Dec 24, 2007

Victoria Secret Fashion Show (2007)

I posted a whole review with pictures and my own two cents on my TV review blog-


I preface this by saying- WICKED is the best show I have ever seen.
(I am honest enough to admit, it is the only Broadway show I have ever been to, BUT it is still the best!)

It isn't exactly like the book, (Wicked, by Gregory Maguire) but the adaptation actually fits the storyline a little better, and if you watch The Wizard of Oz right after, you get a whole different perspective- so go see this show!

I didn't read the playbill till after, and only noticed that it said absolutely no photography of any kind allowed, so ummm oops?
How awesome is Ga-linda's (Glinda's if you haven't seen it yet) bubble? Took me till the end of the show to get the huge moving circle she stands in represents her bubble- I do not claim to be brilliant....
The girl who plays Ga-linda was hilarious- but this role was best played by Kristen Chenowith who actually recorded the official soundtrack with Idina Menzel (hello- did you read my 'Enchanted' post- I am obsessed with her!)
For such a 'small' production, the stage, sets and effects were pretty cool
You can click on each pick to enlarge- it's nice photograph for an iPhone without a flash!
I love their version of the "Wizard's Head"

This scene is the best part of the whole show- skip to the track titled "Defying Gravity" on the official soundtrack and it will blow your mind- it takes place right before intermission so DON'T get impatient and go to the bathroom... wait till the break... it's worth it!
How cute is the Emerald City?
The Wizard, Elpahaba and the 'Wizard Head' LOVE IT!
This scene represents when Dorothy's house has fallen on the Witch of the East and Glinda has already given Dorothy the ruby slippers and sent her along the yellow brick road...
Elphaba is enchanting Fiyero so he can't be killed- and then he becomes the Scarecrow (not like the book)
Dorothy throws the water....
Hiss.... "I'm melting, oh what a world what a world...."
Green smoke- Elpahaba, witch of the East is dead.
Ah ha! It was a trick- she is fine and meets up with Fiyero (Scarecrow now) once more... see, better ending than the book!
They all came out for the finale- it was spectacular!
You can get the soundtrack for about $9 from (I did, and they had free shipping for the holidays)
For anyone thinking what show to go see - this is the one- take everyone you know and enjoy it- I want to see it again if anyone wants to go with me!!!
The official website:
and... on the website you can listen to some of the songs:
(I suggest)
What is this Feeling
Defying Gravity
As Long as You're Mine

Jamie Lynn Spears Spoof

Watch this:

Now tell me that isn't the funniest thing you've seen in a while!
This girl should be famous when she grows up- just for this!

Dec 10, 2007

Enchanted Part 2

This website takes the references seriously and details EVERY SINGLE ONE

(I thought I was obsessed!)There are so many clips available on YouTube, MySpaceTV and Disney- I have tried to condense it all so you can enjoy it here until you get out to the theater and watch it- and I highly recommend it for the entire family!!!

To watch the trailer and go to the Disney main homepage:
You can click through the site and watch extra clips, download background and screen savers and so much more

"How Does He Know"
This is the best video- includes Prince Edward getting run over by bikers in Central Park

"Happy Working Song"
Princess Giselle sings to all the animals in NYC (Rats, pigeons and cockroaches) to help her clean the apartment... sounds gross, but is SO cute!)

"Ever Ever After"
Carrie Underwood music video- she gets turned into an animated Disney character- I am soooo jealous!

Cute interview- has clips from the movie!

"Villains" Susan Sarandon plays the evil Narissa...

All in all I love this movie- cute side point- Idina Menzel who played Nancy in Enchanted, also played Elphaba in the Broadway show 'Wicked' which I also just saw and am obsessing over- the music is incredible- I will post all that soon... go see it!!!!

Dec 9, 2007

Enchanted Part 1

I can admit it- I am obsessed with this movie!!! (I already bought 2 t-shirts and the soundtrack and am anxiously awaiting the dvd... plus, the next time I get the chance to dress up, I am going as Giselle...)

Brief summary- Amy Adams plays Princess Giselle who is searching for true love- and finds it in the form of Prince Edward (James Marsden- p.s. WHO KNEW HE COULD SING???). Narissa, played by Susan Sarandon, refuses to allow her step-son Prince Edward to marry because she doesn't want to lose the thrown, so she turns into the scary hag from Snow White (you know, the one who gave us nightmares when we were little and tried to poison Snow White with the apple...) anyway, she pushes Giselle down a magical well- which dumps her into modern day New York City.

