Jun 30, 2010

Carrrrlos from Peurrrto Rrrrrrrico (America's Got Talent)

You know how those geeky clueless people walk out onto the stage and the audience is already laughing just at their appearance?   That was the way this kid was portrayed on the show....until he started singing...

For the record, I love this song- I have a very vivid memory of hearing Andrea Boccelli singing this song- and Carlos Aponte doesn't sound much worse than that!   Amazingly well done.   The last few minutes were hilarious- when the audience was applauding and he just stood there with this amazed look on his face, and even shooed Nick away when he tried to motion him off the stage.   Piers very tactfully asks him if he has anything to say before he goes and he just smiles and says 'Thank you'.

Jun 29, 2010

Lenny Kravitz...band practice

This is awesome!   Lenny Kravitz was in New Orleans and heard a band practicing- playing his song 'Fly Away', so naturally he joined them!

At 40 seconds- if I was that kid playing guitar and singing along in front of the artist whose song I was singing- there are no words- very cool!

Jem - THIS is what they should remake!

I absolutely adored this show when I was little- Jem and the Holograms, the Misfits, 80's music, lots of pink and star eye make up...Hollywood keeps remaking stuff from old cartoons and movies, but this is one I actually want them to turn into a  movie- and not an animated one either! (This and Thundercats and Shira Princess of Power).   I am available for the parts of Jem, She-tara and Shira if anyone is casting!

If for some reason you missed this show back in the day and have no idea what I am talking about, wikipedia has a pretty thorough explanation.   The woman who voices Jem/Jerrica was Samantha Newark- here's her webpage (I always wondered what 'Jem' looked like!).   By the way, this is the original Hannah Montana, ok?   Girl who has secret rock star identity...Miley Cyrus is not the original on that one!!!!!

While I was browsing for videos I came across this amazing link- this guy details EVERY OUTFIT FROM EVERY EPISODE!   Seriously!

This of course led to me watching a bunch of cartoon music videos....if they do make this into a movie they will need to do a few song rewrites, lyrics aren't that amazing- but it's JEM!
Jem 'Only the Beginning'

Jem 'She's Got the Power'

Jem 'I Got My Eye on You'

Jessica Simpson 'I've Got My Eyes On You'

Why does she look like she belongs in a 90's boy band....oh.   right.

Michael Jackson Tribute by Chris Brown @ BET Awards

Somehow it's been a year since I read the AP alert on my phone that Michael Jackson had died.   This has probably been the strangest year of my life.   Maybe the second strangest, whatever- it's up there!   I know everyone is still mad at Chris Brown for punching his then girlfriend Rihanna in the face but he is still a talented performer and this tribute is about Michael Jackson...nothing else for me.

Say what you will, he got punished for what happened.   That young man crying on stage (around 5 min mark) is in pain- over the death of a icon, the struggles he endured as a result of his actions, the reality that a seemingly insignificant moment in your life can impact you forever...learn from what happened to Michael Jackson- an incredible talent, a dreamer, a true original- who was tormented beyond belief while he was alive.   Mysteriously all of that hatred and anger is gone, now that he is no longer with us.   Stop the hatred, the suffering, the pain.   If you ever listened to a song and realized you were tapping along or humming- and ten realized it was a Michael Jackson song, then try to at least treat others the way he sang about being treated.
RIP Michael Jackson.  

Design Your Own Shoes....Heaven!

Someone out there knows exactly what females want- the opportunity to design our own shoes from top to bottom!   London based company Upper Street is now doing just that - http://www.upperstreet.com/

Get started designing your dream shoes today!   The one I designed cost 215 pounds (I think you double it- $430 US).   Gorgeous though :)

Marina and the Diamonds - Oh No!

What is it about her voice that entrances me?    Still love her other songs better but this one is cutesy.

Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way @ Gay Pride San Francisco

Backstreet Boys.   Sigh.
They surprised everyone by performing one of their biggest hits 'I Want it That Way' and it just goes to show, they are still loved!   The audience knew the words and the boys still knew the choreography!   Not the same without Kevin, but still...I hope they become huge again- that would be awesome!

