Feb 2, 2014

South Jordan - All of Us

Tonight I found out one of the bands I used to write about is no longer together.   I was really saddened to see this on their facebook page, I really liked the group and continue to play their music all these years later.   I am doing a quick post because I managed to find one of their best songs, in my opinion, online and had to share it.

I am also posting both links to my previous write ups about them even though most of their videos are no longer available.   You can also buy their album online but the one song I really loved- All Of Us isn't on it.   Here is that link for you: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/keep-calm-and-carry-on/id494355057

But really you should listen to the stuff I fell in love with:
All Of Us - South Jordan
It opens up to a listening link and you can download it.

I had initially posted this link for the download in my second post about them three years ago:
South Jordan - All Of Us video and free download 2-11-2011

And you can watch their acoustic version of Hush Hush in this follow up post:
South Jordan - Hush Hush Video 8-22-11

Their facebook page is still up- let em know what you think! https://www.facebook.com/SouthJordan

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