May 25, 2008

'What Happens in Vegas' GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

You can (and should) watch the trailer here-
First let me say, a family member saw it last week and hated it- but I have no idea why! We went to see it tonight and it was great- I laughed and really enjoyed it. A lot of the critic's also panned it, but they did mention that the supporting characters were hilarious- and I agree.

Lake Bell plays Tipper, her best friend- and she is awesome! (The brunette in the pic)

She was also in Boston Legal, which is where I recognized her from- I hope we see her on the big screen again soon!

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz (what a great casting!) both end up in Vegas after she gets dumped by her douchebag fiance as she is throwing him a surprise birthday party in front of all of their friends hiding in the closet and Ashton gets fired by his dad. The Vegas nightlife and debauchery ensues and she wakes up married!!! They have a confrontation downstairs in the casino and then he takes the quarter she left by the slot machine she was playing and uses it- and wins the $3,000,000 JACKPOT!!!

Of course, as he is handed the giant winning check, she walks up, holds out her ring finger (with the classy gold dice wedding ring) and says 'What's mine is yours, baby!"

They end up in front of a judge (played by the funny Dennis Miller) who freezes the money, orders them into marital counseling once a week for six months and ads that they must try to make the marriage work. Queen Latifah is the therapist (random but pleasant surprise).

There is a scene where Cameron is in the bathroom and taking too long, so he goes in the sink- and then reminds her it is her day to wash the dishes! They also have a scene where he sabotages her from making it to counseling by first prank calling her and telling her it has been rescheduled, and then stealing her wallet so she literally runs down the street after him, pelting him with oranges and they both show up for the session sweaty and panting.

Probably my favorite line is when Ashton's best friend, played by Rob Corddry (who also happens to be his lawyer) yells out 'Hey, I won my first case! I'm a lawyer!!!' and you realize just how bad a lawyer he must be since this is his first win ever! This friend also uses the line 'Go tell your future ex ex wife how you feel' and when you see the line being said in context you will get how absolutely hysterical it actually is.

The rest of the movie is so funny, and completely worth the money. I am actually tempted to go see it again, just so I can enjoy the story again!

May 20, 2008

American Idol - I WAS THERE TONITE!!!

Today was awesome- I went to see the final 'sing off' between the two Davids at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, and it was absolutely fabulous!!!

I was in the front row (yes, no one was in front of me) second seat from the right- there was just one person sitting between me and the door all the Idols walked through to get to their seats!

They didn't allow cameras into the theater (I snuck my phone in, but only used it after the show was over- no sense getting chucked out halfway through the show!).

I shook hands with Clive Owen, David Hernandez, Jason Castro, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Brooke White, Michael Johns, Syesha, Ramielle and high fived Randy Jackson as they walked past me after the show!!!

Other celebs who were there: Mary Murphy (judge on So You Think You Can Dance), Justin Guarini (more about him later), Kimberly Caldwell and ALEX (you know, the hot but kinda douchy doctor from Grey's Anatomy)

Surprisingly, there were a lot of older people there, not just the tweeny girls clustered in the pit at the foot of the stage.

Shout out to my new friends- Sarah, Kelly, Amy and Jen- it was fun waiting in line with you- see you at Macaroni Grill one of these days!!!

Also, Ryan pointed out Jen's marriage proposal sign to Jason Castro- and he waved up at her (she was in the stands) let me know if that made it onto the West Coast version of the show- which airs in about ten minutes- so I will be watching too...
***Update*** I am on at 8:05 (far right of the audience)
and again at 8:08
and again at 8:14
and at 8:19
at 8:30 its a clear shot of me and the two blondes sitting next to me!!!

After the show, I saw Justin Guarini (who? oh, the curly haired guy who lost to Kelly Clarkson) standing outside the theater, checking stuff on his phone- and obviously waiting for fans to recognize him- because when they did, he happily posed for pics and signed stuff. After he left, Simon Cowell's Rolls Royce drove by slowly- and I caught a pic of a girl holding up a sign for him "Cowell makes me Howell"!!!

This is a pic of the Rolls Royce as it pulled away- I swear Simon is in it!

As for the singing- Archuletta stole the show- he won round 1 and 3, no question.