Jun 28, 2010

Hallelujah - Elisa vs Kate Voegel

I have become a collector of every version of this song- and since I just watched Lord of War and am feeling all musical I started looking up different versions on iTunes...and stumbled onto this woman, Elisa.   This live version is slow, but long and I like her tone.   Something about how she sings it makes me want to join in with her...

and I thought that was the end of this, until I remembered that Kate Voegele sings a phenomenal version on One Tree Hill- unfortunately the version with actual video from the show cannot be embedded, but fear not- I have a version here for you, and can post the link to go watch the good version on youtube.

Here is the link to the video version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-mgZ4dZcJU&feature=related

Ok, so Jefff Buckley's version still makes me cry the most.   But between these two, which is the best????

Lord of War... best and worst few minutes that ever made you cry from a movie.

There is no questioning this movie is one of the greats.   I get involved every time I watch it.   Nicholas Cage may not be that guy on the screen any more, but there is that undeniable something...

It doesn't hurt that one of the best songs ever is playing in the background either.   Just the most unflinching portrayal of the worst kind of hurt- betrayal from the one you love most on earth.  

Jun 26, 2010

Lady Gaga 'You and I' Rock and Roll Ballad (unreleased)

Apparently Lady Gaga is a Billy Joel fan- she played this song live at a concert before it was released on an album or anything.   It does kind of sound like something Billy Joel would write, I kind of like it.   What interested me far more was her accent, inflections and intonations in her introduction- what is that?   She never used to sound that way, I can't even figure out where it's from.

After listening to this song I realized it reminds me of the Train song 'Drops of Jupiter',   Thoughts?


This is one of my favorite songs.

Jun 25, 2010

Mean Girls

Somehow I never envisioned Belle as a 'Mean Girl' yet somehow it fits...

Jun 24, 2010

I guess the economy IS pretty bad...

You know money is tight for a giant, successful facility has run out of the funds for the serving staff to have indoor dressing areas....

It was funny until I realized it wasn't a joke- five or so people were actually changing into their uniforms in the parking lot!!!

What's wrong with this picture?

Today I was driving along and saw something that caught my eye....

Yeah... at first I thought it was just that the mailman left his mail cart unattended too....

Introducing the new iPhone 4...and all it's problems!

I called it.   I predicted (as did most anyone who actually has had an iPhone since the first one came out and upgraded at least once) that the new iPhone would have bugs and quirks and issues- and that I'd rather wait another six months while everyone else paid Apple to be their guinea pigs than shell out the money and be frustrated when the new myriad of issues popped up- at least with my current model I know EXACTLY what is and isn't going to work!

So I was less than surprised when MSNBC put out this article a few hours ago:

iPhone 4 buyers report screen, antenna issues
Yellow blotches and reception loss cast a pall on Apple's joyful launch day
By Wilson Rothman
updated 10:11 p.m. ET, Thurs., June 24, 2010
Though lines for the iPhone 4 at Apple Stores around the world are as long as ever, with some stores already selling out, a group of early owners are reporting problems with the phone's screen and antenna.
When powered up, some phones experience yellow screen discoloration or a constellation of white spots. Meanwhile, others are experiencing reduced call reception when holding the phone a certain way.
The gadget blog Gizmodo has received more than 50 reports from new owners, many including photographs of the screen issues, most frequently a distinct yellow bar across one side of the screen, or in some cases yellow blotches.
This yellow discoloration is thought to be related to an adhesive used in affixing components underneath the screen. There is some hope that the off-color will fade as the bonding material cures. One MacRumors forum member wrote that his "major yellow spots" had faded by the second day. "Keep an eye on it over the next day or so if you have the issue," he suggested. 
The other screen issue seen in photos is a constellation of bright white spots, appearing in different patterns that persist regardless of the picture on the screen.
While these problems do exist, it is not clear how widespread the issue is. Owners of the iPhone 4 are reporting that Apple customer service representatives are acknowledging screen discoloration as a known issue, and in some cases attributing it to "residue from the manufacturing process."
Some Apple Care reps have offered replacement iPhone 4s — either on the spot or in a week — to owners who complained. Now, however, Gizmodo reports that in other cases, service reps are telling new iPhone 4 owners to wait to see if the screen issues fade over time.
Despite buyers discussions with customer service reps, Apple has not yet made a formal statement regarding the blotchy-screen troubles.
At the same time, many new users are citing issues of poor reception, but this appears to be related to the iPhone 4's design, rather than any manufacturing flaw. According to videos demonstrating the problem, holding the phone a certain way apparently interferes with the antenna.
The issue, which initially surfaced on MacRumors, is that when a hand or finger is placed over a small gap in the iPhone 4's metal band, a gap identified by Apple as a key to the new external antenna construction, the phone noticeably loses reception bars, and at times drops calls or suffers data speed declines.
Due to the placement of the gap, on the lower lefthand side of the phone's band, this alleged problem would be more likely to affect people who hold their phones in their left hands as they talk. Gizmodo has rounded up over 20 user-submitted videos of this phenomenon, all confirming the same issue.
Fortunately, as quickly as reports of the flaw have come in, so have suggestions on how to fix it. Sticking Apple's $29 rubber "bumper" around the phone covers the antenna contact, and therefore apparently prevents the problem, as demonstrated in a video on Gizmodo.
We just received a pitch via email for a $30 protective film called Wrapsol, which covers the front, back and sides of the phone, and "may also help with reception issues." Others have gone more low-tech, suggesting that a piece of Scotch tape would do the trick as well.
Most likely, the solution that will gain the most popularity will be simpler — learning how to hold the phone without touching the antenna gap.
Late Thursday, Apple did respond to the antenna problem, saying just that. "Gripping any phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas," said the written statement.
"This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases."

