Jan 27, 2014

Grammy's - Year of the Heist

It's kind of hard to compete with anything musically this weekend because the Grammy's seem to have taken over- especially here in LA.   I've been hearing about it non-stop pretty much since Thursday.   Last night the award show took place (although it still confounds me that the East coast gets a live feed and the West coast gets a taped delay hours later!).   I didn't watch the show, to begin with I don't have a TV and as I posted on facebook, I am disenchanted with the show.

After I posted that, something interesting happened... I noticed a lot of people on facebook sharing a similar sentiment.   I started getting texts from friends opening dialogue on the subject.   Primarily it circled back to the perceived biggest upset of Macklemore winning over Kendrick Lamar.   So Instead of posting a new artist or band who will get lost in the shuffle of the Grammy's, I am going to write about how I feel and would love for everyone to weigh in since it is obviously a topic that gets people talking.

I loved The Heist.   I am proud of the Mack for making it WITHOUT A LABEL to support him.   I didn't know anything about him before I heard "Thrift Shop" and I still get jiggy with it when the song plays.   I know he has other songs but we are not reviewing the album here, we are actually about to discuss the pressure social media places on artists...
So Macklemore wins his Grammy and the internet collectively gasps because OMG he stole it from Kendrick!   Poor guy- Kendrick is epic talented too but if you measure household name against household name, and who was where when this year began, Macklemore takes it.   The part I disagree with is when hours after the show, he posts a picture on Instagram APOLOGIZING to Kendrick and telling him he deserved it.


Ok love, I know you are new here but it works like this- if you want to apologize and be the good guy (which I believe you are by the way) that's all well and good- but by posting it on social media you just gave value to the outrage.   And you negated the value of your own award and of the Grammy's as whole by proving that public perception and pressure forced you to feel the need to make sure to acknowledge the upset publicly.   You could have had the conversation with Kendrick in private.   

There was another glaringly obvious middle finger up moment- when Jay Z accepted his award, after shaking his wife's ass on national TV as the show opener, he quips that he is going to give his baby girl another sippy cup.   Dude- you just referred to a Grammy as a baby's drinking cup.   If the award doesn't mean anything to you, why be the show opener with your bootylicious Bey?   Because my darlings, it is all a horse and pony show.   At the end of the day the music industry values flash, bang and social media rankings above value.   Which is why they cut off Queen of the Stone Age at the end of the way too long broadcast.  

Like I said, I used to live for the Grammy's, it was the most exciting awards show to me.   But now I feel like it is an empty waste of time and I dislike feeling disenchanted, it makes me realize I've grown up and that's not something I like to admit very often.   So musicians and artists out there I throw down this challenge at you.   Make music.   Create moving, memorable, heartfelt music that will stand the test of time and affect people in their hearts.   Do it because that is what is lacking right now and it's time we get back to it.   Let's see who steps up to the bar.
Until next week.... xoxo

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