Cook sang 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' in the first round Archuletta's song was 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me' which was well done, Simon said Cook was 'Phenomenal' but that Archuletta won that round.

All in all though, Archuletta will probably win- he just seemed like he wanted it a lot more, and even teared up every time Simon praised him... no worries though Cook fans, I am sure we'll be seeing a lot of David Cook in the future!

Desperate Housewives -Season Finale (Spoiler Alert!)

Do not read this if you haven't watched the season finale yet (available on

In a 2 part season finale, Marc Cherry finally delivers some of the spice we were so transfixed by when the show first aired (admit it, it has been a little stale lately).
Anyway, there are a million blogs all outlining the plot and the twists and turns this finale takes- and there are many twists and turns to follow!

You can read the spoilers here: Episode 4.16 “The Gun Song” Season Finale Part 1
and I pasted it all here and corrected some of the errors in case you are to lazy to click to the site:
(I edited some of it because it was written 4/28/08 and some of it was wrong)
After four years away, Reverend Michael Green returns to Fairview. Orson learns that the Reverend wants to talk about sexual promiscuity as a “red-headed harlot” needs to be unmasked. Since he thinks Green is referring to Bree (he actually is), Orson confronts him. Roy, a detective, places various listening devices here and there in the Solises’ house in order to gather evidence against Ellie. Gaby admits to Roy that she has become friends with Ellie. While making breakfast, Children’s Service drop by to tell Lynette that they’ve received word that she may hit her daughter. Later, Lynette is arrested and her step-daughter leaves to go with her maternal grandparents. Susan gives birth to a son and tries to have his name change after Mike names him “Maynard.” She tries to bribe a nurse to change the name to Connor but, in the end, Mike will still have to sign a new birth certificate. Source:
The ladies of Wisteria Lane meet Susan and Mike’s new baby, Gaby forms a strong bond with their new tenant, Ellie, and Lynette is accused of child abuse. Source:

Episode 4.17 “Free” Season Final Part 2
Adam is injured and when a driver passing by asks him if he’s okay and what happened to him, Adam says: “Wayne Davis.” Then, Adam pulls the driver out of his car and drives away. Police officers are at Katherine’s house. She is sitting in her living room, unresponsive. There will be flashbacks of a younger Katherine when she and Wayne were still married. One will feature Katherine at the Mount Pleasant Police Station admitting to a policewoman that her husband has been hitting her and promising each time that he’ll stop. It’s not the first time Katherine goes to the police. The policewoman warns Katherine that since Wayne is a fellow patrolman, it’s likely that the paperwork about Wayne’s abuse will be lost again since he has a lot of friends at the station. She suggests to Katherine that she gets all the money she can and that she runs away with her daughter.

Back to my own thoughts now- the episode is great- full of drama and shooting and fighting. The crazy part is at the end- it seems to jump ahead to the future and you see Gabby rush into her bedroom and yelling at a little girl who is smeared in makeup- and then as Gabby yells that at least she didn't touch her dresses, another little girl runs out of the closet as Gabby yells, 'My Vera Wang!'

Bree's flashback consists of her being a Martha Stewart type with Andrew acting as her publicist/manager and Orson upstairs waiting for her in a bubble bath (where is Danielle and her son?)

The craziest flash forward is Susan- she kisses a man goodnight, and as he turn his head- it's not Mike!!!

Good one Marc Cherry- now everyone who has ever watched an episode will tune in to see why Susan and Mike aren't together when the season airs next fall!!!

May 15, 2008

Ugly Betty

Last week, Charlie had the baby and Henry and Betty agreed that a clean break would be best.
Today's episode starts with Betty bawling her eyes out in bed over Henry leaving...
and then cuts to her at work where the Meade's are in panic mode trying to figure out what to do about the baby Wilhelmina is making Christina carry for her, which Wilhelmina claims is Bradford's...making a third of Mode hers to control!
Since they have no other option, Wilhelmina comes back to Mode

Her first order of business is to crash the Mode meeting and rub it in everyone's faces.
She starts by shooting down Daniel's ideas for the next issue and completely psyches him out.
While Daniel is in the bathroom recovering, Wilhelmina pitches a totally different idea to Alexis!

