Sep 30, 2007

Weekend Summary

Paris Hilton was on Letterman and he really went after her- almost to the point of making ME squirm! I watched with horrified fascination as he'd grill her about jail, and she'd lightly respond, only to get tossed another remark or dig about what it was like for her in jail! It was actually starting to verge on outright bullying- and David's old enough to know better than that!
Actually, I am kind of sick of him anyway- and Jay Leno is so much funnier...I wish they'd fire Letterman and replace him with Leno- which they should have done to begin with- and keep Craig Ferguson because he's an outright riot!

I watched the final episode of "Rock of Love' with Bret Michaels and am pleased to announce that my pick, Jes, won. She now gets to kiss the man who openly thought Heather the trans-everything would actually give up stripping to watch him flirt with groupies at concerts at the House of Blues. That was sharp, even from me, but seriously- I love Poison too- but was Heather really ever an option? Thank god Lacey was out the week before- her dad made me extremely nervous- I wonder if he had a stroke from seeing his daughter on TV in a completely 'revealing' light?

On CBS News there's this awful story of a lady who choked herself in a holding room at the airport- and it turns out she's the daughter of a well known NY public advocate- it's just a weird story in the first place- why would a 45 year old woman be a suspect for anything? It all sounds like a horrible mistake gone wrong- and really bothers me. Why are we even pretending we have secure airports? I have personally seen the TSA officials, because I fly a lot- not the most inspiring group of employees to rely on our national security if you catch my drift... You can read it here

And finally- I may have mentioned this but I have a facebook account now, so add me as your friend- chanisays

Have a great night- check back later tomorrow for my take on the Desperate Housewives premier...

Sep 29, 2007

Yellow Box Beauty

Yellow Box Beauty is a cool site that is for anyone who adores makeup- the deal is you pay a certain amount to be a member (based by your monthly subscription) and then every month they send you a great box (yellow, naturally) full of new cosmetics and things.

There is an offer out there right now - if you enter the promo code 339173 you get $10 off any box now till October 15th, so you need to sign up quick if you want to catch it.

It's and although it's a little steep on the cost, the truth is you will probably spend more money trying out products that you won't like, and here they pick and choose from all the new stuff- so it's a decent deal.

Sep 28, 2007


I want to take the time to point your attention to a few things I am looking forward to.

To start, Nip/Tuck has finally made it into the big time and will be airing on October 30th (as opposed to the previous seasons that aired during the summer which is how they check the temperature of new shows that have questionable subject matter. Ahem)
Anyhoo, I have loved it since the very first season and am excited for it to start. Even if there were some weird moments (hello, Famke Jansen was a man- how Alexis Meade of her! I knew I had watched that storyline before, you know successful man gets tired of picking up chicks and actually becomes a hot woman himself- sometimes when you get to the top there is nowhere else to go but sideways! )

I am also super psyched for my four favorite girls to make it to the silver screen- well, actually, I really only like 2 of them and Samantha could kick Carrie's ass any day... The new Sex and the City movie is currently filming in NYC and while there are rumors of infighting and meowing, who cares-it should be a great movie enjoyed by all, even people who never actually watched the show while it was on the air and have only caught it in the awesome ENDLESS reruns on late night TV (thank you TBS!)

Project Runway will air its new season November 14th and you can find the list of contestant online- there's a preppy looking Abercrombie-ish guy I think I might root for so far, because a well dressed designer will probably make nice clothes, but only time will tell. I expect we will see Michael Kors (I LOVE HIS SPRING COLLECTION- OBSESSED WITH THE COLORS!!!) and of course Nina Garcia and hopefully our favorite Parson's School of Design Diva Tim Gunn will make an appearance or two, if he's not too busy on the Style network....

One point of note- I created a Facebook account to try to get my blog some MUCH needed PR, so add me as a friend- ChaniSays - so I can get this blog up and running properly!

Dirty Sexy Money

Had to make this a separate post, even though I watched it with all the other shows it premiered alongside on ABC.

Dirty Sexy Money

I love it. The Darlings are the new Hilton/Trump/Rockefeller NYC royalty that tabloids drool over. The best part is, the show can totally spoof the real life antics of high society and get away with it, because its fiction- LOVE IT!

The basic storyline is this family with way too much money for their own good had a private family lawyer who passes away (or was murdered in a plane crash, we'll find out) and now the patriarch, played by the ever impressive Donald Sutherland (yes, father of Keifer whose star on 24 is fizzling fast in my opinion so get a guest role on this show before its too late- side note- how many seasons can we actually watch where it is 24 HOURS STRETCHED OUT INTO A WHILE SEASON!!!!)

Where was I? Ahh, Donald Sutherland decides to hire his now dead/murdered lawyers son, who also happens to be a lawyer, to maintain the families multitude of issues- be they securing legal papers for a yacht won in a hand of poker crewed by illegals to figuring out a way to get an illegitimate son into a prestigious elementary school, not forgetting the daughter who wants to make it on her own as an actress, dressed in designer furs with three maids to carry out her luggage as she leaves home.

