Jan 20, 2014

Oh Dear Vegas! live at Loaded

I have warned you all consistently- pay attention to Oh Dear Vegas! because pretty soon you will be hearing them everywhere.   Last night these delightful boys from Paris performed a live show at Loaded in Hollywood and I got to rediscover all over again why I have fallen so hard for them.   They have so much energy and drama in their music, they are French (come on, accents will slay me every time) and they just personify what I imagine a rock band in 2014 to be.   What does this all mean for you?   Well- I am going to post a few videos from the show and you can listen to them for yourself.   Last time I ran out of phone memory in the middle of my favorite song of theirs although I was able to get the chorus posted on my last post (Oh Dear Vegas! live at Viper Room October 2013) this time THE SAME THING HAPPENED!   It is such a great song - a cover the the Lana Del Rey song "Blue Jeans" and I think it should be their single unless they release "Strange World" first to break in new fans.   I can totally see their music getting used in commercials for cars - imagine a Lexus zooming down the street with a stunning woman driving and the haunting "I will love you till the end of time..." in the background (thank you, thank you, I accept cash and checks you can send me my royalties later) ANYWAY here:

Now I need to tell you how dedicated these guys are... in the first few minutes of their first song Davy (Guitar and vocals in the plaid shirt) sliced open his finger.   He did not miss a beat and played the ENTIRE show. We have a picture of his guitar proving it (I'm just going to link it, not post)

So now you've watched a few of their songs and gotten a sense of what they sound like, do yourselves a giant favor: Mark this on your calendar TUESDAY, JANUARY 28th because these guys will be playing a show at THE SAYERS CLUB 

I could not be more proud of them or excited!!! Hope to see you all there!!!!


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