Larry King makes a random cameo, interviewing Daniel about Mode and what the deal is between him and Wilhelmina- and then Mark calls in disguised as a female and totally trashes Daniel.

(Why is Larry King on Ugly Betty? I want his publicist too!)

Wilhelmina talks to Claire about how to make her magazine better (she tells her to give away advertising for free to land one big client so she can get other clients to buy ads in her new magazine too).

Claire and Daniel find out that Alexis reinstates Wilhelmina as creative director at Mode.
Daniel goes to confront her and she basically tells him too bad, she's back, deal with it.

Claire Meade asks Betty to write a 300 word article for her 'Hot Flash' magazine by tomorrow.

When Betty goes down to Gio's to order lunch for the office, he tells her she is using him as the rebound guy and he reaches and kisses her! Betty pulls away, slaps him, and runs out.
She goes back upstairs and tries to work on her article, but gets an email with a pic of her kidding Gio- and someone emailed it to the entire office!!!
Betty confronts Amanda and Mark (they obviously sent it around the whole office) and they refuse to send a retraction email.

Amanda has a new reality show called 'Daddy's Little Girl' that stars her and Gene Simmons! Mark wants to be her sidekick on the show, but Amanda tells him he can't because he's not TV cute.
Mark visits Amanda at the set of her new show and Amanda tells her Gene hates the gays, that's why he can't be on the show- so Mark goes up to Gene to set him straight and Gene invites him to be on the show...

Amanda tries to talk to Gene after they shoot a scene, and Mark comes over to her and comments that Gene wasn't so nice to her once the camera's stopped rolling, and of course Amanda gets upset at Mark.
But when Amanda goes to Gene crying, and tries to talk to him about it, he beckons for a camera so he can film her crying- and as he turns away, she sees that his tweety bird tatoo is fake!!!
(WHAT? No, I liked that plotline, now she's going to have to find her real father all over again!)
Amanda goes to apologize to Mark (and he hits her with a few zingers) then she admits that it was all a publicity stunt that Gene created... even the being her dad part.

(YAY- Mark and Amanda are back together- all is right in the world!)

Hilda stops by Justin's gym class to hit on the hot coach Tony... and ends up getting asked to chaperone a school dance (that Justin refuses to go to).
In the end Justin goes- dressed like Danny Zucko from Grease- with Betty so she can get quotes for her article. Hilda can't go because she is sick.
Of course, Betty runs into Gio at the dance. She freaks out a little and blames him for kissing her first and they start to fight about who kissed whom.

Hilda calls Justin and asks him to tell her what Coach Tony is doing...

Betty goes up to Gio later and asks him for help with her article (she's not making much headway interviewing the kids at the dance).
After helping her, Gio asks her to dance, and also gets Justin to dance with the very Betty-esque lonely little girl that Betty is talking sweet.
But Betty catches herself and runs away from the dance after Gio twirls her and they catch each others gaze. (Why doesn't she ever let herself be happy?)
Gio, of course, goes out after her and talks to her.
He helps her break into the school trophy case so she can get her one award that she won when she was in school. (For being a good citizen). As they take it, the shelf breaks and the principal catches her- and calls Betty a bad citizen- ouch!

Justin tells Tony about his mom calling to check up on him- and Tony goes over to see Hilda with soup. (Cue the 'awwwww').

After he gives her the soup, he asks if they can go out sometimes, after she is feeling better! Yay, way to go Hilda!

As Betty, Gio, Justin and Gio's little sister walk home from the dance, they talk about what happened with the principal. Betty thanks Gio for his help (they sent the kids home ahead) and she asks him if he would go out on a date with her ever- but Gio says he doesn't think it's a good idea. When Betty tells him she's confused, he explains that he doesn't want to be the rebound guy, he wants to be THE GUY. (Cue another 'awwwwww').

Keep watching cuz next week, the season finale stars two very special guests- Miss Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Campbell! (If you are just finding this out now you seriously need to read more blogs- it has been out there for weeks now!)