Need I say more- I love it! Welcome back Peter Krause, I loved you on Six Feet Under, but this is an improvement- and a surefire hit (so long as the aforementioned NY social royals don't get too offended, naturally).

New York, New York
The city that never sleeps.

Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy

Finally had the chance to see both season premiers- and I am happy to say it wasn't that bad! It was a little sad to find out that Santos actually died- the scene where Hilda is in her room and you think she is talking to him and you realize she has been sitting in a dark cold room by herself was tragic. It actually affected me a little bit, but there was so much else going on I didn't focus too much on it till now.

Alexis wakes up from her coma and has no idea she's a girl now! The writer's have a great sense of irony. My favorite character remains Amanda- with her sidekick Mark of course! She finds out (confronting her parents in their Scarsdale house while they are having some sort of swinger's thing...) that she actually is adopted and Faye Summers was her mom- making Bradford Meade possibly her dad? Hopefully we'll find out next week!!! All in all, a great start for an awesome show.

Now, my Grey's Anatomy issue. It was OK. Kind of. Why did they have to make Izzy be the freak by operating on the roadkill deer? Blech. I get it, Isaiah Washington is off the show, but since Kate Walsh also left to do her spin off, there really aren't the juicy characters left- the ones remaining are all kind of damaged.
The one new twist is that Meredith's half sister Lexie is an intern (under Christina of course) so that will be a good storyline for about a minute. Oh, and after what appeared to have been just a completely rotten day for George, because he failed the intern exam and has to repeat his intern year, he shows up at Izzy's door late and night and he says, wait for it, "I love you too."
Lot's of room to maneuver the storyline so far- as I said, it was OK. Kind of.

On a very separate note, I caught the tail end of the Tonight Show and the guy who plays Chuck on the new show 'Chick' is actually kind of hilarious! He went door to door in an LA building at the time his show premiered and asked people to watch his show. Very promotion heavy, but I guess its working- the show has a lot of hype so far...

Here's looking forward to a decent weekend with Silver Patron and the number one ring tone on iTunes "Gimme More".


Sep 27, 2007

Mid Week Update

Us Weekly had their party last night in LA and honestly, the most 'exciting' thing anyone can find to write about is that Vanessa Hudgens (of the fresh faced Disney rising star naked pics fame) didn't show, despite being honored by the magazine. The other event worth noting is that while both Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag (of The Hills fame) showed, their PR people managed to arrange it so they arrived well apart of each other so no fun confrontations. Boo

A few days before the season finale aired I started watching "Burn Notice". It was actually pretty great- I am obsessed with Fiona- real name Gabrielle Anwar. She is stunning- I think she might be hotter than Angelina Jolie! I hope the show comes back next summer and that she's in it.

Ugly Betty premiers tonight and I know it will be great- unless the writers let all the first season success go to their heads, it should be another exciting fast paced season with twists, turns and scandal. I will, of course, write about it after I see it.

Grey's Anatomy is also premiering tonight and while I get why Isaiah Washington left/got fired, I'm sad to see his character gone. I liked him, he was a sensible grounding force where other characters could come to talk and rationalize their own wacky issues. Besides, who else could Christina possibly hook up with? No one else would put up with her emotional unavailability- it might have been a mistake to can him, but hopefully the show isn't ruined beyond repair and the writers will give us a kick ass new season.

I watched the new show 'Chuck' last night- it's cute. Basically, this totally nerdy computer guy gets a random email from his old college roommate (who, it turns out, is dead and also a rogue spy) and by seeing the email, the entire NSA/CIA computer program gets encrypted into Chuck's head. There's a CIA chick who may have been romantically involved with the now dead roommate spy and a guy from the NSA who at first tries to kill both her and Chuck and then agrees to sit back and tag along so the NSA doesn't lose it' secrets to the CIA by way of Chuck. Breathe.
Has potential - Chuck has the requisite nerdy best friend who downloads porn on his laptop and the gorgeous sister always trying to set him up. The funniest character is actually the sister's boyfriend- nicknamed 'Captain Awesome'- because everything he does is of course, awesome.

Finally, there is "The Big Bang Theory" also revolving around nerds (this is what happens when Beauty and the geek gets great ratings- producers start to believe that people actually want all their shows to be about geeky, nerdy guys who get lucky...) The show is cute- 2 nerds live across the hall from a new hot chick who has just moved in. Has a lot of storyline possibilities and the characters are kind of endearing so far. Jury's still out on this one.

Sep 26, 2007

Private Practice Season Premier (and ANTM)

Okkkkkk, whew. I just finished watching America's Next Top Model (2nd episode, cycle 9) and the brand spanking new series premier of the Grey's Anatomy spin off "Private Practice".

ANTM was typical- and I totally guessed Mila was out, although she is 'pretty' she's not a model, and I would bet she comes from some type of privileged background, you can just tell.
The girls were catty and mean and I hate the infighting, but my favorites this season are Chantal (who stands, walks and poses like a pro) and runner up Lisa who is the under dog who can maybe take it all. For now, I am rooting for Chantal.