The adventure that follows is adorable- she meets a divorce lawyer (played by Patrick Dempsey- who I am sorry to say, was NOT lucky enough to be turned into a Disney character- BOO!) and he tried to help her at the risk of losing his girlfriend, played by the FABULOUS Idina Menzel (she played Elphaba in Wicked and was also in Rent the movie version and supposedly had two songs that were cut from the movie- they better make it to the dvd!)

Anyhoo, it is spectacularly well done- and there are a million inside jokes throughout the movie.
For instance, Julie Andrews narrates the opening- in the "How Does She Know" musical number, Giselle runs across the hills of Central Park in homage to Maria from The Sound of Music, which was of course played by Julie Andrews.

Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel from the Little Mermaid) makes an onscreen appearance as Dempsey's secretary- and she even has a fish tank nearby! Paige O'hara (voice of Belle from Beauty and the Beast) also appears on the soap opera Prince Edward watches in his hotel room!
Judy Kuhn (voice of Pocahontas) also appears as a pregnant mom when Prince Edward is searching the apartment building for Giselle.

Go to Part 2

Nov 15, 2007

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007

Le sigh. I hope that I will remember to scrounge for an invitation every year- and somehow every year the event sneaks up on me and it is too late!

The show is taping tonight in LA, and the Spice Girls will be performing... the rest of the planet can watch it on CBS on Dec. 4. (They will also have it available online- go to

Heidi Klum has obviously reigned supreme at these shows since she manages to have a kid just before each one and turn herself out even more spectacularly than before!

This year, I am looking forward to the new girl- Miranda Kerr- who had been in the show before but is hitting US super stardom this year thanks in part to her new ad playing everywhere (you know, the one that 'rhymes' air with...air- yeah, their writer's must have gone on strike a while ago)

Anyway, she is pretty cute, and her accent makes her hot- and there are a ton of sites dedicated to her but I chose a G rated one-

Britney's ADD Meds are to Blame


I try so hard to believe in this girl- I buy her music, don't rip on her in my posts, try to support her when people gossip about how horrible she is- but she is making it very difficult.

According to many other bloggers, Britney's lawyer is planning on using the 'I have ADD and that's the medication that blew my drug test' defense in court.

Now, while I support her attorney and all the hard work it takes to represent someone like Britney, I am also painfully aware of how much we know about this superstar;s life- and how traumatized I would feel if it were me! Seriously, do we need to know about every last detail of her meds and what she is suffering from?

I know I will cause controversy here, but I am a little bit glad that Kevin might get the kids permanently- here's why:
He will be under such utter public scrutiny that he can never mess up- not even once- and these kids will actually stand a decent chance of coming out of all of this half normal.

Britney will have nothing else to focus on, and since she has worked hard since she was a little kid, that gene will kick back in and she will start focusing on fixing herself- be that through her music or through something else, I don't know, but NOT dealing with daily court appearances and legal fees and all that garbage will only enhance her life.

So, You Honor, if you deign to read blogs, please give Kevin full custody, give Britney weekend visitation rights plus holidays, and then put a media blackout on EVERYTHING.
We've seen enough of her private life, let's let her lick her wounds in privacy so she can start to heal. I still believe she will do something great again one day.

Nov 10, 2007

Fwd: A celebrity death!

> Just got an alert from
> Norman Mailer -the author who among other books wrote an incredible
> one about Marilyn Monroe passed away.
> I have been obsessed with his stuff since early high school when
> Savage Garden had a song with the words "but on the telephone line I
> am anyone, I am anything I want to be, I could be a caped crusader
> or Norman Mailer, and you wouldn't know the difference or would
> you..."
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> A celebrity death?
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Nov 9, 2007


Didn't do much today, just wandered around Venice Beach again for a bit (it was chilly today, but actually pretty warm in the sun)

Nov 8, 2007

11.8.07 Lambo Event

California Speedway, noon

We went to this event for the chance to test drive the very cool, very fast Lamborghini Superleggera (literally translated as Super light b/c they made the car approx 180 lbs lighter than it's siblings with a bit more power too)

So, we started out testing the Green and Gray Gallardo's pictured below- fun, but not the main attraction...
That would be the yellow Superleggera (they had to change the tires, the previous set got run into the ground!!!)

Once the tires were changed, we were back on track and good to go.

Michael Fuschi- probably the best Lambo expert you'll ever meet- he knows everything there is to know about these cars and genuinely loves them... Thanks again Michael and Jeanette!
The coordinator was giving me tips and general instructions while we were getting ready for my turn...
Green or Grey? (I chose green, I've driven the spyder, wanted to try the coupe)
Nick is the best track driver I have ever seen- he took me on a test run and it was unbelievable!!!
Then it was my turn to drive him around the track...
The first part is a straight run, so I floored it...
Those turns are a lot of work- much harder than simply speeding on the highway!