May 14, 2008

America's Next Top Model (Season Finale)

Unfortunately for me, someone on facebook posted that they were sad Anya didn't win, so it was spoiled for me, but it's airing now in California and I have to see how it all goes down...
I was 99% convinced Anya (pictured above) was going to win, but since I now know she didn't, it's obviously Fatima- there is no way Whitney should win, and if she does it's just because Tyra wanted a plus girl to finally win...
Whitney is the 'plus sized' blonde girl on the end below
Anyway, I am watching it and so far Anya is crying going into the challenge which makes me think she did badly and got cut before the final two!!! As soon as this commercial ends, I will know for sure.
I owe Whitney an apology- she actually looked really pretty in the commercial challenge and sounded natural- while Anya's accent really hindered her, even though she looked great. Fatima also totally mumbled all the lines together...
I take it back- Whitney's final commercial was stiff and awkward- but her beauty shot was pretty.
Fatima's commercial was pretty to look at, but she stumbled the lines- and her beauty shot was eh. Looked a little posed.
Anya's commercial would have been great if her accent wasn't so random- she looked so good though! (And all the judges loved it!) Her beauty shot was pretty, but looked a little flat.
I'm actually jealous- the final fashion show will be for VERSACE, with dresses handpicked by Donatella herself...
Paulina is being a little harsh I think, she said Anya looked dumb in her photo- when she meant that Anya looked like she was daydreaming...
Well, the final two are...
Anya and WHITNEY... seriously???
That means that WHITNEY WON???
I am flabbergasted! This show is officially no longer legitimately about modeling- the fat chic won?!?
I am so disappointed.
Well, the final photoshoot is for the Seventeen cover, shot by (the gorgeous) Nigel Barker.
And then the girls go to see where the final runway show will be...
(With last year's winner Saleisha headlining the show)
Anya looked great in her first dress...
Whitney's arms were too bouncy- actually, Whitney's EVRYTHING was too bouncy...
(Can I pause here to say how much I love Versace dresses? Seriously, if they are ever short models, call me!)
Whitney's second dress was awful though, too short in the front, and her heel kept catching.
Anya looked great, even though she looked a little nervous (it was a hard dress to walk in).
Seriously, I am really annoyed that Whitney won. Anya is a much better model.
I kinda feel like Anya got the short end of the stick so Tyra could let a 'plus' girl win...
(I know, I'm turning into a Whitney hater- but come on, she obviously wasn't as good!)
-I just noticed Paulina is wearing a tiara (wonder if Tyra minds?)
Yuck. I hate that Whitney won. I truly dislike her pepto bismol dress (sorry Donatella) and I can finally admit that I hate Miss Jay's weird glitter eyebrows and matching vest!
Whatever, I think I will wait for the next season to air on VH1 instead of planning to make time to watch it each week.

May 13, 2008

The Bachelor - Season Finale!!!


After Matt let Amanda go, I was pretty sure that Shayne would win- and I was right!

She was my second pick for most of the season, and on the season finale, Matt asked her to marry him...

I feel a little bad for Chelsea, but I was pretty sure she wasn't gonna end up winning, and she yelled at him after she lost saying that Shayne was the fakest girl there, and then Matt responded (ever the gentleman) that if Chelsea thought he was the kind of guy who would choose the fakest girl there then maybe Chelsea didn't know him all that well after all.

Poor Chelsea.

Next week, the season premiere of The Bachelorette!

May 11, 2008

Guys Backflip Into Jeans

I was browsing YouTube for a funny video and came across this randomness. It's just cool to watch and cheered me up (probably the cutesy music and the little swagger the guys seem to have after each successful attempt).

I'd like to see the version where sometimes they don't actually make it, but for now this will do...

