Apr 28, 2008

Samantha Who

I missed this show- thankfully, they have started airing new episodes again... I still think Jean Smart (playing Samantha's mom) is the best character by far- she is just so funny. Christina Applegate does a great comedic job- reminds me of her character in 'The Sweetest Thing' which is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Anyway, I highly recommend going to http://www.abc.com/ and watching all of the previous episodes- they are pretty short but if you watch them all in a row it adds up to basically another movie... so I guess my rambling ends with if you like 'The Sweetest Thing' watch all these episodes back to back and enjoy!

Oh, and randomness Eliza Dushku AND Jerry O'Connell (yes, the one who married Rebecca Romjin) guest star this week!

Sorry, not my best post- waiting for The Bachelor to start already :)

Apr 26, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

You can check out this movie at it's official website- http://www.forgettingsarahmarshall.com/

Or you can read my review here.

I loved this movie! In the first five minutes the wholesome, do gooder image that Marshall from the show 'How I Met Your Mother' has cultivated over the past seasons was completely shattered when we are treated to a full frontal shot of him. Entirely. Naked.

It was actually extremely funny, and a tiny bit uncomfortable. The premise of the movie is that Peter (Jason Seger) gets dumped by his tv star girlfriend (played by Kristen Bell) and to get over her after weeks of suffering, he goes to Hawaii.

Unfortunately for them both, he goes to the same place she is staying- with her new guy- whom she was also with for the past year. Ouch. Mila Kunis plays a cute dysfunctional customer service front desk clerk who takes pity on him and books him into the best suite and even though he could just leave, he stays- comedy ensues.

There are a ton of small funny things that I won't spoil for you, but all in all I laughed (a few times out loud) and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I do not suggest you watch it with your parents or anyone that it would be uncomfortable to see a naked man with- seriously, it gets tiny bit graphic... but in a well intentioned hilarious way...


The Fountain

I typically blog about shows I watch on TV, but I watched the most visually beautiful movie I have ever seen (maybe 'Pan's Labyrinth' beats it) this weekend and I just need to share about it.

It's called 'The Fountain' and is came out in 2006. It stars Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Burstyn, Ethan Suplee- ok, I don't expect you to recognize this last actor- but he plays Randy on 'My Name is Earl'.

You can cheat and read the plot outline at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0414993/ or you can take my word for it and just watch it, without knowing much about the story. It is so stunning to watch, I literally couldn't take my eyes off the screen for the entire movie.

According to someone else who watched the movie right before I did, Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett were supposed to star in the film, but they dropped out- according to Wikipedia, he is right http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fountain_%28film%29. It was originally supposed to be filmed in 2002 with a $70 million budget, but Brad Pitt bowed out after not liking the direction the script was headed and when Daren Aronofsky breathed life back into the project in 2005, it had half the budget. As a result, they had to really cobble together the graphics and visuals- but what they came up with is breathtaking.

I recommend this movie with a warning- it is sad. Please beware that you may actually shed a tear or two... or if you're like me surreptitiously bawl your eyes out as quietly as you can so no one else notices how much it affects you :) It has three story lines going on at once- if you read the wikipedia entry you already know that, I don't want to give away too much in case you will actually take my word and watch it, but if you won't, go read the summary- it is truly a 'smart' movie and I walked away from it feeling as though I had just seen an intimate view into a painful world.

I wish more movies were this well thought out, this thought provoking, this heart wrenching.
Well done.

Apr 25, 2008

Gray's Anatomy

Finally, a new episode last night! Is it awful that I found it just a
little bit boring- it felt like I was watching a rerun!!!

I am unable to do a big long post about it right now, but I will try
to do that and also blog about the new Lost episode and Ugly Betty
(which I haven't had time to watch yet).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Apr 22, 2008

David Archuletta - Think of Me

David Archuletta sings 'Think of Me' from Phantom of the Opera (one of my favorites)

It actually reminded me of that blah elevator music you hear in a doctor's waiting room or something- but having said that, it was a decent, interesting performance.

Ouch- I actually agree with Simon- good performance but David's personal weakest one yet.

Jason Castro - Memories

Is there anything this guy can't sing?

Jason chose the Andrew Lloyd Weber hit and although it wasn't belted out in the highest possible note, it was a new version of a great song- way to go Jason!

Also, he wore a suit- Niiice!

Apr 21, 2008

The Bachelor

Last week I forgot to choose my pics for who would go home in the Rose game- and I would have gotten a perfect score!!! Both Marshanna and Robin are history!!!

