Mar 3, 2014

Liars and Thieves - Updated 3/3/14

I owe Adam Jones a huge apology. He submitted his music to me in December, and I was so busy I really didn't pay attention to it at all and left it marked as "unread" to get to later. My loss- I finally sat down and listened and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Liars and Thieves is a really interesting indie folk style group that has somehow made me fall fairly hard even though this is a genre and sound I don't typically gravitate towards.
The three songs on their Winter album are very sweet and I very much visualize the music being used successfully as a soundtrack in an indie flick that wins a ton of awards.   The title song "Winter" is my favorite.
There is also a single called Act of Dying featuring Holly Cooper that I find endearing although I cannot figure out if I understand the actual song or I just like the cadence of it.

I have reached back out to Adam and would like more information about the band and where they are from and all of that...enjoy!

Well after I posted this last week I emailed back and forth with Adam and found out a lot more about Liars and Thieves.   It turns out Adam is in the Coast Guard and has released all if his music online.   I hope within the next few months that he does a live show so I can get video footage, that would be amazing. In his own words:
We are from Mobile, AL. I'm currently 6 hours north west in Greenville, MS, stationed with the Coast Guard. Within the next year I'll be in Elizabeth City, NC for my airman program. 

I make trips back to Mobile when I can, to let Holly record her parts. So far, I've written material and recorded my parts, then have Holly do her parts and overdubs. 

I would love if all of you let Adam know what you think of the music- hopefully enough people will respond and convince him to start touring.   Find him on twitter @IWriteDiddies

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