May 9, 2008

Ugly Betty

I love how Ugly Betty seems to be cramming in more story per episode, like the producers are trying to make up for the time they were off air during the strike...
Charlie is making Betty's life miserable, always appearing during her dates with Henry and interrupting their time together. She finally is able to get a lunch date with Henry, and Charlie manages to get that cancelled too. Instead of fighting, Betty goes to the yoga class to make nice with Charlie, and be her friend instead of fighting. Charlie bickers with Betty through the class, so the teacher throws them out... and Charlie says how mad she is that she is missing her baby shower in Tucson, and Betty happily jumps all over it and decides to throw one for Charlie herself. Betty ends up flying in tamales from Tucson so Charlie can eat them at the shower! Amanda (wearing the cutest mirror dress) finagles and invite to the party for some random reason. Betty is spending a lot of time planning this baby shower... it's starting to get to her... she bumps into Mrs. Meade in the hallway and they talk about how Betty is planning this baby shower for the pregnant ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend who is leaving her to raise the baby! Betty realizes what a nutso situation she is in and tries to figure out how to tell Henry they need to wake up and end it. As she is trying to talk to Hilda about what to say, Henry shows up at the door and tells Betty they need to stay together forever! Henry has a friend who works in the airline industry, and they can fly back and forth every weekend and keep their relationship going... (Awww, so sweet)... just in time for the baby shower to start! Charlie shows up at the door and is obviously miffed to see Henry there. Charlie acts kinda bitchy during the whole shower- she criticizes the pinata and complains that the food isn't fresh enough. Amanda shows up in a little black dress and claims she is going to have to leave but she might be able to stay for a few minutes- and then asks why everyone is so fat at the party! (It's all pregnant chicks!)

More about the shower in a minute, but meanwhile a lot of other things are going on:

Justin (yay, they gave him some lines!) is in trouble because his gym coach is failing him, so Hilda wants to meet with him... and boy is she happy to see how cute the gm teacher is- played by Eddie Cibrian (yum!).
The next day Justin tells his mom to back off because the coach gave him detention in gym after Hilda yelled at him. Hilda invites Coach Diaz over to give him a haircut to try to patch things up for Justin... but she is so busy flirting with him she accidentally cuts his ear!!! Oops! She talks to Betty about how she has a tiny crush on Coach Diaz and decides she needs to go over and apologize to him.
Hilda apologizes to Coach Diaz and they agree that Justin can pass if he helps choreograph some cheer leading routines.

Wilhelmina and Mark are hilariously planning a press conference to reveal that Christina is carrying Bradford Meade's baby (for Wilhelmina of course). Christina gets a clean bill of health from the doctor, and after Wilhelmina hears that everything is good, she finds out from the doctor that the baby is a 'Meade/Slater' baby... so she obviously didn't know whose baby Wilhelmina made her carry! When Wilhelmina and Mark come back into the room looking for her, Christina is gone! (And now they know she knows its Bradford's baby).
Wilhelmina and Mark go into panic mode trying to find Christina.
(Christina is at her husband's apartment, crying and asking him what she should do now that she knows the plan). Stuart, her husband, convinces Christina that instead of hiding from Wilhelmina, they should ask her for more money... when Christina wakes up, she sees Wilhelmina and Mark in the kitchen talking to Stuart- and walks out without agreeing to anything.
Daniel shows up for a meeting at Mode, only to find out that the photographer cancelled because 'an employee at Mode slept with her and never called back'... ahem, Daniel...but Betty saves the day and gets the photographer to re-schedule and come in after all. She also tells Daniel he should see a therapist, maybe he is having issues because of Renee, so Betty sets up an appointment for Daniel to meet with a therapist. The therapist is a hottie, and she kicks Daniel out of her office after he flirts with her and says he can come back when he is ready to talk seriously. He comes back and discusses why he likes flirting with the new therapist, and women in general. The next thing they know, Daniel and the therapist get up from the couch, putting back on their clothes! She throws him out, saying she needs to call her shrink!

Back to the shower- randomly, Daniel shows up in the middle of Charlie's baby shower to ask Betty for money... he woke up some where in Queens after a crazy night out after the fiasco with the therapist...and at the same time Christina shows up to ask Betty for help with Wilhelmina. Daniel goes out with Betty's dad to get some more groceries for the party, and while they are out together, they talk about how to make Daniel feel a little better. The tamales arrive from Charlie's favorite place in Tucson- and Charlie hates them immediately. Betty gets mad that it all isn't good enough for Charlie and confronts her on it, and then... woosh... Charlie's water breaks!!!