Whew! Such an adrenaline rush though!!!
The other cars were ready to go after me...
The Superleggera ready and rumbling...
...just a speck in the distance...
There is something so freeing about being able to floor a car that can easily reach 120 with minimal effort, secure in the knowledge that no cop is going to pull you over! Oh, and I got a cool hat too, so you know I'm happy!
It was a super fun day and I am so glad I went. Thanks to all the guys from O'gara- Jon, Michael, Manny, Chris and everyone else... it was a fun day, looking forward to another one sometime soon!

Nov 7, 2007

JFK Security

Yeah, not so secure.
The obnoxious woman who checked my ID before security grilled me on if
I had liquids or gels in my bag, and when I honestly replied yes, I
was quick to add they were small sizes (actually they are mostly empty
full sizes but who's looking anyway right?) and she goes on to tell me
they had better be in ziplock bags (does ziplock know about the TSA's
product promotion?) to which I hastily added that they of course were
( truthfully, my toothpaste is and one leak prone toner is too) and so
as I hesitantly placed my three bags, laptop, shoes, scarf and purse
on the conveyor sure I was about to be tossed from JFK for being a
lousy liar, no one blinked, said a word or even slowed down to notice
me and my 'contraband' beauty products I seem unable to travel without!
I feel SO secure...
LA, I'm coming as fast as I can!
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Nov 6, 2007

My Motorcycle Post (10.19.07)

So, I have to explain cuz I got some flack for posting the pic of me on the LAPD motorcycle- I hate bikes.

They are dangerous, I do not condone the use of them, I think pretty much anyone who rides one is committing suicide, either today or at some point in the future. I have a friend whose life is forever different because of a bike, and the lives of his friends and family as well.

Having said that, I still love cars and engines and I can respect the sheer power that a motorcycle has. Plus, they are hot.

If you do have one, ride safe, wear a helmet and NEVER show off for anyone, trade it in for a convertible at your earliest opportunity and you will live a long and happy (suntanned) life!

Oct 30, 2007


Guess who I ran into again today at Venice Beach- Bobby!
That's him above- I have posted about him before (and this is the old pic) but I saw him today, singing the same song "Jingle Bell Jingle Bell help me get drunk!" He is actually a nice guy, and we took a picture together on his camera today!

The guy above was playing the most beautiful classical music on the baby grand piano on the beach- it was incredible. He is very talented and obviously was trained to play.

The famous Muscle Beach- where all the bodybuilder's work out

If you read my previous posts, you'll recall an artist named Jason- I ran into him again today- he is still creating cool art and interesting poems- I didn't take a new picture, but here is my favorite from my previous post-

I also ran into another artist- Joel Batz- who does the coolest Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn prints- you can view his stuff here at or visit his myspace page

Oh- I almost forgot- I stopped at Circuit City this afternoon and picked up the brand new Britney Spears CD- it's called Blackout and I have only heard snippets of it, but I plan to play it in my car all day tomorrow so I will have a full review then.
The guy at Circuit City said they had sold a lot of albums so hopefully this is the first step of many for the resurrection of her career- I am rooting for her!

Oct 29, 2007

Viva Las Vegas! Part 1

Welcome to Las Vegas!
I know, what happens here, stays here, but this was my first trip and I have to share- it is such an awesome city!
We took off from LA at 9:30pm, and made our way to the downtown area- which is where all the casino's built in the early years are- beginning with The Golden Nugget.
You are looking at the pool, which has a 200,000 gallon shark tank in the center- with a WATER SLIDE that goes though the tank!

It has 300 animals in the tank- including sandtiger sharks, brown sharks, nurse sharks...

What an incredible introduction to Las Vegas!

I played $1 at a penny slot machine- and won once- (won ten cents as you can see) but lost it all- stopped at a penny and cashed out.

The we went to Binion's- there's a crazy story about the owner and he was murdered possibly by the girlfriend and police think it was her because she knows where he buried his silver in the desert....

Tell you one thing- they have good salad- I really enjoyed dinner there!

Fremont is another casino in this area- then we took a cab to the Vegas Strip

Planet Hollywood

I love this hotel- Paris, the Venetian

The Bellagio and Ceasar's Palace (where Celine Dion has her show)

Cirque du Soleil's "O"
There are these automated long sidewalks that take you down to the Bellagio- and this is the entrance below

Honestly, it is the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen

The ceiling when you walk in is glass flower's- pictures don't do it justice

Keep reading- there is a whole other post!
(I couldn't fit it into one)