Nov 10, 2014

Eddie Money (live at Saban Theater) 11.9.14

Were the Eddie Money groupies ever officially named? I decided tonight, as I watched Eddie singing on stage, that they should have been called "Money Honey".  I also knew, with zero hesitation, that I would have proudly worn a "Money Honey" t-shirt or jacket. Instead I have to make do with a pink v-neck autographed t-shirt...

To begin, I have uploaded all the Eddie Money songs from tonight's show on soundcloud. Special bonus feature- before the show began this group of young guys walked out on stage and played a few songs. I didn't catch their name, but the lead singer absolutely slayed it. Later on in the show, Eddie told us it was his son (!!!) Dez.
Two things- Dez Money is amazing good. I recorded the audio of one song and included it in the play list so check it for yourself.
Second- I CAN STILL BE A MONEY HONEY!!! Second generation woohoo!
Facebook - Dez Money Music and Youtube - Dez Money

I would keep an eye on Dez- before knowing who his dad was, I had already decided that I was going to find out more about him. His voice is gritty but awesome and he has a Kings of Leon type quality to his music. IMO someone to watch out for, I bet you hear more about him in the coming years.

There is a part two to this story. After Dez and his group left the stage, this other group came out and rocked the house. They were the actual openers, Harley Jay. Find them at

They were super energetic and I really liked their sound. When they did a cover of Bryan Adam's Run to You the Canadian in me went absolutely wild. (It has a phenomenal guitar riff in it, great cover!) Even sweeter? You can get a free copy of the cover by signing up for their newsletter  I didn't record audio from the show because I was scolded by an usher for accidentally leaving my flash on while I recorded video and I felt like a total goof (sorry guys- that flash was probably annoying!) but I did video part of one song (with my flash) so enjoy! 

Fun fact- if you tweet an opening act and they respond during the headliner, they are official cool. And probably a lot of fun. As you can guess- we had posted stuff online and gotten responses during the show...

Naturally after the show ends one must then track down the responder and what do you know, we ended up taking a selfie with Jay from Harley Jay and my friend Chuck, who came with me to the show.

All in all, totally a fun night. Yes- Chuck and I were the only two on our feet absolutely rocking out at certain points but as I said after the show- this was on my bucket list. How could I sit down while Eddie Money is mere feet away from me singing Take Me Home? I would never forgive myself for missing the opportunity to stand up and dance to that. And I didn't.

Special thank you to Steve for the tickets. Much much much appreciated- Saban always treats me properly and I look forward to some amazing shows in the coming year!

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