Dec 2, 2013

RZA Honors Paul Walker With 'Destiny Bends'

If you were on social media at all over the last few days you are aware of the passing of Paul Walker.   I was at work when I saw a tweet about it, and my first thought was total disbelief, that it had to be a hoax.  There was some confusion for the next hour or so, and then sadly, it was confirmed.   I watched as slowly the news spread, and reactions poured in on facebook, twitter, instagram- somehow this gorgeous, smiling man had touched millions of lives without even trying.   We all feel connected to him, and it is more than just the cute guy who drove cars.   My best guess is he seemed decent, he felt like your friend even though you'd never met him.   

Paul left behind a fifteen year old daughter he had only recently begun to know.   He often spoke to the media of how being a dad changed him and that his relationship with Meadow was the most important thing to him.   He was a really cool guy with a head on his shoulders and a smile that made you happier when you saw it.   For myself, I am sad.   I can admit he was one of my first crushes and it is my loss that I never got to meet him.   I feel tremendously for the friends and family who are grieving, and send thoughts and prayers to them all.

RZA wrote a song after he heard the news, in Paul Walker's honor.   I included it at the top of this post, and below is the article from Rolling Stone:

December 2, 2013 11:10 AM ET

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA has just released a song he wrote in honor of Paul Walker, the Fast & Furious actor who died in a car accident Saturday. The four-minute vocal ballad, titled "Destiny Bends," features singer Will Wells, and it begins with the rapper dedicating the song to Walker. RZA had met the actor on the set of Brick Mansions, a movie reportedly in post-production with a planned 2014 release. A note on RZA's SoundCould page specifies that the track is just a "sketch demo" and "not for criticism."
RZA's note explains that he wrote the song after hearing of Walker's death. He says that on the set of Brick Mansion, "We talked, laughed, and exchanged ideas of life and fatherhood." He goes on to say that even though he had known Walker for less than a year, he felt a connection to the actor. "We saw in each other a kindred spirit of men coming from unlikely circumstances, and rising to be the light and beacon of our family and loved ones," RZA wrote. "Men who learned the joy and pains of love in life, and success, while coming to realize that nothing is more important than family, friendship and the brotherhood of humanity." He later explains the title by saying, "We had plans to continue working with each other in the future. It seemed destined, but 'destiny bends.'"

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