Feb 3, 2014

Jackson Blitch - Say Something

By now you may have seen the video, but for those of you who haven't, you need to watch it.   I had a different post prepared for today but then I saw this and had to post it instead.

Jackson is a four year old who reacted to the song "Say Something" by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera.   It is so moving to watch this little boy literally cry over emotions stirred up by music.  His dad asks if he wants him to change it and Jackson, tears rolling down his cheeks says no.   It will be amazing to see if he ends up in a music based career.   I would also be curious (and I commented on the actual video saying this) to see if Jackson reacts to the song the same way when he is older, say in ten years, then twenty.   How amazingly uplifting to know that your music moved a young innocent child in a completely organic way.  

Right now the video has almost 350,000 views.   I am certain it will be much higher within the next 24 hours.   Share this with anyone who needs a hug, it made me feel better and I was having a pretty decent day!

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