Nov 16, 2016


Songs haunt me.
Voices stay with me.
Some of the most emotional, heartfelt songs I've ever heard have been with my eyes closed in a dark room... no music videos or crowds. Just myself and the music.

I've been a fan of Raign for a while. She has a voice that sticks in your mind and one day I was minding my own business and suddenly I heard her voice coming at me through my TV... she covered Knocking on Heaven's Door and it haunted me. I sang it for days. I had forgotten the warm richness of her voice, the curling smokey tones and slippery whispers.

As time went on I forgot to follow up but one day I saw her post on Facebook that she was doing a small show here in Los Angeles at the Hotel Cafe. I've seen many unknowns sing there and go on to greatness. I've seen many well known singers do small gigs there too. It's that kind of place. I had to go. I had to find out if the voice on the album was the same as the voice live.

Standing at the back of the venue, I watched as a girl who looked like me came out of the restroom in a silvery floor length off the shoulder dress and smiled at the room. She walked around the back and then suddenly, there she was onstage. A quick Wikipedia search revealed we are actually the same age and for some reason I can't figure out this pleases me immensely.

She has an easy going stage presence, an instant rapport with the crowd. And then she started to sing.

Clouds moved out of her way, the air thinned and her voice swallowed up everything in the room.
I know that's dramatic, but that is the only way to describe it. Her movements, her facial expressions and her enunciations are exquisite. I didn't even want to video the experience because I wanted the music to wash over me completely. I did use my voice memo's on my phone to record the audio of her cover of Knocking on Heaven's Door because I needed to have it recorded live, but if you really want to hear it, listen to her album. She is worth the purchase, and I don't say that very often.

After the show ended, I realized most of the crowd were industry people or her friends and family. Standing at the back of the room, a woman walked over to me and introduced herself as her mother. She asked how I knew her daughter and I smiled and told her I was just a fan. She was so happy, she said i had to wait and talk to her daughter. Usually I slink in and out of shows and post my thoughts without talking to the artists. But I waited and when I talked to her I said I wanted to connect her with some people who could help her possibly. I put my name in her phone at which point she smiled and said "Oh I saw you post on Facebook about this show!". So genuine, so sweet, and so sincerely grateful for that simple post (I had shared the link to the show and commented "Don't sleep on this!").
She is the real deal.

I want her to be one of the success stories that I can point at- I found her way back when. And for goodness sake, if she is doing a show in your area, go support and discover her for yourself.
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