to the heaven 'Thank you grilled Cheesus!"

Kurt stops by his dad's shop to drop off a healthy breakfast and his dad reminds him about Friday night dinner with Finn and his mom- and Kurt gets sort of huffy and annoyed because as a teenager Friday nights are important and he has 'Sing Along Sound of Music' tickets- an annual show.   His dad wants him to come anyway because it was a family tradition Kurt's mom started and now that he is dating Finn's mom he wants them all to be a family too- but Kurt resists and his dad says he is disappointed in him.   Why are all the scenes in his dad's shop sad or hard?

Cut to Glee Club- Finn raises his hand and zealously asks Mr. Schu if he can speak "Something has happened to me and it's shaken me to my core" and Puck says "Oh my god he's coming out!" and Finn continues "Yes, there is man who sort of recently come into my life and that man is Jesus Christ" to which Puck responds "That's way worse" and Mr Schu looks frustrated- Quinn however looks pleased.   And Finn explains he was hoping they could pay tribute to Jesus this week in music and Kurt sort of cuts him off "Sorry, but if I wanted to sing about Jesus I'd go to church, and the reason I don't go to church is because most churches don't think very much of gay people..."long pause..."or women"...pause..."or science.".

Puck gets up and in the religion theme and 'Keeping with my record of only singing songs by Jewish artists" sings Billy Joel's 'Only the Good Die Young".   I love him but I am so AWARE of the autotunedness of the songs this season- what is up with that?   Did they hire a new sound editor?   Also, what does this song have to do with religion besides the idea that holy people die young because they are virtuous?

I have to be honest- i was totally bored with this episode.   I don't even want to rewatch 90% of it so I am going to shorten it- Kurt's dad has a heart attack and is in the hospital unconscious, Arie is playing for the football team, wheelchair and all.   They are huddled and Sam calls the play, but Finn convinces him to change it and they break- and then the guy Sam said would hit him did and he hurt his shoulder so Finn became quarterback again- but they won too!   Yay?

There is one amazing song- Kurt sings "I Wanna Hold your Hand" by the Beatles- but he does the slow (lesbian) version that T.V. Carpio sings from Across the Universe (BEST MOVIE!).   Kurt is mad his dad is sick and doesn't believe in god and is angry that the others are trying to pray for his dad...

Rachel sings the song "Papa Can You Hear Me" from Yentl (originally sung by Miss Barbara Streisand) and it's lovely but again, kinda boring.   Also, it goes from her and Finn sitting outside and her singing, to them standing around Kurt's dad in the hospital- and Rachel is still belting it out- if I was in that room I would have cracked her across the mouth and told her to shut it- hello, dude in coma, SHHHHH. Anyway here, listen:

Ok- and then FINN- YES!   He FINALLY sings something I am impressed with (from him)- He sings R.E.M.'s 'Losing my Religion' and he does it well- he is angry (Emma kinda made him realize grilled Cheesus is just not going to make things happen for him, even if he did get to touch Rachel's boobs).

So to wrap it up, Kurt's dad is going to be ok, Sue fought Mr. Schu on allowing church into public school (state) and also played checkers with her handicapped sister, Finn ate his cheesus sandwhich - SERIOUSLY- isn't it like a week old and you have been dragging it around into the locker room and everywhere with you?   Ewwwww.   Oh, and Kurt went to church with Mercedes and she sang a church choir version of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'.

And then, finally a GREAT finale song for an otherwise drowning episode- Joan Osborne "One of Us" which I have always loved and is also a karaoke favorite (no seriously, I have it recorded from over ten years ago).   It's like Ryan Murphy went into my tape deck and stole my mix tapes for this episode!

I don't watch the promos or read much of the gossip while the season is airing because I like to watch each episode with unbiased eyes and give MY opinion, so hopefully next week is amazing to make up for the religious mediocrity of this weeks episode.

You Oughta Know - Remixed Meth Addict Version

Goodness, I am open to music, love most of it and adore repurposed hits in current songs...but this one has me feeling like I am hopped up on something and moving in slow motion fast forward....although, I do thing they are talented, I'd like to hear what else they can do.   Does Billy Joel know someone tried to chipmunk his song?
-CAUTION- NSFW (lower the volume before you hit play too).

Hand Dancing Video = AWESOME

I saw this on fb but the person who posted it blocked people from reposting or sharing- and then I randomly stumbled onto it on a blog...yay!   Watch it- perfect to make a hard day a little better.

We No Speak Americano
Performed and choreographed by Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding
Film by Jonny Reed
Music: Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup ft. Cleary & Harding

Firefighters watch house burn & Glenn Beck is a Moron

Wow.   Either people are getting stupider these days or I am just losing touch with right and wrong because after I read the original story yesterday the answer was clear to me, and now rereading it and seeing this follow up story I am just bewildered by it.

A man had to watch as his home and possesions burned to the ground because he either forgot or chose not to pay a $75 fee for the firefighters in his rural area to include his home in their 'We Will Save You' list.   The man begged to pay it there on the spot, even offered to pay the cost of the services, but they refused.  Glenn Beck said it was totally reasonable because if one person sponges of another neighbor it's not fair, and that as soon as one person gets service for free, no one will pay the $75.   Seriously?

Here is a novel idea Mr. Beck.   Charge 10 times the fee- $750 for on the spot service- or be outrageous and charge $7500 or whatever it actually costs to provide the services...believe me, people will gladly pay the annual fee of $75 if they think that they are facing a crazy expensive on the spot fee.   Another commentator, Daniel Foster verbalized it in an ethically correct way- saying that since the firefighters had already arrived, they had the tools and equipment and could expect payment (BILL FOR THEIR SERVICES) they should have saved his home out of moral responsibility.   I agree.