This week, the Bachelor gets to go to the homes of the four remaining girls-
Amanda, Chelsea, Shayne and Noelle.
I like them all, but Amanda was my favorite from the beginning.
Shayne has started to grow on me- she is totally wrong for him but she's really funny and adorable in her own way. I hope they are the final two...

Up first- Shayne and Lorenzo Lamas.
(Who is Lorenzo? You've seen him in at least something- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001444/)

He looks great, although he immediately starts ripping into why Shayne went on the show in the first place. Ouch.
But then she smooths it out, and Lorenzo brings Matt into another room and basically tells him not to mess with her feelings. Matt gets Lorenzo's blessings... good for him!
Then, they go to see Shayne's mother- Michelle.
She has a leopard print girly house that Shayne bought for her, and wears pink lipstick- fuchsia pink- and matching eyeshadow too!!!
Her younger sister is cute too- they are obviously very California!
Michelle shows Matt old home movies of Shayne dancing... so funny!
Matt passes with flying colors!!!!

Now, Chelsea, in Durango, CO.
Her parents look like sweet, good hearted people.
Then her dad asks "So is it the 25 or the one?"
Meaning, did Matt get into it for all the girls or to find just one- and Matt actually tells how his dad had a stroke at the end of 2006 and that helped Matt realize that he was ready to settle down.
Chelsea admits to her dad that she didn't want to like Matt because she doesn't want to get hurt, but she likes him and she needs to tell him.
Um, the promo just said that this is the season finale- oops- I didn't know!

I think Amanda will be the final one- unless something happens and from the look of her hometown visit it might be just a bit too weird!
On to Noelle (also from Colorado)
It's a tad awkward and they definitely grill him the most (so far) but I think Matt sees bigger potential in Noelle long term, there is something that's just... right...about the two of them.

Ohhhh Amanda.
She was my favorite- until she reveals that she hired two ACTORS to portray her parents in order to prank Matt.
In my opinion, not the right time for a prank.
The actors are rude, over the top and make it totally uncomfortable for Matt.
Amanda's fake mom totally hits on Matt and then her fake dad comes out and 'catches' it- and finally Amanda comes out and apologizes for how 'weird' her parents are being- and poor Matt makes excuses for them telling her it's probably difficult for them to meet him!
She finally tells him the joke is on him and he is "IMPRESSED" - his words, not mine!
Huh? I mean, I'm glad he took it well, but still, seriously was this the right time for Amanda to prove how she could 'get' Matt?
He liked her real parents a lot more!!!

Rose Ceremony- Matt has to send one girl home- I think that Chelsea is going tonight- maybe Noelle- I'm torn.
(And confused- thought this was the finale???)

Shayne gets the first rose.

Amanda get the second.
(I know, I am getting good at predicting this stuff!)
I think Chelsea goes.

Final rose goes to... Chelsea.
Bye Noelle (c'mon two out of three isn't bad!)

And, the final three are going to Barbados next week.... I still think the final two are Amanda and Shayne.

How I Met Your Mother (Robin Sparkles Edition)

As a Canadian, I totally get all the jokes HIMYM hides within the show bashing Canada and Canadian...ese?
Just Kidding- anyway, tonight's episode brings us yet another Robin Sparkles pop video!!! And this one stars James Van Der Beek (whom we haven't seen since Dawson's Creek stopped playing in re-runs on the Lifetime channel...)

Click here for a sneak peek of 'Sandcastles in the Sand':

I'm sure it will be all over the web as soon as the show is over- but I'm too tired to search for it just yet- and I want to watch the episode!!!
You can click here for a spoiler and to watch the whole video...
Barney and Robin make out!!!!!!

Apr 20, 2008

SmartCar (not brilliant, just smart)

So, I spent the last two weeks zipping around in a SmartCar.
You know the one- it's a mini mini tonka looking clown car very common in Europe and making big waves in the US right now (Still no idea? It's also the funny car Inspector Clouseau drives in 'The Pink Panther'). 1200 miles, 5 gas fill-ups and one bug spattered windshield later, I am ready to write up my review of the car.

To begin with, if you have no clue what car I am talking about, go to http://www.smartusa.com/ and educate yourself. This car is made by Mercedes, and has (surprisingly) tons of interior space, despite its diminutive exterior. I'm 5"8 ish and feel absolutely HUGE standing next to it, but once inside it has a lot of extra room, and very thoughtful ledges and nooks to stow stuff like cell phones, sunglasses...

