Oct 20, 2015

Dan Henig

Randomly scrolling through facebook, saw a video link... seemed innocent enough. Guy with a guitar (cute guy!) seated in some sort of coffee house. And then he starts to sing... and I vaguely know the lyrics. Wait I totally know this soulful gorgeous moving song- holy hell he is singing a slowed down meaningful version of Lil Jon's Get Low. Mind blown.

NSFW - lyrics.
You were warned.

After I stopped laughing and cracking up watching the guy in the very back react, I realized the reason the song choice impacted me as much as it did, was because he has raw talent. He is captivating to listen to. Like a Dave Matthews or John Mayer type except rougher. There's grit in his vocals and I kind of want to pull his hair and sweat on him. Sorry that was graphic-ish but dare you to listen and not feel something.

So who is this guy?
I did some searching, found a ton of gorgeous covers and a few original songs and am on a rabbit hole journey to listen to everything. I would love to see him live. I might even do that goofy "I duet with youtube songs" thing so I can sing along with him. The future is wide open.

Now, if you know anything about me, you can guess which video on his YouTube caught my eye first...and the one I will probably duet to in my bedroom. Because. Hallelujah. (You have no idea why? oh. Here).

and which one I had to click just because (ELVIS)

Check him out:
He's got it all -Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and SoundCloud

p.s. I did that goofy duet thing and had to add it.

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