Feb 10, 2014

91 Real

It always excites me when an artist sends me their music directly, and it's good.   I get a lot of submissions and have to sort through what I like, what will be popular (those are not always one and the same) and what just isn't good.   It can be exhausting.   I'm not complaining though, because I have met some extremely interesting and talented people through this and get to hear music I would otherwise totally be missing out on.

Case in point- I got an email from 91 Real and sat on it for a few weeks (sorry).   Tonight I started listening to all of his links and going through his music.   What a pleasant surprise!   He has a soothing voice, I like his vibe and he seems like he's got his shit together.   I don't know much about him, but i included his links below and will keep an eye on any new stuff he puts out.   I want to see what he does next, I think he has raw skills and can polish it up and make it something very interesting.

This is called "And I Was" and it is actually good, intro a little long but I would definitely keep listening and go check all of his stuff out...

He has some interesting stuff on his soundcloud too:


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