I'd like to mention Heather- who suffers from Asperger's (a type of autism, which I believe the character of Jerry Espinson from the show Boston Legal has). The girl totally overhears the other girls talking about her and except for a few tears on a call with her mom, doesn't react and call out the girls! Kudos to her for that- she claims to be socially awkward, but it takes mad restraint not to confront people when they badmouth you like that, way to go girl!

Speaking of- Boston Legal aired its season opener too. It was alright, although Alan was in a dress again and Denny got arrested for being with an undercover prostitute in the first 10 minutes. Captain America (my own nickname for him) is now a DA and Denise is on Maternity leave. Plus Clarence/Clarice had a scene with the new honcho flown in from NY, who it turns out, is sleeping with Shirley.

Now, on to Private Practice.

I love Kate Walsh. In real life, she just got married about 4 weeks ago to a guy named Alex Young who is the president of some company that produces TV/movies- congrats for that!
Her character is a little quirky, you can tell they are trying to keep it light, but she still gets to do surgery and be a real surgeon. Her naked dance was cute, and the series has potential- I was pleasantly surprised.

I wasn't so excited about the therapist storyline- where her patient freaks out in a department store and starts counting the tiny tiles because a camping trip commercial reminds her of the son she had who died of cancer- it was a little rough, and the actress made this really ugly crying face- hard to watch sort of. But once again, I get it- trying to make us empathise with the characters, get emotionally involved and all.

The kooky ex wife/girlfriend who both want the dead guys sperm was interesting, but pretty predictable.

The writers will be hard pressed to get away from the Grey's Anatomy association, but so far well done. (unlike the sadly much hyped huge let down Hero's season premier)

First Ever Post!

Here goes- first ever post on a blog that has been way too long in the making.

My name is Chani (pronounced Han-ee)and I am a self proclaimed pop culture expert.
I watch (with the help of my DVR of course) at least 4 hours of TV a night. I actually create 'homework' viewing for shows I am not in the mood to watch right away, and I save these for when I am up late at 3am, something that happens a lot. I also have a few shows I record and forward through just to catch up on the few segments I like- usually The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Letterman and Leno (although I like Jay's humor, so I will watch the whole show- Letterman just isn't funny anymore at all!) I also read online blogs religiously every day, along with the major news web sites, and read through a few newspapers every few days too. I read about different actors on and love- LOVE- award season! I record and watch the Emmy's, the Oscar's, all the MTV award shows, plus the BET and VH1 award shows and of course, Miss America, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe!

It's not that I don't have a life, I totally do, but I honestly enjoy seeing what makes people tick. I get a lot of flack for watching reality TV- but I love it! America's Next Top Model may not be the stimulating and may lower my IQ by ten points each time I watch- but Tyra is out of her mind (in a good way, of course, in the way that sells millions in licensing deals and keeps her shows on the air year after year). Real World- if I wasn't absolutely terrified of being filmed going to the bathroom, and a little hesitant to actually trust the producers of the show with my entire history, I think it would be a great experience- as long as I'm not typecast as the slutty bitch who sleeps with all the guys in the house and then loses her mind over it of course!

I have an opinion about everyone and everything- and I created my own forum to voice it. I wasn't a huge Britney fan back in the day when she first made it big, but I knew her songs and liked her videos. Today, I have a 'road trip mix' in my car of all her songs, alphabetically- I love her! Who cares if she smokes and does crack or whatever- not me! I don't live with her, I just listen to her music and watch her dance. I was pulling for her at the MTV music awards this year- and when she failed, it hurt to watch. Leave it to Britney to mess that up and still release a great dance song that gets airplay on the radio- I can't get enough. (and even if we won't all admit it, if she actually does end up getting her act together, won't we all think how great it is that she rose up from literally the dregs of the industry and arose once more as the pop diva princess we knew and loved?) Enough about her...

Music- when I am in the car, I listen to the pop hit making stations and update my iTunes on my computer every week. I always download whatever they have for free and take out Cd's from the library and burn them into my iTune's so I have them on my iPod. (Oh come on- we all do it- it's not worth buying Cd's anymore, besides, why else does the library spends so much money on Cd's- they don't actually think we're going to borrow them to listen for a week!!!)

I attend concerts, go to live music events, am obsessed with Fashion Week and read the entire Vogue that lands with a thunk on my front step the DAY it arrives in the mail. Sometimes, I cut out dresses or make-up looks that I like and try to copy them or buy things that look similar, with my own take on the new trends. As I said- I consider myself an expert. I am always piping up with interesting facts about celebrities and musicians that most people don't know. So, I should really channel this knowledge somewhere useful- and I figured that this is a decent place to start.

I don't know when I will post yet, or how often, but when I come across things that catch my attention, I will write it up- beauty tips, online sales (and the great promotional codes for free shipping and 15% off), breaking news... you get the picture!

I welcome comments, tips and advice.
Happy reading!

p.s. Private Practice premiered tonight, and I have it recorded, so I am going to go watch it now. I wasn't blown away by the preview episode they showed during last season's Grey's Anatomy, but I like Kate Walsh and hope the writer's got inspired and blew it away!