Mar 10, 2014

Homemade Soul - I'm So In Love

My darlings, due to unforeseen life circumstances (my job no longer exists) I am taking a few weeks to travel and see my family. This means I am leaving my laptop and going where the winds take me (also loosely translated I have somehow been convinced to give up 80 degree sunshine for the East Coast frigidness because my siblings miss me and my mother has guilted me into coming out there). In defiance I refuse to pack warm clothing and will stubbornly wear only leggings and a bomber jacket for the duration- suck it winter!

I didn't want to leave you all without anything for a few weeks, and I am unsure when exactly I will be back and when I will be able to listen to submissions, so... here is a song Homemade Soul submitted a few weeks ago. I adore his voice- he writes his own songs and he is a genuinely awesome human. Check out his music and see the links I have included below showcasing previous posts I have written about him.

Homemade Soul - I Can Love You
Homemadesoul - The Day I Fell In Love

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