Oct 30, 2007


Guess who I ran into again today at Venice Beach- Bobby!
That's him above- I have posted about him before (and this is the old pic) but I saw him today, singing the same song "Jingle Bell Jingle Bell help me get drunk!" He is actually a nice guy, and we took a picture together on his camera today!

The guy above was playing the most beautiful classical music on the baby grand piano on the beach- it was incredible. He is very talented and obviously was trained to play.

The famous Muscle Beach- where all the bodybuilder's work out

If you read my previous posts, you'll recall an artist named Jason- I ran into him again today- he is still creating cool art and interesting poems- I didn't take a new picture, but here is my favorite from my previous post-

I also ran into another artist- Joel Batz- who does the coolest Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn prints- you can view his stuff here at http://www.joelbatz.com/ or visit his myspace page www.myspace.com/joelbatz

Oh- I almost forgot- I stopped at Circuit City this afternoon and picked up the brand new Britney Spears CD- it's called Blackout and I have only heard snippets of it, but I plan to play it in my car all day tomorrow so I will have a full review then.
The guy at Circuit City said they had sold a lot of albums so hopefully this is the first step of many for the resurrection of her career- I am rooting for her!

Oct 29, 2007

Viva Las Vegas! Part 1

Welcome to Las Vegas!
I know, what happens here, stays here, but this was my first trip and I have to share- it is such an awesome city!
We took off from LA at 9:30pm, and made our way to the downtown area- which is where all the casino's built in the early years are- beginning with The Golden Nugget.
You are looking at the pool, which has a 200,000 gallon shark tank in the center- with a WATER SLIDE that goes though the tank!

It has 300 animals in the tank- including sandtiger sharks, brown sharks, nurse sharks...

What an incredible introduction to Las Vegas!

I played $1 at a penny slot machine- and won once- (won ten cents as you can see) but lost it all- stopped at a penny and cashed out.

The we went to Binion's- there's a crazy story about the owner and he was murdered possibly by the girlfriend and police think it was her because she knows where he buried his silver in the desert....

Tell you one thing- they have good salad- I really enjoyed dinner there!

Fremont is another casino in this area- then we took a cab to the Vegas Strip

Planet Hollywood

I love this hotel- Paris, the Venetian

The Bellagio and Ceasar's Palace (where Celine Dion has her show)

Cirque du Soleil's "O"
There are these automated long sidewalks that take you down to the Bellagio- and this is the entrance below

Honestly, it is the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen

The ceiling when you walk in is glass flower's- pictures don't do it justice

Keep reading- there is a whole other post!
(I couldn't fit it into one)

Viva Las Vegas! Part 2

Part 2: Vegas in 12 Hours

The Flamingo

The Vegas version of 'Champs Elysees"

These are stores in the Bellagio (right above the pond with the famous arching fountains)

Tiffany's jewellery display in the Bellagio

Glass leaves floating @ The Bellagio

A waterfall tree, at the Bellagio

The Monte Carlo

New York, New York's version on the Brooklyn Bridge!

and their version of the Statue of Liberty

Lion guarding the MGM


The Sphinx guarding the Luxor

inside view of the pyramid (Luxor)

Pharaohs inside the Luxor

the ceiling of the Luxor

You can't read it so clearly, but this sign says:
"This automobile has been custom made for Criss Angel for us in his MINDFREAK show..."
He also has a Lambo Merci and a Rolls Royce parked out back- we waited around to see him, but were tired, so went to the airport.

Finally, some 24 hour Starbucks coffee- we went to Vegas at 9pm and were back on a plane to LA at 6:30am!

It was awesome- I am looking forward to another, possibly longer, trip out there soon!!!


Sorry for the delay- I have a huge post coming up after this one- trying to organize the pictures... anyway the picture above and below is just one example of the incredible art by Bernard Passman. He mined black coral and created gorgeous exquisite works of art during his lifetime- some of it priced in the millions!

You can see his stuff here http://www.passman.com/

On Sunday we drove around and passed by a place with my name on it! I have never seen my name on anything (besides in Israel in hebrew) so I had to take a picture (or 5)

And finally, we ate at Il Fornaio in Beverly Hills earlier in the day- they have incredible olive bread and the food was great- I highly recommend it!

Check back soon- awesome pics of a surprise trip we took coming up soon!!!

Oct 25, 2007


Drove along Sunset Blvd- saw Whiskey A Go Go

And saw Ketchup (where the kids on The Hills go to eat)

We stopped off and sat on the bubble swing at The Standard Hotel (the pool is fun but the rooms are TINY and VERY basic)

Wachovia is such a respectable bank in NY- this is their LA presence!

The Kodak Theater- where all the great award shows are held

Mann's Chinese Theater- they were preparing for a premier here as we drove by

The 'infamous' Roosevelt Hotel (where the bar Teddy's is- no one can get into it, not even pretty people!)

Pink's - famous for it's hotdogs, there is a line even at 3am!

We drove around LA and looked at a lot of places that I might live in, but ended up at the Westfield Mall in Century City (I saw Common going into the AMC theater with a date) and we ate dinner and now are going to sleep- have a great night!

Oct 23, 2007

Lamborghini and Love in Beverly Hills

Today in Beverly Hills we ran into 'Hello Love'

If you see them on the street, greet them with LOVE!

I decided to release my inner fashion model at the Prada store on Rodeo Drive.

We're not the only ones with cute license plates...

Finally, remembered to take some pictures of the Gallardo Spyder


I saw Kathy Hilton at Pinkberry today. She was wearing a navy blue dress to the knee with a white peter pan collar and blue peep toe pumps. (outfit looked wrong on her, like a little girls dress redone for a grown woman) but her hair was nice- whoever does her color is talented.
Anyway, Pinkberry in LA is no different from the one in NY- no A/C, long wait, painful...
Kathy felt it too 'cuz she snapped a little at the guy to hurry up or she'd get a ticket on her car... shouldn't she have an assistant who fetches her Pinkberry for her?

We stopped at Sunset Tan (I love the P90) and met Ania- for anyone who watches the show you will recognize her. She is sweet in person, and was really nice to us. Glad to have a nice place to go tan in LA when it's cloudy :)

Also, when we were in Malibu on Sunday (the first day of the fire, which is still burning) we ran into a gentleman who simply introduced himself as Ryan. For the past three days I have been trying to figure out why he looked so familiar- turns out, it was Ryan O'neal. Yeah, that Ryan http://imdb.com/name/nm0641939/

Very sweet guy- hope all his family and friends are safe and sound.