Dec 16, 2013

Semi Precious Weapons Live

It's like the music gods know exactly how to tease me and weave my worlds together in the most fantastic of ways.   Last week I got invited to an industry event to preview the new album for a band.   I was really excited because the venue is one I fondly refer to as my "Cheers" (omg, you know- where everybody knows your name) and when I found out who the band was, it was even more exciting... I have been a fan of theirs for a minute.

Rewind to last Tuesday night- I walk into Sayers in Hollywood, and make it just in time as Tricky Stewart introduces Semi Precious Weapons.


SPW is a band from New York that came out to LA around the same time I finally moved here for good, and I have caught a few of their shows in Hollywood and loved them.   They've opened for Lady Gaga and are the perfect kitschy type of weird and awesome that I love.   The lead singer - Justin - is this caricature of what you imagine a rock god should be in 2014... he dresses well, looks perfect and can hit notes like the greats in rock history before him.   There's a level of theatrics to the show that could only come from a NY import, you can feel the grit in the music while you nod along.

Listen to their new single coming out soon... Aviation High

And here are two video sneak peaks I took from the show- sign up for updates on their website and follow as SPW becomes the next big thing.

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