She starts having contractions (with hilarious commentary from the ever oblivious Amanda). Charlie's contractions are getting worse and Betty has to get her in a cab and to the birthing center, but instead Charlie says she wants the drugs (no natural childbirth after all) and Betty calls 911...the ambulance is taking a long time and Henry isn't there yet so Betty has to care for Charlie. Charlie asks Betty to hold her hand and while she has her in her grip, Charlie makes Betty admit why she threw the shower for her and admits that it was too hard to watch Henry fall in love with Charlie and that's why she cheated (kind of a weak argument). Then the ambulance arrives.
They tell Charlie she has to do it naturally and they can't even move her because she is too far along with the delivery. Henry finally gets there, to take over. Betty is in the kitchen when the baby comes- a boy- and Henry comes in to tell her. As she watches Henry hold his new son and smile at Charlie, Betty starts crying...

Christina goes to see Wilhelmina and shows her the video of the sonogram and makes her promise to always care for this baby and make sure it is never left wanting for anything.

Daniel goes to a meeting with Alexis and his mother and starts giving input about the magazine layout. He says he realized he is always looking for meaning in his life everywhere except right there, that he loves his job and is good at it.
As they are standing in the conference room, the video of the sonogram comes on the screen and Wilhelmina walks out and tells them she is having Bradford's baby and wants a third of the Meade empire to take care of it.

Hold on to your seats, next weeks episode should be a doozy!

May 6, 2008

David Archuleta "Stand By Me" & "Love Me Tender"

I love this kids voice- and his version of 'Stand By Me' was really refreshingly sweet and nice to hear...
His first song was "Stand By Me"
Second song "Love Me Tender"

I think David might win this entire contest based just on his song choices!

May 5, 2008

The Bachelor (Women Tell All Episode)

This episode is usually my favorite of the entire season, mostly because you get to see the women's true colors, after they have been rejected- and it can get pretty nasty!
I know, I know, it's just a way to stretch out the season and get more viewers for the finale... but it's sometimes so hilarious too.

Amanda was (shockingly) let go last week, so I am certain she will have a lot to say on this episode. The other loudmouths (Marshanna, Robin) will also probably make their displeasure at being let go known loud and clear...

Of course the first thing that Chris brings up is Stacey and her 'gift' to Matt- her panties on the first night!
It's obvious that she was very drunk that night- and when asked to explain it, she says she is very embarrassed and that isn't her true character, and goes on to say she only did it because she really wanted Matt to remember her (too bad it backfired, she would have been hilarious to watch during the following weeks).

Robin is the first one asked to join Chris in the 'hot seat' and he digs right in and asks her why she doesn't seem to get along with women. (She really annoys me, but I get what her strategy was). She didn't actually have much to say after that...

In the hot seat next, Marshanna.

Whew- from the clips it seems like all she did the whole season was pick fights and get in the other girls faces! She actually tells Robin on the stage that 'she is dismissed' after she doesn't like what Robin says to her... yikes.
I still truly dislike her harsh personality...

Amanda is up now, talking to Chris.
She makes a very valid point- Matt never voiced any concerns with her, the way he did with Shayne and Chelsea, and when she says how she thought he was pranking her when he didn't call her name, it's funny but kind of sad- she really believed he was going to marry her!

The funniest thing is the 'meep' montage- how she gets chronic hiccups whenever she gets nervous!
Matt comes out and gives Amanda a chance to talk to him, but nothing else really gets clarified. Marshanna surprises me by saying she 'felt really good leaving, knowing that great girls like Noelle and Amanda were still there'...caught me off guard.

The final word goes to Stacey, who brings out a pair of pink striped granny panties and gives them to Matt- funny comeback!
The 'funny clips' montage is cute, but I feel like they really only showed things that we've seen before.
Matt ends it by saying he is engage, and that he couldn't be happier and is looking forward to the future (I bet Shayne, just a feeling).
Not that I don't like Chelsea-
Just, I think Matt likes the idea of Shayne's random life and who she is...

(During the break they promo-ed the next season- The Bachelorette starring the very jilted Deanna DePappas, the girl Brad Womack didn't choose, after he didn't choose the other girl either!)

