Jan 6, 2014

Kid Ink - My Own Lane

I was driving to a party in 2011, right when I had first moved back to LA for good.   While waiting at the light at La Cienega and Santa Monica Blvd, two guys in the car next to me started talking to me and we had a very random conversation, then when the light turned I took off and figured that was the end of it.   As fate would have it, later that same evening I looked up and there were the same two guys having an absolute blast in the middle of the club!   I didn't go up to them, but I did end up at an after party in the hills- which if you know me is very rare- I have long maintained that after parties are way over hyped and much less fun for anyone who isn't completely drunk- and who do I bump into?   The same two guys.   That's not even the cool part of the story- I have stayed friends with both of them and have watched them both become successful, productive young men in their respective fields.

Here is where the story really begins- one of the guys introduced me to this kid, Kid Ink, shortly after we met.   I met his bodyguard, Bigg Chuck, his friends and a super talented DJ named DJ Tech.   I listen to their music all of the time and have watched as this talented artist is gaining momentum and followers, touring the world and achieving success.

Check out his song Show Me featuring Chris Brown

Kid Ink finally drops his much anticipated album "My Own Lane".

At 8pm tonight on Power 106 in LA, he will be live on the Liftoff with two of my favorites- JCruz and Justin Credible.   I am guessing they will preview some of his stuff so listen if you can, either on the radio or online. http://player.liquidcompass.net/KPWRFM

Go listen to his stuff- he's blowing up and by this time next year he will be one of those artists everyone knows and loves.
On iTunes his bio:
MC and producer Kid Ink — born Brian Todd Collins in Los Angeles, California, and formerly known as Rockstar — rose steadily by releasing a series of four mixtapes during 2010 and 2011. XXL magazine was impressed enough to list Kid Ink beside the likes of Danny Brown and Macklemore in its Freshman Class feature for 2012. That June, Kid Ink released Up & Away, his first proper studio album, via Tha Alumni. Although it featured beats from several producers — including Ned Cameron, Cardiak, Jahlil Beats, and the Amazinz — there were no guest verses, and therefore no disruptions in Kid Ink's nonchalant flow. It peaked at number 20 on the Billboard 200 chart and reached number three on the publication's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. After another mixtape, he signed to major label RCA and prepared his second album.


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