Ebay.... my new replacement addiction

I quit smoking 8 weeks ago this coming Thursday.   Yup, two months cold turkey, 200 dum dum lollipops and some temper tantrums later I am still smoke free.   However, I am not addiction free.   Somehow during the last two months I have acquired a full blown Ebay addiction.   I am one of those night crawlers who looks up listings ending in the next two minutes and will buy almost anything under $1 with free shipping 'because it's such a good deal!'   Something about grabbing an item just as it ends is so satisfying. (we call that Ebay sniping- and don't feel bad for those who lose to me- I get sniped all the time too)   A week ago I got my monthly Ebay invoice and saw the total items I had bought and how much I had spent (those $1 items add up FAST!) and I had a serious reality check and decided to do something about it.   I became an Ebay seller.
You read that right.   I took my problem and turned it to my advantage (or at least, turned it so I am not going to go broke buying things I like winning and have no use for once they get delivered).   I currently have over 130 items listed and probably as many already photographed and waiting to be listed.   I even went so far as to try to buy a mannequin to pose all the clothing on- and randomly the nicest lady in the world (or at least, in this area anyway) lent me her beautiful dress form FOR FREE after I posted it on a website-she didn't know me or ask me for anything in return, just asked me to bring it back the next day as we had agreed on the phone, which I did.   Thanks Elaine!  

I've actually been pretty successful, but if you compare the amount I have sold (after fees and all that) to what I spent buying (again after fees and everything) I am still kind of very much negative.   i am not sure I can make it all back, and then make a profit, but I want to at least get back to zero.

So, in an effort to gain more bidders and buyers I am blogging about this- and to be honest I have some pretty cool stuff listed- some vintage stuff, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, purses.   Mostly cool to females (unless you are a male who likes shoes and dresses- no judgement, I accept money from anyone as long as it's legal) but also great stuff for gifting.

If you have a minute, I'd appreciate you stopping by and browsing :)   who knows, maybe you'll even buy something!

How Can I get You a Loan?

My brother had the funniest advertising idea- and I am blogging about it because while I have zero interest in shopping it around, maybe someone else out there will read this and pay him for this idea.   it is genius.

Basically, the idea is for a banking advertising campaign.

The commercial  start with a frazzled looking woman with three kids running wild all around the bank and she is sitting at the customer service desk talk to a manager....you don't hear the words but you see she is clearly hopeless and worn out.

The banker she is talking to looks calm and unfazed by the screaming wild children running loose in the bank.   The camera goes back to the woman's face and she bursts into song:

"Till now, I always got by on my own, I never really cared until I met you, but now it chills me to the bone..."
and the banker cuts in with a smile singing in his best customer service, helpful voice:

"How can I get you a loan?"

and then as the music and the song keep playing in the background, you see her signing papers with him and smiling, everything is better now and the kids are standing quietly by her side.


Have a great day :)

Jun 22, 2010

Phil Jackson Retiring?

PJ might not come back to coach the Lakers next year?

I just read this article online- and yes, he is leaving according to his daughter.  
 "I think this is it," she said. "I think he's done now." It's entirely possible that he shuts it down due to health concerns, but you have to think he's going to seriously consider coming back in order to get yet another three-peat.

 So is he or isn't he?   I need to know!!!!   As much as I am all about the players and skill- they would be nowhere without a coach.   Of course I am not bagging on the raw talent, but he is the master painter- he see's what colors he has to work with and arranges them so they create the most fantastic painting.   Besides, who on earth would replace him?

Ozzy Osbourne 'Let Me Hear You Scream'

There is something so satisfying about any Ozzy song- his voice and electric guitars just go hand in hand.   Not bad for a guy who was top of the music charts over 20 years ago!!!

‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka and fiancĂ©e Vienna split

Who didn't see this one coming?

Jake Pavelka and Vienna the ex-Hooter's waitress have split.   Shocker.   He should have chosen Tensley- at least then when it didn't work out she'd have had an amazing sob story (her first husband cheated on her and left her and she had only been with one man at the time of the taping of the show).   She could have been the next Bachelorette- btw, speaking of which, does anyone care about this season's Bachlorette?   I can't even remember her name and I find her uber boring and WHINY (watch the last episode where she is sick- she whines so much!)

Jake was a great guy- but then he found success as a reality star and now I would bet this corn fed home grown man of the skies will do the Hollywood thing for a while then fade into oblivion once more.

Vienne?   I predict Playboy in  year or two.

J Brazil performs live at M2

Check out the pics above, and then watch the entire performance (as shot by me, you're welcome) below...
So proud! J Brazil performed live at M2 in NYC and he absolutely killed it! As you can see, it was a full house! I heard there were about 3000 people there!
There are a few disclaimers about the video:
1) I shot it myself
2) I shot it myself on a new camera that has many functions I was unaware of
3) I learned that using the zoom function while recording causes the sound the cut out
4) Yes, that is a dancing girl dressed in a christmas bikini
5) Go watch the official music video on youtube (search 'girl i'm tryin' or look at my archives) and go buy the song on iTunes... then wait for it, because you will be seeing a lot more of this guy :)

Enjoy the video and give J some love on youtube/iTunes

Happy Holidays

Garbage Truck Drives Up Driveway to Back of House!?!

This morning, Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 7:00am I head a loud truck outside and heard beeping and commotion...looked out the window- and saw the garbage men BACKING THEIR TRUCK UP THE DRIVEWAY to the back of the house to get the garbage!!!

 Wow. Can someone say "LAWSUIT"? I mean, forget the part about how inappropriate that is, that the driveway is private property and the truck is MUCH heavier than the cars/vans that the pavers who paved the driveway ever intended to drive on it. How about liability? What if they cause the NOTORIOUSLY FORGOTTEN oil tanks that are plentiful throughout this area to collapse and cause a sinkhole? What if they cause structural damage to the house by either hitting it or causing the ground to shift? It is absolutely ridiculous.

 I get it, there is a lot of trash and it's annoying for them to have to walk allllll the way to the back from the street for every house and drag the cans to the curb to empty them and then carry those cans alllll the way back. BUT it's their JOB- taxes pay their salary. If this job is too difficult or stressful, maybe find a different one? Anyway, I managed to capture the tail end of this chaos on video, plus 3 pictures before that- notice how at the end the driver zooms out of the driveway and the top of the truck does NOT clear the trees. Maybe I will start recording them every time they do this (this is not the first time) and start posting it...keep a record so that when they do finally cause damage, it's all documented. Awful way to start a Tuesday.

 Anyway- here is the video:

New Kids on the Block 'I want it that way'

Haha I want to do a spoiler alert but I don't actually care- NKOTB performed at Radio City Music Hall and started singing the Backstreet Boy's hit 'I want it that way'.   The females in the audience were losing their minds over it...and then

cut to 1.20 to see the surprise!!!! (and you thought those fans were screaming before?!?)

And yeah, if I had been there, I'd have been screaming along with them- and OF COURSE I know all the words to the song :)

Jun 21, 2010

Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Original :(

I am a big fan of her new song 'Can't Be Tamed' so I was psyched to watch the live performance from the Much Music Awards this past weekend...until she came out on stage in a Lady Gaga white body suit and started doing the jerky seizure dance.   Sigh.   When Gaga does it, it is artsy and angsty.   When Miley does it...she needs a medic?   I was so proud of her, this kind of hurts a little.   At least she still sounds great live.

What's with the tic tac toe board choreography at 2:04?
Oh and at 3:44 she does a booty drop...live...in a body suit.   And people are upset about Perez posting an upshot pic?   Yeesh.

GLEE! Jonathan Groff singing...

Singing live at Joe's Pub this past weekend- WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE BLAST IT ON FB???? I would have gone!!!!!!!
Singing 'You Don't Know' - Um, Alicia Keys is hard to sing for Alicia Keys sometimes!   Good for him for making it a jazzy cover :)    Sweet moment at 2 minutes when audience claps and he smiles.   At 3 minutes he asks the audience if anyone has a cellphone, someone hands one to him, he takes out his phone and using the other cell he dials something on it, hands it back, and then holds his phone up to his ear and says "Hello, can I please speak to" and looks down at the person and they say Michael, so he says 'to Michael?'   Very cute- smart pickup line!

Then he goes on to sing 'Here I Go Again" - I LOVE the Whitesnake version- suddenly I love his soulful version too!   He is supremely talented.

'Don't Stop Me Now'

Is that T-t-t-tina playing electric guitar in the background?

Send in more videos of him if you see him live please!

California Gurls - LIVE

California Gurls performed live at Much Music Awards in Toronto...still loving this song :)

The sign that a performer is good is if they sound great lice, as well as in the studio...Katy Perry is a great live artist!   (I know there were a few shrill notes 3 minutes in- give her a break- she's got giant lollipops on her chest!)

Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner

Obsessing over this song.   Get happy every time it plays on the radio (faster version).  

Skip to 1:05 where the song starts :)

Here's a slower version with the lyrics:

Jun 20, 2010

Don't F*** With the Gaga

Apparently Lady Gaga has a German gay security guard named Gunther who is followed around by a giant chicken that will choke you if you speak ill of the Gaga...
Don't F*** With The Gaga!!!

Thanks to The Key of Awesome for that little gem- and just because I love this song and post funny videos about it...

Jun 18, 2010

Ron Artest Thank You Interview Post Finals Win

I find it funny that in the chaos of the post win confetti-interviews-celebration Ron Artest thanks his therapist for helping him 'relax'.   The image that came to mind immediately was Will Smith in Bad Boys 2 with Martin Lawrence telling him he needs to 'relax' with his therapist....Woo-Sah!

Oh Sookie! Snoop Dogg is still the D-O-double-G!

Hahahaha this made me laugh so hard- how rocking is Snoop still?   First he was in Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' video and now a tribute to Miss Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood?   Guy is completely relevant pop culturally!

There is something about his voice that is so ridiculously smoothly appealing.   I could listen to him talk and sing all day :)

Glee - Somewhere Over the Rainbow ... to help the Gulf Coast

So I actually only posted this video so you could listen to the song- Somewhere Over the Rainbow - as performed by Mathew Morrison and Mark Salling (Mr Schue and Puck) from Glee.   It is nice that they have given use of the song to help raise awareness of the disaster caused from the massive oil spill too :)

Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus (live)

So, I always judge singers by one thing- how do they sound live?   I have to say, Miley sounds great live.   I know this isn't a very challenging song vocally, but it does have a lot of octave changes and it could be very easy to fumble the words.   Props Miss Miley!   At 2:07 she does a violent head swing...she looks great!  

I am so curious as to how she will morph and change as she gets older.   She is definitely following down the Britney path, but I am not convinced she will end up the same way.   A part of me is really rooting for her to be the next Madonna-ish type of celebrity, who ages and somehow retains that 'It' factor.   Time will tell I guess.   Of course, she could always end up a washed up twenty-something who stages photo-ops to get attention, but we'll see.

Every Rose Has It's Thorn - Bret Michaels & Miley Cyrus

Kind of odd to see Miley singing a song I love so much that was such a huge hit years before she was even born (also possibly before I was born- or at least it was a hit when I was very young, I am too lazy to look up what year it was released).   However, aside from the slow karaoke-ish start I like it.   Bret sounds great!   At the 3 minute mark Miley does this really low line and sounds totally off, but other than that, I actually like it a lot...although Bret totally carries it (I mean, what did you expect?).

Think Glee will do a Poison cover?

Jun 16, 2010

Katy Perry - California Gurls (Official Video) feat. Snoop Dogg

Is it possible to love a make believe Candyland world?   I LOVE this video...even though it is sugary sweet and pointless, it is awesome!   There are so many little things I found hilarious...but you can watch and find out for yourself :)

Megan Tonjes - Jessie's Girl

I love this girl's voice.   Now that I have started browsing all of her covers (she does a LOT of Glee) I want to post them all!

Meghan Tonjes - If You Seek Amy/Can't Be Tamed Mash-Up

This girl is super talented- her voice is amazing.   Here is her mashup of two songs I love, although I do believe she should have stopped recording after she finished singing...or edited it!   Sigh.

Miley Cyrus - Liberty Walk

I am loving Miley these days.   I don't actually care what she wears, who she dates or how she poses in pictures with her dad- I just like her music, and her voice.   Ironically, I used to think she sounded like a 40 year old smoker, but now that she has learned how to use her voice (and auto tune) to her advantage, she's really come into her own.

I can't wait for the video- you can listen to the song here:

Also, I am not going to comment on the controversy of Perez posting a pic of Miley w/ her privates showing....which he allegedly did and if so, is guilty of a felony since she is a minor.   I didn't see the picture and I don't care.  

Jun 15, 2010

Coldplay gives Glee access?

I am always on the hunt for the next hit song that Glee should cover- usually it is something already in my music library.   I knew that Glee pays for all the songs equally- no one can demand more money per song because they pay at a set rate.

I think I commented before that I was annoyed that they hadn't done any Eric Clapton.   Another musician I wondered about was Brian Adams- according to this article, now we know the truth!   I am a little anxious about this news that Coldplay has finally agreed to let them use their music (ownership controversy aside, I KNOW, a lot of people believe all their stuff is plagiarized, get over it).   However, here's my question- how the heck are they going to put a Coldplay song into the plot?   I mean, I guess a very sad Sue Sylvester can amble down the halls singing 'I used to rule the world, Seas would rise when I gave the word...' but really, it seems awkward at best!

Perez blogged it- read it here 

Jun 14, 2010

Tangled ....Disney Trailer for AWESOME Movie!!!!

I have not been this excited about a movie since...Enchanted (the last amazing animated movie).

Someone showed me the trailer and immediately I knew THIS IS FANTASTIC!   I cannot wait for it to come out!

I looked it up on IMDB - Tangled
Seems like it went through a bunch of changes but it is basically the story of Rapunzel (ABOUT TIME SOMEONE DID A MOVIE ABOUT HER!).

Super psyched!!!

Obama - TaxMan

Funny :)

Glee - Critical Article...how do you feel?

Whenever anything new comes along there are always people who immediately jump aboard the bandwagon and those who cautiously wait by the sideline to see how fast the whole thing is going.   There are also detractors- individuals who will/would never join in no matter what changes were implemented to pacify or seduce them.   I stumbled across this article on NBC about Glee.   Not surprising, since even though the first season has ended people still have a lot to say.   What caught my attention was the title 'Glee' is starting to sound out of tune

I have inserted the article here as well, but you can click on the title above to go to the actual site and then read the comments...the many many comments.

By Susan C. Young
TODAYshow.com contributor
updated 6/14/2010 9:49:27 AM ET

My foot is starting to slip off the bandwagon.   

I don’t plan to jump, but there were definitely moments in the spring episodes of "Glee" when I had to question the blind loyalty to a show where the initial critical response ranged from “brilliant” to “phenomenal.”

Nothing drove that doubt home more than the penultimate season episode, “Funk.” Maybe it was the stench of desperation punctuated by the use of Beck’s “Loser,” but the episode lost sight of character development. “Funk” didn't advance a single story, and simply had the characters moping around between musical numbers, depressed about the upcoming singing competition. It marked another example of how the tendency to put musical numbers before the stories has weakened the series.

The episode alone was cause for concern for the future of “Glee.” Amid several uncomfortable moments, nothing quite clicked the ick factor like Matthew Morrison’s show choir director, Mr. Schuester, trying to seduce his nemesis, cheer squad coach Sue Sylvester, with the Rufus tune “Tell Me Something Good.” You can't force sizzle where none exists. Worse, we expect more from our Will than to woo Sue, only to humiliate her in order to make himself feel better.

Even before “Funk” aired on June 1, significant flaws were appearing. “Glee,” despite its redeeming June 8 finale, has reached the point where a seismic refitting seems in order before the show comes back in the fall.