They have a $99 reservation program where you can get on the list to buy one of these cars- and since I signed up a year ago and just got called now to get my own car, expect to wait at least 6-8 months -if not more- if you sign up today.
(Side note- if you really really want one today, you can have mine a black/black convertible- email me and we can talk)

Consider this- the cheapest base model coupe version is approx $12,000.
The most expensive version is the Passion (convertible) and reaches a staggering... wait for it... $18,000!!!
That's extremely affordable for a convertible- compare it to Edmunds.com which says that the cheapest convertible out there starts at $20,000- remember, that's a base model with no options, while the Smart's $18,000 sticker is fully loaded!

Now, some of the cons- stop booing, you knew there would be a few...

*bumpy ride- NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DRIVING FROM LA TO SACRAMENTO!!! You constantly have to re-steer the car, it tends to drift all over the highway, which can really freak you out on the mountains at 85mph, which yes, it can reach.

*High winds WILL toss you around a bit- I recently read Car & Driver's review of the car and one line stuck with me:
"Passing an 18-wheeler in a Smart in the dark at 70 mph is a tad unnerving; the wind was sometimes strong enough to jar the car’s path ever so slightly and cause the steering wheel to move, which will raise the hair on anyone’s neck."
I concur. You can read their entire review here:

*While it can reach speeds of 85-90 MPH, don't expect it to happen in an instant- it gets to 35 just fine and dandy, anything after that takes a bit of time- so don't dash out into that intersection and try to merge unless you KNOW there are no cars heading your way!

*Get used to a lot of "What kind of a car is that" and "My car could squish that like a bug!" comments. I tried to pretend it didn't bother me, but halfway through the first hour I was totally over the extra attention.

*It only gets about 35-40 MPG which is disappointing, you'd expect it to get at least 50 right? I know I tend to drive harder than most, but still, I expected it to be a bit more efficient.

*It does this little dip thing where the front bows down when I accelerate, and then it rises back up as it gains speed- makes you feel like you're in a low tech golf cart, and gets on your nerves after a while (To be fair, if you manually shift the gears using the paddles on either side of the steering wheel it is much smoother- but who wants to work when they're driving?!!? There's a reason I demanded an automatic!)

*I'm not certain but I think the car rattles a LOT more now that we drove it up to Northern Cali and back- I don't remember if it was that loud before, but it gurgles a lot now.

*HUGE difference if it's just me in the car, or if it's myself and my 5"10 husband. HUGE. When I drove it alone, I felt very light and the winds definitely messed with me a lot more- when he got in the car, the wind still affected us, but the car hesitated longer when I accelerated and was noticeable more sluggish in general.

*Since they are fairly new in the US, calling the 1-800-SmartCar number for roadside help is a bit disappointing- the reps (Mine was in Pennsylvania) aren't actually familiar with the cars and are pretty clueless- a light went on in mine (triangle with an exclamation mark) and the rep was pretty sure it meant my stability ride control had to be reset, but in reality had no idea what the light meant and (seriously) asked me to call back and LET HIM KNOW if the light went off the next time I started the car. Hmmmmm- not exactly confidence inspiring huh? (It was the stability thing- the light is off now).
On the plus side, it's fun to get around WITHIN the city- and extremely easy to park almost anywhere. I liked the AUX option, which allowed me to plug in my Iphone and listen to my own music, and it has seat warmers- which are completely unnecessary in California, but being from NY I can appreciate the gesture. It's kinda cute and makes people smile, spreading good cheer wherever I go.

To sum up: It's a fun car, really cheap, and guaranteed to garner attention (if that's your thing). I think it will have an initial hot run and but by the end of summer people will get tired of them, or at least get over the 'OMG I want one" feeling- I don't think the car itself will physically last as long as some other cars and since driving it any distance is extremely tiring, it won't win compared with a Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris (which can also hold two more people). The only saving grace is that at $12,000 a base coupe version is the most affordable car on the road, so it may become popular as a good commuter car or possibly a teen car.

If safety is your worry, rest assured- someone posted a YouTube video that set my mind at rest (I only saw it after my road trip)
I was shopping today and as I headed back to the car, I heard a kid remark to his mom "Look, it's just my size- can I have it Mom?"
Great, add 'has kid appeal' to the list of pros ;)

Apr 12, 2008

Anjelah Johnson -Comedy

You may have already heard her comedy routine about the Vietnamese nail salon, but if you haven't you should definitely watch it- she is really funny (although her imitation has a random southern twang to it) and she captured the essence of what happens in these salons to a tee!