Read it here

Homeowner in 'no pay, no spray' fire dispute: 'I'm not a freeloader'

Town's decision to not fight the fire due to unpaid fee sparks debate

A man whose home burned down because he hadn't paid a $75 municipal fee said he had made a simple mistake and wasn't trying to take advantage of the system.
"I'm no freeloader, I've worked all my life for everything I've got," Gene Cranick of Obion County, Tennessee, told Keith Olbermann on MSNBC on Tuesday evening. "It happens to anybody, I don't care, you forget things and I did. I suffered the consequences for it."
The fire started when the Cranicks' grandson was burning trash near the family home. As it grew out of control, the Cranicks called 911, but the fire department from the nearby city of South Fulton would not respond, because Cranick had not paid the annual fee.
Cranick's story sparked a wide-ranging debate across cable news and the Internet.
Radio and TV talk show host Glenn Beck defended the fire department letting Cranick's home burn down.
"If you don't pay your $75 then that hurts the fire department," Beck said in response to the blaze. "They can't use those resources and you would be sponging off of your neighbor's $75 if they put out your neighbor's house and you didn't pay for it."
"As soon as they put out the fire of somebody who didn't pay the $75, no one will pay the $75," he said.
Fellow conservative commentator Daniel Foster, meanwhile, said that he had no problem in principle with the "opt-in government" philosophy behind the decision to withhold fire services to those who hadn't paid the required fee.
Morally, however, the issue was quite different, he wrote in National Review Online:
"But forget the politics: what moral theory allows these firefighters (admittedly acting under orders) to watch this house burn to the ground when 1) they have already responded to the scene; 2) they have the means to stop it ready at hand; 3) they have a reasonable expectation to be compensated for their trouble?"
Cranick and his family lost all of their possessions in the Sept. 29 fire, along with three dogs and a cat. The fire fee policy dates back 20 or so years and is common in rural areas.
Story: No pay, no spray: Firefighters let home burn
'Hurt the fire department' South Fulton's mayor said that the fire department can't let homeowners pay the fee on the spot, which Cranick offered to do, because the only people who would pay would be those whose homes are on fire.
Firefighters did eventually show up on the scene, but only to fight the fire on the neighboring property, whose owner had paid the fee.
"Without a doubt, the best is a fire tax," Olbermann quoted Edmison as saying. "The last thing a firefighter wants to do is not be able to help when they'd like to."Kelly Edmison, fire chief of nearby Union City, said a fire tax would be better than the current fee system.
Other locals have been sympathetic during this trying period, Cranick told Olbermann.
"Most everybody has been compassionate and neighborly," he told MSNBC. "I understood some of the firefighters went home and were sick. Some of them even cried over it."
"I appreciate it," he said.
Cranick, who is living in a trailer on his property, says his insurance policy will help cover some of his lost home.

Lamebook - possibly the most entertaining website ever

Someone on fb posted a link to this website and I have been stuck browsing it for a long long time now...

But here is a post that caused me to laugh out loud, then look around guiltily in case anyone noticed- until I remembered I was alone :) You can view the original HERE

Pink is Awesome - Raise Your Glass

I bought P!nk's first album back when she spelled it that way :)

Here is her latest anthem song- and I can absolutely envision myself yelling along to this as I am driving and feeling the wind rushing through the open windows- it's invigorating and adrenaline pumping and I love it!

Oct 5, 2010

Jimmy Fallon - A History of Rap


I feel like this is the start of a good joke- what do you get when you mix Justin Timberlake with the Roots, Jimmy Fallon and the Sugar Hill Gang?

"I said a hip hop ....."
So this was super cute walk down memory lane (even though a lot of this came out and was popular before I was aware it even existed).   I wish someone would post a version with the artists and song title so we could appreciate it a bit more, I was a little lost at who they were repping at certain points but I can try to type up the ones I knew both the artist and the song...I did like JT's Snoop Dogg impression- and that is a song I totally recall loving even when I had no idea who D-O-double G was :) And then they went into Biggie (It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up Magazine!).   I have vivid memories of the 'Hi my name is (what) my name is (who) my name is chka-chka- Slim Shady' and then Missy Elliot 'is it worth it let me work it I put my thing down flip it and reverse it' into Soulja Boys 'Superman' complete with the dance move which I can do thanks to the numerous youtube instructional videos...Kanye West and Jaime Foxx 'Goldigger'...and then the loudest applause Jay-Z in 'New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of....'

Ok- so much cooler if some of the artists had surprised them to sing their parts :)   but very cute.

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair feat. Nicki Minaj

I am stuck on the original of this song for some reason, but now that there is a Nicki Minaj remix I like it even more.   It is super fun to drive to- and for a young girl Willow Smith sure is starting out strong, I would suggest anyone who doubts should place their bets now, so I can laugh all the way to the bank cuz this kid is gonna bring it HUGE one day :)

Also, I have gotten super obsessed with Kevin Smith and his myriad podcasts- he is super funny and recently he brought up this song on his show, Hollywood Babble-on a.k.a. H.B.O. (he talks about whats up with Ralph Garman who does the coolest celebrity impressions- Sean Connery has 'guest starred' so often he should get a guest credit).   They were kind of not impressed with the song, but they did play two seconds of the chorus without much else so I don't think it was given a fair shot.   But they are pretty funny and press is press, so rock on.   I will do an extended Kevin Smith post at some point later, but you can check out his NSFW show: