Nov 30, 2009

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood Infecting your Brain

I am officially obsessed with this girl- she does these amazing videos and her songs are quirky but immediately addictive.   Her latest video is called "Hollywood Infecting Your Brain" and I love it.   Absolutely adore it.   She looks amazing in red lipstick too- totally different from the way I first saw her- check out the Hollywood video first-

Ok, now that you love her- watch this phenomenal video called "I Am Not A Robot".

Before you judge- watch it again.

I KNOW!!!!

It is mind blowing.   This video first came into my life about 6 months ago and I watched it over and over again- I love the way she looks with the black sparkly painty dust all over her- and her natural look with the touseled hair OMG - and I like the bejewelled look too.   Just about the only one I didn't love was the black/green/pink paint thing but even then, she uses her hands so gracefully and it was all just enchanting.

I look forward to whatever else she puts out- there are a lot of videos available on Youtube- just go to her page

You can also read all about her on Wikipedia -

and if you go to her actual website you can download a few of her songs too-

Nov 29, 2009

Vintage Brad Pitt... while I was indulging my Johnny Depp obsession :)

I have been watching every episode of 21 Jump Street now that seasons 1,2 and 3 are available on Hulu.   I got up to episode 20 (season 2) and who flashes onto the screen... BRAD PITT!   I was half falling asleep and drowsing off and boom, there his face is in all it's youthful glory.   I had no idea that he ever appeared in the series- I am seriously only watching it because Johnny Depp is so damn handsome.  

I included the Imdb page here- so you can read about it, and explore some of the other interesting guest stars who appeared on the show (Jason Priestly,

And you can watch the episode here on Hulu-

Nov 28, 2009

The Prophet Blog

K, so I've never really promoted another blog before, aside from mentioning Perez every once in a while- but I stumbled across this one and found it very informative, well done and I have to admit I'm even jealous of the formatting.   (However, I am too lazy to start messing with mine so unless I get requests for a change in format I am leaving mine alone!)

All the info posted from the last 24 hours seems accurate and very up to date- enjoy the blog :)

Lady Gaga on The Ellen Show

So by now you know I am a huge Gaga fan- I secretly wish I had the cojones to wear no pants, little leotards and anime eyes...among her many fashion quirks.   Don't even get me started on the shoes...
I have three clips from her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show on November 27th- she performed her new single 'Speechless' off her upcoming album 'The Fame Monster'.

I don't hate it- it's a little dry for my tastes and for what I've come to expect from her, however, if you watch the interview she reveals that she wrote the song for her Dad to convince him to get heart surgery, so really, what is there to dislike here???   She performed it much more dramatically with a burning piano and smashing vodka bottles at the AMA's a week ago.   Having said that, it's pretty and I know she'll find a million and one ways to remix it and make each live performance original- but I do not like her outfit.   Usually I am all gung ho about her eccentric makeup and kooky hair- honestly her hair looks tired (maybe too much bleaching and styling?) and I am not enamored with the silver eye petals (not sure how else to refer to them) because when she looks up, you can really only see the whites of her eyes, which is a little jarring.

She also performed my current favorite 'Bad Romance' which was good as usual but only because it's such a fantastic song- the actual performance was a bit meh for me...but Ellen made it very cute at the very last second by running in and posing with the dancers :)
Still not loving the outfit though...I'm hoping it looked a lot more fabulous in person and just did not translate well on camera.

I also included the actual interview she did with which she came across as sweet and personable.   I loved the outfit montage Ellen put together too!

Nov 25, 2009

Leighton Meester live- 'Somebody to Love'

Ouch.   I adore this song, you can read all about the official music video in my previous post, so I was certain that the live performance on the show 'It's on with Alexa Chung' would be just as fun.  Unfortunately, it was not meant to be- not only did Leighton only sing the low parts the entire time (yes, she sang live, but if it sucks who cares?), she also looked a little amature (check out the part where she held out the mic to the fans and said simply 'scream') but the worst part was NO ROBIN THICKE.

She looks pretty though.   But without Mr. Thicke, it is just another actress singing a song on a stage...yawn.

P.S. Hahahahaha I finally scooped Perez Hilton and posted something before he did- see the date- I posted this video on Tuesday night- he put it on his site late Wednesday :)   I feel so legitimate right now!

Muppet's cover a Queen Classic

Watching this video brought back all the awesome memories I had growing up in Toronto.   Every Sunday night at 6pm the Disney channel would have some awesome movie playing and of course, The Muppet Show.   My brothers still imitate the two old dudes who tell all the jokes in the balcony seats of the theater...and my favorite was always Animal (whatever, I can admit it, the drummers always get to is the only way to explain my Tommy Lee fascination, John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Travis Barker, Dave Grohl- there are so many more but I'll get in trouble for not being able to name them all so back to the subject).  

I love that they have taken such a classic rock song, and made it all their own.   I also love that Janice- the blonde rockstar lady muppet reminds me of Fergie- and she was created LOOOONG before Fergie ever picked up a microphone!

Nov 19, 2009

Nine Trailer

I like this trailer. There is a lot of shiny, flashy, sparkly stuff. And great trumpets- and Kate Hudson dancing in a shiny little outfit using the words 'guido' and 'italiano' a LOT. I have no idea what the plot is, but I know there is a crazy awesome cast including Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz...and more.

Tila 'scares the crap outta me' Tequila

Yikes- this girl is very disturbed...and entertaining at the same time. It's like watching a train wreck, but with glitter.

Tila went on Ustream in the wee hours of the morning and ranted and raved about many many things- She taunted Shawn Merriman saying he was stalking her on her chat and that she didn't want to talk to him because he choked her and beat her up. She also pulled out a gun (yes, a gun- no clue if it's real or not) and claimed she'd cap anyone in the *ss who told her to hurry up and strip... apparently on her live chats she strips, and she was getting very irate that people were telling her to stop talking and hurry up and strip (Seriously, it was hilarious).

Well, can't guaranty your IQ will not suffer from watching this video, so you have been warned....

As you can see, she finally woke up and realized she actually posted that video online and now it is private. Oh well- someone will rip it o youtube soon enough

Linni Meister... and her best assets...

There are no words.

Ok wait, I thought of some words.
This video is not new, I saw it a while ago and it cracked me up even then. This girl is serious. She 'sings' and does covers and is a Swedish popstar. Yes, the secret popstar within me is jealous- until I listen to the lyrics of the above video and then I start laughing all over again. Then I forward to the part where they use a buffer on her -ahem- assets. Hilarity ensues. If nothing else, I hope this put a smile on your face.
Warning- the next video, while also hilarious (Do you think Beyonce wanted to empower women with the song "Survivor" by getting them to body paint a snake over their boobs and sing at a pitch only dogs could appreciate????)is awful. She sings in a monotone- WHO DOES THAT??? And what color is her fake tan- copper????

I warned you!
And yeah, still laughing...

And for my next Linni Meister exhibit- I give you her version of (Wait for it)
"Do They Know It's Christmas". This video shows a softer, well lit side, singing a holiday classic...

Now I just want to party with her.
In slow motion.
With a strobe light.
And a group of blond backup singers of questionable genders.

To add to the confusion- the next video I found, well...

Yup. Chick is pregnant. Authorities have allowed her to procreate. Do you think the baby will come out singing like it's mama???? Who told her to wear that bathing suit and why did the interview have to be on a boat? So many questions.
(I am still laughing- the kind of laughter that leads to crying).

So, I did my homework and found her blog (in Swedish, which is of no help) but there are pics of a baby on it, so I have to assume she already had the kid...and then I found out there's a video of the kid being made, but that's all I'm gonna say about it :)
Go watch the first video again, and have a nice day!

Nov 18, 2009

Leighton Meester and ROBIN THICKE "Somebody to Love"

I love this video.
Not because I'm all caught up the the randomness that is Leighton Meester (Seriously- she is so annoyingly smug on Gossip Girl, yet somehow I keep watching everything she does...I don't get it). HOWEVER, this video is great. Leighton is basically doing a Vogue photo shoot the entire time- the styling is great and very fun, and the jewelery is fabulous. I adore her black outfit in the back of the taxi- in fact, I want it. No wait, I want to film that sequence myself. Here's why- ROBIN THICKE.
He is so wonderfully yummy in this video- his voice, his facial expressions... the entire package. I have watched it about five times now, in a row, and each time I notice something else about him I like. Really, it just looks like he is having a blast- he is having fun in every shot! Pretty great collaboration. I wish I had been in on it :)

There are a few interesting shots- there's one where Leighton is wearing this poofy skirt and sort of crawling on the is unclear why. There is also an impossibly awkward pose in the taxi (at 2:03)where her leg is up behind her and looks very uncomfortable, yet chic- the surest sign that something is the height of fashion.

The funniest thing about this video to me, is that this blog I read all the time totally trashed it! I usually agree with the Go Fug Yourself girls on almost everything- but for some reason this video simply does not appeal to them. And for some reason THAT is freaking hilarious to me.

This is what they wrote:
As we've written before, I don't quite follow why every young actress who tastes a modicum of success has to decide she must release an album. Especially when AHEM LEIGHTON her voice is a lot more Heidi Montag than Leona Lewis. If Leighton secretly packed some major pipes, it would be one thing, but this song is basically being performed by a computer. It could be Matthew Broderick and the home PC he uses in War Games crooning a tender love ballad about Global Thermonuclear War and Tic-Tac-Toe and modems where you had to hang up your actual home phone on a special hook, and I would not know the difference.

And she looks SO TRASHY. Maybe Leighton is trying to rebel against the Blair Waldorf image, but girl, you are the best actor on that show -- don't push too hard, or else we might not be able to see you as Blair any more, because you've instead seared on our brains the image of you looking like you're in a sales video for mail-order brides. Tread carefully, pet. Also, be warned: Solange is a former Fug Madness top seed. And not in that semi-complimentary SWINTON kind of way.

You can read their entire post here-

I stand by it- I love the song, the video is fun and Robin Thicke is wonderful :)

Another Lady Gaga video...Nora Jones look out!

I know, I know, I should just rename this blog "Lady Gaga and Friends" because all I seem to post lately are videos about her... my apologies. I really do love her stuff though, and even if you're not a fan of her music, the visual awesomeness in her videos should be enough to sway anyone!

Well, someone found this old video of Lada Gaga a.k.a. Stefani Germanotta from 2005, and did us all a favor and put it up on youtube. Say what you want to about her, but the girl has got music oozing out of her. You can't buy this kind of talent.

If you get bored... at least listen to the last minute- when the host talks about her and asks a random woman (who sounds like she is maybe judging the performance?) what she thinks and the woman says "Actually, I'm going to give her demo to my record label... Nora Jones look out!" Hahahahahaha. Nora Jones- that's a good one. How funny is it that the comparison back then was Nora Jones, when today Gaga is up there with Britney, Christina, Beyonce.... Love it.

Nov 17, 2009

Beyonce and Lady Gaga do "Video Phone"

I know, a little bit obsessed with La Lady Gaga these days, my apologies. Not really, I openly admit that she can do practically no wrong in my eyes artistically. I first heard this song "Video Phone" without the video and thought it sounded kinda boring. It caught me completely off guard that the video is so fantastic!!! Also, I absolutely adore Lady Gaga au natural (well, glammed down- ain't nothing 'bout her that's natural!). She looks amazing in relatively plain makeup and long blonde hair. I love the effects in this video and really hope this is the beginning of many collaborations between these two divas!

I'll try to find a direct video link to make it easier- but for now enjoy this one :)

Nov 16, 2009

Carlo does Lady Gaga "Bad Romance"

HAHAHAHAHA Thank you Carlo, wherever in the world you are, for having parents who allowed you to play with the video camera and direct you in your spoof of this video :)
Honestly, very funny to watch- and he is quite accurate on some of the dance moves. I love that they found a similar 'coffin' to have him creep out of- very funny.

Selena Gomez sings... BACKSTREET BOYS????

Ok, I am not a huge Selena Gomez fan- for one thing, since I don't watch the Disney channel and am not a Hannah Montana fan either I would have no idea who she is except she keeps getting publicity, and while she seems like the perfect sugary pop Disney princess I am just unclear on what she actually does... but I digress. Sorry. Anyway, she is a cute girl (emphasis on the girl part) and sings fairly nicely- but for some random reason that is not clear to me, she decided to do a Backstreet Boys cover at her show in San Diego recently (loving her skirt though). Why???? And who is this Greg that she calls onstage and harmonizes very poorly with? And why ruin a perfectly good memory of a song that came out when I was a freshman in high school? And... well...TELL ME WHY!?!

Nov 14, 2009

Nick Pitera cover of Glee's version of 'Don't Stop Believing'

Ok, seriously, this guy needs to get hired to sing on the show along with Kurt- how awesome would that be???? I stumbled across him when I was sent a video of him singing the song 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin. Both parts.

Intrigued, I went on and watched all of his other videos, and being the complete Gleek that I am, I found myself obsessively watching him sing this:

I KNOW!!!!

Just for fun, and my own enjoyment- here is his version of "A Whole New World' as well :) I dare you to frown after hearing it.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

I am obsessed with this woman. I first heard about her music in early October last year (2008) and immediately went out and bought her album. Her song 'Just Dance' was beginning to get airplay on LA radio stations and no one else was really playing her stuff. By December she had exploded worldwide and has become one of the most well known performers of the year!!! Her videos are masterpieces, works of art- as are her insanely outlandish and fantastic costumes. I can admit I am jealous of her shoe closet :)

This video- Bad Romance - is from her new album coming out soon, and I cannot wait to hear the rest of it!!!! It is about her getting kidnapped by models, being auctioned off to Russian mafia types and then having to go to her winning bidder...arson is involved. I LOVE THE DRAMA!!! Enjoy