I had never heard of her (actually randomly found her by typing 'comedy' into youtube search on my iphone when I was bored one day) but now as I am looking for more clips I found out that she joined Mad TV- which must have been recent because I used to watch it a lot... not so much anymore though- here is her myspace page:

There is also a funny routine about Mexican families...

Apr 11, 2008

Way to go Craig Ferguson!!!

This just in (courtesy of perezhilton.com) Craig Ferguson's late night show beat out Conan O'Brien! Finally!
Conan is ok, but sometimes he's a little manic and gets on my nerves... but I went to a Craig Ferguson taping last month and he is actually really really funny! I hope this means he will eventually be able to replace David Letterman (I know, I know, different networks but I can dream) and then beat out Conan again!!!

Here's the article Perez wrote below:
Bad news for NBC. Very bad!
As Conan O'Brien is set to replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show next year……
Craig Ferguson, whose Late Late Show began in January 2005, finally managed to beat his competition for the first time in over three years.
This marks the first time Ferguson's show has gotten higher ratings than Conan's Late Night.
Ferguson's executive producer, Peter Lassally, stated that Ferguson's "getting looser and looser all the time and for the last few months it's clear that he's having such a good time that you can't resist it as a viewer."
That's great news for Ferguson, who's probably been having a great start of the year. Just two months ago, the Scottish Ferguson was officially sworn in as a US Citizen after passing his American citizenship test.
And now, later this month he will be hosting the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C., which as you know, Perezzers will also be attending!
In response to Ferguson's ratings spike, NBC noted that O'Brien was still ahead with viewers aged 18-49, to which the network bases its advertising sales on. And with the younger half of the demographic, O'Brien gets more viewers than David Letterman.
We wouldn't know who's better to watch. We're usually passed out by the time both shows air!

Apr 8, 2008

David Archuletta - Angels

I can't decide!
David Archuletta or Jason Castro?????
How awesome is this kid???


Jason Castro - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Seriously, why is this guy not a world famous singer? I love most of the stuff he has done on American Idol- check out his latest: Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Apr 7, 2008

The Bachelor

Another week, another episode where you can actually watch America's pride eroding... by way of the nine women left who insist that conventional dating just isn't enough for them and that in order to find true love, in it's purest form, they must appear on a tv show... and I happily watch.

I know Amanda is my favorite, but I hope there is more drama from her this week.
There will be one group date, one individual date (where she either gets a rose or goes home) and one double date- where one women does go home...

The group date is tennis and tea- sounds, well actually kind of boring, but that is one of many reasons why I am not on the show... many reasons.
(I have a secret belief that the English don't actually have 'afternoon tea'- they just like watching us all think they have tea and imitate them...)
Chelsea is a great athlete, she probably deserves the date rose, if its only based on athleticism.
Shayne, my favorite Malibu barbie, actually does a sick handstand leap thing- to the surprise of us all! Girl wears six inch heels and can do a double tuck back flip!
Ashlee is starting to annoy me... its her dopey giggle, and the way she keeps singing, like she actually has a singing career and this is something she is doing on the side... we all know she's really here to get exposure, and if she gets a date on the way, cool... giggle...she does physically resemble Jewel, but that's about where the similarity ends!
They all had tea after tennis, and pretended to not think about the rose, which was exactly what they were all focused on.
Robyn talked wayyyy too much about tea...but it was a way of keeping his attention on her, so it obviously worked because he went on a walk with her.
Shayne takes it upon herself to show Robyn how obnoxious she is... DRAMA..meow!
Matt gives the rose to Chelsea! She's safe for another week (my third fave girl, so... nice!)

Meanwhile, the second date box arrived- Amanda gets the one on one date! Yay! Yikes!!! She better get the rose!!!

