Aug 31, 2010

Little Piggy Geico Commercial

Maybe because I do this nursery rhyme with my nephews all the time or maybe just because it's funny- I don't know but for some reason this commercial absolutely cracks me up. I have tried to describe it to a bunch of people without doing it much justice- so here it is in all it's youtube glory :)

Aug 29, 2010

Katy Perry - California Gurls LIVE in NYC

I posted just about every other video of this song- how could I not post one of her singing live in NYC? Mama is brave to sport a leotard in a gay club- you know every eye was grading her backside! Great job Katy!!!

Aug 25, 2010

Lexus LFA ...Jay Leno tests it out

I have lusted after this car since I saw a sketch in a magazine and everyone laughed saying Lexus would never make a super car that could compete with...well, any super car. Watch it and weep folks- this is definitely a super car and since I love Lexus because they just tend to do it right (minus the old lady body styling on the SC430 which has been discontinued and replaced with the IS C). The interiors always make sense, they use great materials and in my opinion are great overall quality. Plus, if you ever go on a 5+ hour road trip (which I do frequently) you will DEFINITELY notice how comfortable they are!

p.s. I know Lexus is owned by Toyota and therefore this is actually a Toyota super car- however, they built it under the Lexus badge, so there. (I know the other car junkies will be all over this if I don't make it clear I already know this).

Anyway, Jay Leno 'tested' one- or rather, talked for a minute and let someone else test one. Here's the video.

One thing I noticed in the video is that there are actual KEYS...why? Lexus has fobs- who uses keys any more? (look at the 1:53 minute mark) I am really over the matte finishes too- a speck of dirt shows up horribly on the cars- I want shiny, glossy titanium paint with carbon fiber and metallic interiors please. I LOVE the dash display. It's annoying that Jay just records the intro and then we have to watch these two shout over the roar of the engine to discuss the drive...but I still like the car.

The cars aren't sold out, they haven't been built yet- you have to put down a pretty steep deposit and meet with a 'specialist' (regular salesman won't do) before they will even talk to you about placing your order. You buy it sight unseen, unless you are lucky enough to get to an event like this. I would buy it without testing it though- even resale it would be in high demand, for the time being. However, I want a few changes- put in E-gears so I can drive it and come out with the HARD TOP convertible version please.

You can view photos and other stuff on HERE

Love the Way You Lie Eminem/Rihanna Parody

I haven't decided yet which version I like better :)

J Brazil on Bad Girls Club 'Girl I'm Tryin'

Awesome- watching the latest episode from the Bad Girls Club and what song do they start playing at 5:05 seconds....J BRAZIL - GIRL I'M TRYIN'!!!!! Sweet- way to go J- these shows get replayed a million times- your agent better have worked out a royalties deal for you :)

Hulu seems to want to block the video (some people are having trouble seeing it) so HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK

And, because I love this song and was at the first live performance of it- here, again, is the video from that show:

Aug 23, 2010

Hallelujah - Christina Grimmie

It happens every time- I find a great cover on Youtube and end up browsing for hours- behold, a great cover of Hallelujah by Christina Grimmie

New YouTube Fav - Mike Tomkins 'Fireflies'

Yay, another great version of this awesome song- and a new youtube obsession for me. Mike Yomkins makes great videos and does all the music himself...

Aug 13, 2010

AMAZING Rockin' Robin Smell Like Teen Spirit Mash Up

Wow. First of all, somehow I had no idea the Jackson 5 even sang Rockin' Robin! Second, how could anything making a Nirvana song sound poppy with a pan flute (or whatever the instrument is) not be somehow hilarious and offensive at the same time?
Pretty funny.

Aug 12, 2010


Pink brought a fan up on stage- Tasha Moore- and she does a great job!

Aug 11, 2010

Boyfriend Let's Baseball Hit Girlfriend!

Wow.   If I was her I would have cried.   And then smacked him upside the head and stormed off.   The guy was waiting to catch the ball...standing, arms ready...and then he jumps back and let's it clock his girl!   And he doubles over LAUGHING.   Why is she with him?   Thanks for the laugh though- it was funny.   Especially when the reporter called him a chicken, to his face, and he agreed.

Aug 8, 2010

Nick Pitera covers Dynamite (by Taio Cruz)

Nick Pitera is FINALLY selling stuff on's a wonder he hasn't been picked up by a Broadway play or something already.   Anyway, he does a cover of the new song 'Dynmaite' by Taio Cruz...and cuts off a few seconds in to hawk his iTunes stuff :)   It's ok though, I like the way he sings this song- it really matches his voice *(although he does that funny Idinia Menzel growl...listen you'll hear it).

Aug 7, 2010

J Brazil - BOB, Perez Hilton, One Night in Chicago

Way to go J Brazil!!!! J performed with BOB among others for Perez Hilton's first ever 'One Night in Chicago' and the Hard Rock Hotel.   Best part of the video btw- 'That's not your real name is it?!?' To which he responds...'Um, actually it is'.   Super proud of J for coming so far- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   If you don't know who he is, check him out on iTunes or read my previous posts where I have his video and live performance of his hit song 'Girl I'm Tryin'.

