Jan 13, 2014

SmithAgentSmith - 2013: What Happened? I Blacked Out

I was minding my own business this week, busy at work and not really focusing on music and I get a notification that someone has commented on an old post...so I go look what's up.
The master of the mixes himself, SmithAgentSmith commented on a post I wrote over a year ago about one of his creations!   Woah.   SmithAgentSmith - Now That's What I Call Open Format
Um.   That's amazeballs.

To answer your question, yes.   I have had a chance to listen to your new stuff and I consistently look forward to everything you put out!   I am vibing to 2013: What Happened? as I type...I am honored that you commented on my post and because you have consistently kept my ears entertained for a very long time now I have decided to do a follow up so hopefully a few more savvy music lovers can get in on this too...

I highly suggest and advise my readers to listen and discover why I adore this guy for themselves.   Funny random story, I was walking into a club two years ago and this dude with a flat top wanders out the door as I am walking in and he jumps from the top three steps down to the sidewalk and does a little shimmy shake type dance.   We made eye contact, he grinned, and wandered off into the night.   I never had a chance to tell him, so I will make up for that now- I had discovered his music a week prior and have been a huge fan ever since.

I told you all last time and I repeat myself now, don't sleep on this one.   Check him out:

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