That pits Holly and Marshanna against each other for the two on one date- which you can bet ABC will air over and over again, like they did a few seasons ago when that girl bawled her eyes out after Andy left her in the freezing cold and flew off in a helicopter with the other girl (it was rated most dramatic moment ever on the recap show)

Amanda is stunning- I am nervous for her that if she doesn't open up a little he'll send her home. (Matt does an awful Fonze impression)
The theme of their date is a 50's diner- guess a Brits idea of fun on the US?
She doesn't have the meeps yet!
They fall into an easy discussion, then they do a 50's dance... kinda. Matt can't dance.
Matt gives Amanda the rose, without hesitation, and she still hasn't meeped once yet!!!
Then they go to the Santa Monica Pier- which is open only for them! How fun!!!
They smooch at the top of the ferris wheel.... awwww

Holly and Marshanna's date box arrives, in a big pot- filled with cooking utensils. Drama starts before the date even does- mostly from Marshanna- I really want her to go home.
She's a hard person, her whole personality is hardcore, and that is so intense day in and day out, she truly needs to hang out on Venice Beach for a while and see how to RELAX!
Marshanna states 'there isn't anything holding me to New York' which really doesn't fit with her whole "I'm from NY and a fashion designer' mantra from earlier.
Holly says it in a sweeter way "Put me on a deserted island, it doesn't matter, all I need is you..."
You can tell who I want to stay...
Yuck, Marshanna kisses Matt and he stops kissing her before she stops, and he's awkwardly looking at her kissing him... so odd.
Please send Marshanna home, please- what an idiot.
I am speechless.
He sent Holly home.

Blah. On to the rose ceremony- if he sends Shayne home I will be so mad.
Not really, but annoyed.

Besides Marshanna
and Chelsea
and Amanda are safe...
Getting the rose is:

Shayne (thank goodness, all is not lost yet!)

Robyn (don't get it, but better than Marshanna)

Noelle are safe...
That makes:

So Ashlee and Kelly are out... I'm ok with that for this week, except Marshanna!!!
Ashlee fake cries and tells the camera how she 'wishes he saw more to her than just her songwriting' and then proceeds to half sniffle/half cry/half sing the rest of her interview about how broken hearted she is!!!
Thanks Ashlee, maybe you'll get an audition out of it!

Samantha Who

Samantha Who is ba-ack!
I love Christina Applegate as the amnesiac (is that even a real word) goof who used to be a real bi-atch but is now turning her life around, mostly because she simply doesn't remember how awful she used to be... we should all be so lucky, right?

Anyway, new episode aired tonight- you can watch it at http://www.abc.com/ -or click on the title of this post cuz I learned how to embed it there :)

Jennifer Esposito is actually a diamond in the rough on this show- hilarious and awesome, albeit slightly miscast cuz she should be playing this character in some sort of movie...
But the real hidden awesomeness of this show is Jean Smart- playing Samantha's mom...
Check it out!

The Bachelor: Meeps Edition (And my 100th Post!)

I laughed so hard when I stumbled across this website today I almost wet myself.

I am Amanda's number one supporter, I hope she wins- and someone else out there was wayyyy more creative than me and printed up a whole bunch of shirts with the 'meeps' slogan. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about- meeps are hiccups, specifically the kind that sound like 'meep'.

Amanda gets them whenever she gets nervous.
It's actually kinda cute and extremely funny.

Go Team Meeps!!!
Keep tuned- I'll be posting my Bachelor blog later tonight- and remember to make your pics...

Apr 6, 2008

Miss Guided

Miss Guided is a really enjoyable show. I watched it since the pilot and laughed and have started to look forward to each week's episodes.

Ashton Kutcher is involved (producer/creator not sure exactly and can't be bothered to find out) but he also gave himself a starring role a few episodes ago...

This week, he also gave his step-daughter Rumer Willis a part to play. Not that I'm jealous (I'm totally jealous) but how awesome is it that your step-dad is Ashton Kutcher? Think of all the free designer boxers she gets??? Not only that, but Demi Moore is her mom (no pressure there) so she HAS to be pretty one day... right?
You can watch a clip here:

Anyway, I actually thought she did a decent job of reciting her lines and playing a disturbed teen who keeps pulling the fire alarm. Although, to be fair, it's not such an acting stretch, but that's ok.

The real star of the show is Judy Greer (the blonde in the pic) who plays a guidance counselor in the actual high school she once attended- very smart concept because they can keep flashing back to her horrendous high school experiences!

Cute show, funny concepts- hope it keeps getting better!

Apr 2, 2008

She's ****ing Obama


If you ever spent even a minute of your life watching any of the debates this year- this makes all those lost moments worth it.
Check it out

www.hmatkin.blogspot.com is the creator- give him props too on his site!

(So funny, even Perez Hilton posted it! - http://perezhilton.com/2008-04-02-shes-fuing-obama)

A picture is worth a thousand words...

No commentary from me necessary... this says it all.

