Dec 1, 2014

Louis Vivet "Save Tonight" feat. Gavrielle & Nick Goldston

Louis reached out to me on Instagram and told me to check out this cover of Save Tonight. It was funny timing because I had just bought an Eagle Eye Cherry CD solely for the purpose of bumping Save Tonight in my car and posted a snippet of me singing it on IG. The song has always been a favorite and over the years it has been a go to song for karaoke and general good feelings. It never ceases to amaze me how a song that struck a cord with me when I was younger can come up years later, and then I find out it resonated with so many other people! That's the awesome of music for you!!!
 I listened, I liked what I heard, and I told him to send me the track and any links or info:

Press Release: Louis Vivet Presents “Save Tonight”
Debut Single Feat. Gavrielle & Nick Goldston 
In the three years since its initial inception, The Discovery Project has proven to be a truly innovative exhibition for budding stars within the dance music collective. Escape All Hallows Eve was no different as this year’s winners, Louis Vivet, showcased its one-of-a-kind act to a raucous crowd hungry for new talent. The LA-based duo is following up this massive performance with their debut single, “Save Tonight”. Featuring vocals from Gavrielle and Nick Goldston, this cover of the 90’s smash hit is set to be released on November 25th, in anticipation of the duo’s debut EP coming out in early 2015 on Prep School Recordings.

Louis Vivet pays homage to the Eagle Eye Cherry classic, creating a genre blending rework that breathes new life back into the original. Drawing influences from EDX & Kygo, “Save Tonight” begins with Gavrielle’s sultry and seductive vocals and immediately draws listeners into a mesmerizing trance. As the downtempo backdrop develops, Nick Goldston is introduced through a perfectly harmonized duet with Gavrielle. The driving synth progression gradually builds throughout, culminating in an epic, orchestral-like chorus. The climax transforms “Save Tonight” into a progressive anthem, meshing perfectly with the harmonized vocals previously introduced. 
The integration of both male and female vocals is a representation of Louis Vivet’s overall brand as an artist. This is similarly emulated in their live performances, as opposite spectrums of dark and light oscillate with the utmost expertise. The name Louis Vivet is derived from the first documented case of multiple personality disorder in medical history. This core ideology is the foundation behind the duo’s creative drive as artists. Made up of Nicolas II and Aria S, the rising stars bravely cross the lines between electro, progressive, UK bass, deep house and pop among numerous other contrasting genres.
Nick, trained at USC’s Roski School of Fine Arts, is behind Louis Vivet’s visual component and oversees the visual component that showcases the distinctive identity of their brand. He embodies the darker half, while Aria, with a background in Law & Civil Engineering, represents the duo’s lighter, more rational side. This core duality is inherent to all people; Louis Vivet’s goal is to communicate the tension between modern rational thinking versus basic reptilian subconsciousness. “Save Tonight” is a representation of these ideals, showcasing Louis Vivet’s wholly artistic foundation in one all encompassing package .
“We decided to cover this song because we thought it was something that fans would connect with. A lot of the stuff coming out these days doesn’t have that emotional component that really resonates with fans. We wanted to create a song that seems happy but underneath, there’s an underlying sadness...we enjoy creating art that carries with two different meanings. And when we first linked up with Gavrielle (via YouTube, funny enough) we started talking about our favorite childhood songs, and we all universally named ‘Save Tonight’ by Eagle Eye Cherry. So we decided to give it a modern re-interpretation and infuse it with different elements from our favorite producers like Kygo, EDX, and Christian Karlsson of Galantis.”
- Louis Vivet.

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And because the coincidence and timing was just too cool- here is the video I made before any of this happened:

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  1. Will definitely listen to this song, and I’ll make sure my friends do too. I love hearing new and different kind of music. Great job!