'Light My Candle' Vanessa Hudgens and Aaron Tveit in Rent

Oh- I wrote that previous post too soon- here it is- Vanessa Hudgens performing as Mimi in Rent 'Light My Candle' with Aaron Tveit.   Well, not as amazing as Rosario Dawson in the movie, so that was disappointing.   Aaron is super cute and I like his voice- but WHAT IS WITH THAT AWFUL KEYBOARD????   It's like someone put on a keyboard on autoplay and forgot!  I know the video is fuzzy but I like the closer up that the other ones I saw which were from further away.   Vanessa kind of sucks, sorry.   Her voice is bothering me- it is so crystal and pretty and somehow she is doing something to sound

'Take Me or Leave Me' Nicole Scherzinger as Maureen in Rent - AMAZING

Neil Patrick Harris a great cast in a performance of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl- playing till the 8th of August...wish I could go!   Idina Menzel originally played this part of Maureen in the version I saw (and in the movie) so I wasn't sure if anyone could possibly top her but I love Nicole's performance!   Vanessa Hudgens plays Mimi and I would love it if I could find a video of her performing as well....stay tuned!  Job well done cast :)

Aug 6, 2010

Eminem and Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie music video

There is a lot I was thinking about when I watched the video.   First of all, aside from reading a comment somewhere that this song was about domestic violence, I actually figured it was more about overcoming addiction.   Oops, my bad.

Dominic Monaghan is an odd choice, I wouldn't have thought of him in this role, but he fits it really well.   Of course, to me he will always be Merry the Hobbit first (I think he played Merry), the rocker dude on Lost second, and then the double sided good/bad scientist missing a finger on Flashforward :)

Megan Fox.   Sigh, where do I start.   STOP GETTING FILLERS- ESPECIALLY IN YOUR LIPS!   About three quarters of the way through the video there is a great closeup of her doctor's handiwork.   Girl, you are gorgeous, stop messing with it.   It is painful to watch her change her natural beauty into the standard Hollywood plasticity.   I can name two girls that look just like her, both just as stunning- but also just as doctored.   Sigh.   And I want her boots from this video too.

Rihanna- can't you just tell this is her telling Chris Brown that even though it was messed up what he did, a part of it was wildly exciting and her 'bad girl' side loved it?   The look in her eyes as she sings makes me sad for her, I remember when she sang that song I never learned the words too- pond de' rippa....back when she wore cargo pants and tank tops and had long hair.   I do like her makeup as usual though.

WELCOME BACK EMINEM!   As a longtime fan I am glad you did not OD and are finding a way to be relevent again, I have missed you!   Not certain you need to be solely serious though, definitely hoping for another 'Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up' type video!   The shots of you in the wheat field are great- the whole video has a great crisp quality that I like.   Well done.

Aug 4, 2010

THIS is what a full closet looks like!

I get teased a lot for having a lot of clothing, shoes and products...I tend to buy shoes in bulk- if i find a pair I like I'll buy it in a few colors.   Don't get me started on products- I think I would live happily ever after in a drugstore with free use of the makeup aisles.   Anyway, I watch Imogen ( and all of her youtube video tutorials and today I went onto her website to look at the new hair extension colors she has in stock (it was a momentary idea that has now passed since I have never worn extensions before and certainly am not going to start by ordering my first pair from England!).   She had a video up on her site from this girl DulceCandy   and suddenly it was hours later and I had watched most of her videos--- the girl does really detailed makeup application explanations, which I like, but which also makes me feel like I need to have a more complicated makeup routine, so not sure if she is good for me yet or not...

This video gave me pause.   I recently lost my mind and sold basically everything in my closet on Ebay.   I also listed and sold most of the products that I saved and never used- I tend to stockpile, as I mentioned.   Suddenly I am watching her do a tour of her 'closet' (she turned her spare bedroom into a walk-in) and I am getting anxiety- I never had as much stuff as she currently has- I am literally itching ot go over there and clean out her room and sell it all for her!   Seriously- if you put a $10 sticker on every item (assuming most are worth more but depreciated value due to use or age) she is sitting on a chunk of change!   I admire her makeup skills and like some of the outfits she puts together but I think I have to stop watching her stuff because it makes me want to buy things too...I am wondering if she suffers from some sort of shopping addiction.   I definitely have my moments where I spend without realizing but I have a built in $10 limit on impulse purchases so I am usually ok.  

I just want to show specific people that while I may have a lot of dresses, shoes or eye shadows, I also have self control and that the amount of stuff I have really isn't as crazy as it sometimes is made to seem :)

9 Year Old Dominates Dragon Force....

Just to prove my point from the previous post- RIDICULOUS!

Dragon Force - Through the Fire and Flames

Ok, so aside from seeing the green, yellow, red, blue and orange buttons in my head- this video is pretty much exactly what I would imagine it was going to be- the song is IMPOSSIBLE to play on Guitar Hero and there are  tons of videos of people trying.   Be patient till about 3:30 to really understand how incredibly awesome the guitars are.   The only other thought that kept going though my head as I watched was "Man, that takes A LOT of shampoo!"

Aug 3, 2010

I'm Sorry - Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho made a music's actually really funny, aptly called 'I'm Sorry'.

Mystery Guitar Man - Shapeshifter

I spend hours watching his videos (thanks a lot- you know who you are!) and constantly come back to this one for being so genius----

p.s. I want that shirt!