May 4, 2008

Iron Man

I caught an afternoon showing of the new movie 'Iron Man' starring the very random (and missed) Robert Downey Jr., as Tony Stark/Iron Man, with Gwyneth Paltrow as his assistant Pepper Potts and Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges and Jon Favreau.
Go watch the trailer here -

Few thoughts- Jeff Bridges is a weird guy to cast as a bad guy. The beard he sports in this one just doesn't do it for me, I kept expecting to see him in overalls shoveling hay or whatever it is that farmers do.
Jon Favreau directs, and also cast himself as Tony's driver- which is cute, but if you have no idea who Jon is (e.g. never saw 'Very Bad Things') then this means nothing to you.
Gwyneth...hmmm... she looks flawless, and this character is perfect for her- but I was a bit surprised- usually established movie stars don't play the 'sidekick/assistant' role in superhero movies- isn't that usually left to bubbly young bright things making their first big blockbuster? Regardless, she looks great in it.
Another random casting is Terrence Howard- I mean, he is cute to look at, but it feels very random that he is the US Air Force guy who is Tony's best friend... can't really explain it better than that.

Robert Downey Jr., is, however, fabulous! And the chemistry between him and Paltrow is great, so I approve- plus, I cannot remember the last thing I saw him in, and it was nice to see him on the big screen again.

Now, the movie- WOW!
Go see it!
It's a bit long (after two hours anyone's rear end will get pins and needles- mine did) but so well done. I have two complaints, and they are pretty random- the first is that I felt that a guy as rich as Tony Stark would definitely be driving something wayyyy cooler than the Audi R8. (Since I was watching, I noticed that Pepper's car was also an Audi, plus two others, so obviously they bought airtime...I get it, but still). He should have been driving a Bugatti- or even cooler, they should have made him a Bugatti Roadster! (You read it here first). Plus, in the garage it looks like among other cars he has a Tesla parked there, so it would have been cool to see him driving that- even if in reality there is only one car in the world right now and the Tesla CEO is driving it...
Second, when Tony is told that his shareholder's have filed an injunction against him to bar him from making company decisions it occurred to me that again, a guy as rich as he is should not have a public company anyway- why bother? Just buy out all the shareholder's and do as you please...
But then there really would have been no story, so...
Very well done- my favorite part was the robot nicknamed 'Butterfingers' who was a little trigger happy with the fire extinguisher, seriously, I was giggling...
Also, when Tony was building the robot shell, the 'technology' where he has a 3d image and can fit his hand in the sleeve and make changes was pretty cool.

Hope this movie continues to do well, I walked out feeling good and like it was $5 well spent (it's cheaper here on a Sunday afternoon, what can I say)

May 1, 2008

Ugly Betty

I finally had a chance to watch the new episode of Ugly Betty from last week- just in time to watch this weeks new episode on TV!

So fun! The show made a great post-strike comeback starting with Betty's birthday, and all the major drama that came with it. First she was supposed to have a weekend away with Henry, but then pregnant Charlie showed up and spoiled it, so Betty re-planned it so she and Henry could have a romantic weekend out in Manhattan... but Charlie prevented that from happening too, and poor Betty spent the evening at the fancy restaurant waiting for Henry to show... only to be rescued by Geo with a horse and carriage!

But last week's episode had nothing on the commotion that went down this week- first, Rene (Gabrielle Union) went all crazy on Betty, accusing her of trying to get with Daniel. This was, of course, Wilhemina's fault because she had Mark switch Rene's meds for diet pills- so literally, Rene went crazy.

The insanity peaked when Rene traps Betty in Daniel's apartment, surrounding by hundreds and hundreds of candles- which naturally escalated into a fire and the funniest line- Betty turns to Daniel as he breaks down the door, fire extinguisher in hand and her hair singed and smoking and says "You don't pay me enough'.

This all would have made for an exciting enough episode, but then Christian Siriano and Nina Garcia (made famous by Project Runway) guest star in a special meeting with Alexis and Daniel. It really had nothing to do with all the rest of the episode but since Mode is a fashion magazine and all, it was nice to see this nod to fashion. Christian was great, and he definitely has a tv personality, so I hope we see him again.

Christina is still at Wilhemina's apartment, eavesdropping and pregnant (actually, I can't remember if she is actually pregnant or still trying) and Amanda is hilarious, as always, wearing KISS t-shirts and reminding everyone that yes, Gene Simmons is her father...

My only complaint is that Justin, my favorite character, has had a very small role in the past two episodes- I hope he gets more in the coming weeks, he is awesome!

I have missed this show- welcome back!