Apr 1, 2008

The Bachelor (Week Three)

I remembered to make my pick this week before the game closed! I am watching the episode online at http://www.abc.com/, and after I will choose my new picks for the week and tell you how many points I made this week...
(21 out of a possible 27! Make your pick here: http://games.abc.go.com/bachelor/frontpage)
So, Holly gets the first one-on-one date with Matt- which is a double edged sword because if he doesn't give her the rose on the date, she has to leave immediately after it. On the plus side, she gets to attend a Hollywood premiere (Made of Honor, starring Patrick Dempsey) with him, so that's fun! (Matt actually seems more excited than Holly to be going to a red carpet event... I am not sure how I feel about that yet).
How cute (and staged) they kiss as they exit the limo. I just noticed, she is wearing a pair of shoes I used to own about five years ago! Her dress is super fun though. Why did they get to put their hand prints in concrete? (And how schoolboy of Matt to graffiti 'Matt + Holly' with a heart too?)
Obviously it was a staged premiere- because the entire theater was empty except for the two of them. This also means that the press outside was there for the show, not for the movie... kind of a disappointment for me.
It's ok, after the movie (which looks decent!) they WALK across the street to the Roosevelt Hotel and go up to the penthouse (Hint: The real party is always down by the pool, but whatever!) They have dinner out on the rooftop terrace, but the whole time Holly keeps looking at the rose- it gets awkward when Matt says it seems as though they are almost TOO comfortable with each other... finally, when they are already kissing in the hot tub, he gives her the rose. One down.
Ha Ha- the producers have a great sense of humor (for once) when they have the concrete with Matt and Holly's hand prints delivered to the house- totally psyches the other girls out!

The group date is ten girls (minus Shayne who is getting the second one-on-one date) playing rugby.
In U.K, an old saying goes "football is a gentleman's game played by ruffians and rugby is a ruffians game played by gentleman". In most rugby-playing countries, rugby union is widely regarded as an "establishment," historically amateur sport, played mostly by members of the middle classes. For example, many students at private schools and grammar schools play rugby union. By contrast, rugby league has traditionally been seen as a working and middle class, professional, pursuit. A contrast to this ideology is evident in the neighbouring unions of England and Wales. In England the sport is very much associated with the public schools system (i.e. independent/private schools). In Ireland, rugby union is also associated with private education and the "D4" stereotype, and this image of the spoilt, ignorant, wealthy rugby-playing jock inspired the best-selling Ross O'Carroll Kelly novels. In Wales, rugby is associated with small village teams which consisted of coal miners and other industrial workers playing on their days off.
Wonder which game the girls played???
While they were out wrestling in the mud for Matt's attention, Holly let Shayne in on a little secret- she (gasp) brought her spray tanner to the house! Shayne gets all psyched jumping up and down squealing how awesome that is... the next scene is Shayne in a shower cap and bikini getting airbrushed in a bathtub! Seriously.
Back to rugby...
Marshana gets cracked in the mouth (or is it a trick to get attention from Matt... which is what all the other girls assume immediately) turns out its real and she split her lip (ew).
Except it totally worked and she got attention from Matt.
After the game they head back to Matt's house (its not his REAL house dummies- just where the production is keeping him during filming, yeesh!) and the real date begins when all the girls vie for the rose... Kelly and Matt get a massage and she comes on really strong, but later Matt and Robyn mack it in the hot tub...
Matt gives the rose to Robyn. (Cue the cat fights ladies!)
Maserati time!
Matt picks up Shayne in a production borrowed Mas and they go to a wine tasting... if she doesn't get a rose, she's out.
They actually have a decent discussion, and she finally tells him who her dad is (Lorenzo Lamas) but Matt also voices his concern that she's not ready for marriage at 22- which she kind of agrees with but also says she is open to it with the right guy (my words,not hers).
She admits she has at least 400 pairs of shoes, and that she is high maintenance... Matt describes her 'sometimes being one sandwich short of a picnic, and other times being the greatest thing since sliced bread'.
But Malibu Barbie gets her rose (plays a little coy about accepting it, but we're on to her tactics- hello, she's an actress...)
Pre Rose Ceremony Cocktail time- Robyn (who already has a rose from the group date) interrupts some of the one-on-one time Matt is having with the other girls, and the other girls confront her about it after... then it's time for the roses-
Already safe:
Holly, Robyn and Shayne

Now- the remaining girls:

Amanda (still my favorite!)


Kelly (WHY!!!)



Marshana (another WHY!!!)
Bye bye to the other three...


and Kristine.