I’ll chalk the missteps up to the fact that few thought this show about a school choir that included geeks, freaks and jocks would make it past the initial episode order and long-term planning might not have been a priority. After all, “Glee” is the first successful musical series on TV. (The landscape is littered with spectacularly failed earlier attempts, from Steven Bochco’s “Cop Rock” to CBS’ “Viva Laughlin.”)

From the beginning of the series, TV critics were downright giddy about “Glee,” which successfully blended teen angst with catchy tunes and flashy choreography. Fox smartly paired the brightly executed show with behemoth hit “American Idol,” and “Glee” benefited from a built-in audience that had a hankering for pop songs and a theatrical experience.


A good show, an entertaining show, but certainly a flawed show emerged this season. Character and story developments were jettisoned and placed so far back on the burner they landed in the neighbor’s kitchen. For example, “Glee” rightly took some moderate heat for the absurd tangents in the story of cheerleader and virgin-activist Quinn’s pregnancy.

Quinn’s financial struggles, family rejection and body bulges were suddenly shoved aside. It came to the point where her pregnancy was almost ignored as she came full term, still able to jump around as if she weren’t packing several pounds of developing human around her center of gravity.

Then there was the emergence of the sinister character of Shelby Corcoran, played by Idina Menzel, the rival show choir director for Vocal Adrenaline who bore an uncanny likeness to Lea Michele’s self-absorbed choir star Rachel. In fact, Shelby is Rachel’s long lost mother. She gave Rachel to a gay couple so she herself could pursue her goal of Broadway stardom. Shelby’s story of dreams denied, or who she really became, was never fully developed. Instead, she seemed just to serve as a vehicle to get the talented Menzel to sing a duet with Michele.

Left hanging

Dangling story lines have plagued “Glee” throughout its freshman run. The universal cry during the whole Shelby-is-your-mother road trip was: Where in the world are Rachel’s two dads? It was the perfect time to introduce her fathers, even briefly, during Rachel’s quest to find her birth mother and discovering Shelby.

Producer Ryan Murphy knows how to develop a moving and meaningful story line. The journey of flamboyant Kurt and his dad alone proved that. So why the gaping holes in most of the other characters’ stories, particularly in the latter stages of the season?

“Glee” works best when driving home the sentimental moments, bringing viewers to tears with aching scenes dripping in relationship payoffs. Kurt telling his working-guy dad he was gay, and the response from his dad that he already knew and loved Kurt, still triggers my tear ducts.

And who doesn’t love Sue, one of the most complicated — and funniest — villains we’ve seen on the air? A season highlight came with the reveal of Sue's tender relationship with her mentally handicapped sister. Suddenly our preconceived notions of this woman were shattered. In the finale, Sue acknowledges her kindred spirit with the choir crowd, but doesn’t lose her edge.

But — spoiler alert to anyone who hasn’t yet seen the finale — when we that Shelby has adopted Quinn and Puck’s baby, it goes all creepy for me. Shelby selfishly wants a puppy instead of a dog — that dog being Rachel. Rachel’s too grown up for Shelby, mom said to daughter. So I found it impossible to be happy that she would be raising baby Beth.

Turning up the music

But musically, the season finale worked beautifully. Flipping the action from Quinn delivering her baby to the performance by rival choir Vocal Adrenaline’s charged “Bohemian Rhapsody” couldn’t have gone better. There was also the heart-tugging “To Sir, With Love” with the touching retrospective by the students that offered up the Grinch moment when Sue Sylvester's heart grew at least three sizes that day.

The music has always driven the episodes, but the best ones link the songs to plight of the characters. It is exactly those emotional connections with the characters that kept me tuning in. Even the absurd notion that antisports kid Kurt could become a star kicker on the football team — and get them all dancing during a game to “All the Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” — just worked because of the investment we had in him.

But as much as the music can add to the strength of an episode, it isn’t always perfect. The Lady Gaga tribute episode didn’t work well because I never believed that jock Finn was homophobic, just uncomfortable sharing a room with someone who wanted a relationship he couldn’t give. And having the mucho macho Finn dress up in the red vinyl Gaga ball-gown costume simply didn’t possess a single tingle of truth.

There’s a whole summer ahead to plot the future of “Glee.” I’m just hoping the show goes back to those characters first, uses the songs to punctuate the relationships and junks the funk.

Susan C. Young is a writer in Northern California.

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