Nov 15, 2007

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007

Le sigh. I hope that I will remember to scrounge for an invitation every year- and somehow every year the event sneaks up on me and it is too late!

The show is taping tonight in LA, and the Spice Girls will be performing... the rest of the planet can watch it on CBS on Dec. 4. (They will also have it available online- go to

Heidi Klum has obviously reigned supreme at these shows since she manages to have a kid just before each one and turn herself out even more spectacularly than before!

This year, I am looking forward to the new girl- Miranda Kerr- who had been in the show before but is hitting US super stardom this year thanks in part to her new ad playing everywhere (you know, the one that 'rhymes' air with...air- yeah, their writer's must have gone on strike a while ago)

Anyway, she is pretty cute, and her accent makes her hot- and there are a ton of sites dedicated to her but I chose a G rated one-

Britney's ADD Meds are to Blame


I try so hard to believe in this girl- I buy her music, don't rip on her in my posts, try to support her when people gossip about how horrible she is- but she is making it very difficult.

According to many other bloggers, Britney's lawyer is planning on using the 'I have ADD and that's the medication that blew my drug test' defense in court.

Now, while I support her attorney and all the hard work it takes to represent someone like Britney, I am also painfully aware of how much we know about this superstar;s life- and how traumatized I would feel if it were me! Seriously, do we need to know about every last detail of her meds and what she is suffering from?

I know I will cause controversy here, but I am a little bit glad that Kevin might get the kids permanently- here's why:
He will be under such utter public scrutiny that he can never mess up- not even once- and these kids will actually stand a decent chance of coming out of all of this half normal.

Britney will have nothing else to focus on, and since she has worked hard since she was a little kid, that gene will kick back in and she will start focusing on fixing herself- be that through her music or through something else, I don't know, but NOT dealing with daily court appearances and legal fees and all that garbage will only enhance her life.

So, You Honor, if you deign to read blogs, please give Kevin full custody, give Britney weekend visitation rights plus holidays, and then put a media blackout on EVERYTHING.
We've seen enough of her private life, let's let her lick her wounds in privacy so she can start to heal. I still believe she will do something great again one day.

Nov 10, 2007

Fwd: A celebrity death!

> Just got an alert from
> Norman Mailer -the author who among other books wrote an incredible
> one about Marilyn Monroe passed away.
> I have been obsessed with his stuff since early high school when
> Savage Garden had a song with the words "but on the telephone line I
> am anyone, I am anything I want to be, I could be a caped crusader
> or Norman Mailer, and you wouldn't know the difference or would
> you..."
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Nov 9, 2007


Didn't do much today, just wandered around Venice Beach again for a bit (it was chilly today, but actually pretty warm in the sun)

Nov 8, 2007

11.8.07 Lambo Event

California Speedway, noon

We went to this event for the chance to test drive the very cool, very fast Lamborghini Superleggera (literally translated as Super light b/c they made the car approx 180 lbs lighter than it's siblings with a bit more power too)

So, we started out testing the Green and Gray Gallardo's pictured below- fun, but not the main attraction...
That would be the yellow Superleggera (they had to change the tires, the previous set got run into the ground!!!)

Once the tires were changed, we were back on track and good to go.

Michael Fuschi- probably the best Lambo expert you'll ever meet- he knows everything there is to know about these cars and genuinely loves them... Thanks again Michael and Jeanette!
The coordinator was giving me tips and general instructions while we were getting ready for my turn...
Green or Grey? (I chose green, I've driven the spyder, wanted to try the coupe)
Nick is the best track driver I have ever seen- he took me on a test run and it was unbelievable!!!
Then it was my turn to drive him around the track...
The first part is a straight run, so I floored it...
Those turns are a lot of work- much harder than simply speeding on the highway!

Whew! Such an adrenaline rush though!!!
The other cars were ready to go after me...
The Superleggera ready and rumbling...
...just a speck in the distance...
There is something so freeing about being able to floor a car that can easily reach 120 with minimal effort, secure in the knowledge that no cop is going to pull you over! Oh, and I got a cool hat too, so you know I'm happy!
It was a super fun day and I am so glad I went. Thanks to all the guys from O'gara- Jon, Michael, Manny, Chris and everyone else... it was a fun day, looking forward to another one sometime soon!

Nov 7, 2007

JFK Security

Yeah, not so secure.
The obnoxious woman who checked my ID before security grilled me on if
I had liquids or gels in my bag, and when I honestly replied yes, I
was quick to add they were small sizes (actually they are mostly empty
full sizes but who's looking anyway right?) and she goes on to tell me
they had better be in ziplock bags (does ziplock know about the TSA's
product promotion?) to which I hastily added that they of course were
( truthfully, my toothpaste is and one leak prone toner is too) and so
as I hesitantly placed my three bags, laptop, shoes, scarf and purse
on the conveyor sure I was about to be tossed from JFK for being a
lousy liar, no one blinked, said a word or even slowed down to notice
me and my 'contraband' beauty products I seem unable to travel without!
I feel SO secure...
LA, I'm coming as fast as I can!
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Nov 6, 2007

My Motorcycle Post (10.19.07)

So, I have to explain cuz I got some flack for posting the pic of me on the LAPD motorcycle- I hate bikes.

They are dangerous, I do not condone the use of them, I think pretty much anyone who rides one is committing suicide, either today or at some point in the future. I have a friend whose life is forever different because of a bike, and the lives of his friends and family as well.

Having said that, I still love cars and engines and I can respect the sheer power that a motorcycle has. Plus, they are hot.

If you do have one, ride safe, wear a helmet and NEVER show off for anyone, trade it in for a convertible at your earliest opportunity and you will live a long and happy (suntanned) life!