Dec 9, 2013

B.B. King Live

This week I did something I promised myself I was going to do- I went to a B.B. King concert.   I bought my own ticket and went alone, mostly because I wanted to enjoy every moment and not get distracted by anything else.   I actually bought the ticket and planned this in August- so it is very cool that it worked out in terms of my job and what city I was in at the time...

I have always loved B.B.King.   I wasn't sure what to expect, I mean the man is 88 years old (he told us so himself), but he is one of those classic greats that I needed to see with my own eyes, and hear live.   And as expected, he did not disappoint.   To begin with, I would like to say that the nine African American gentlemen standing  on that stage (ok, six standing, B.B. sat as did the keyboard and the drummer) are nine of the classiest, most respectable musicians I have ever seen.   They wore suits, swayed and had slight choreography- it was just such a pleasure to watch them loving the music, playing their instruments and knowing their craft so perfectly.   Such a contrast to artists today.   I could have sat there listening for hours longer.

I recorded a bunch of the concert with my iphone voicememos and uploaded them to a Soundcloud channel so you can all hear the concert with me.
The first is an intro of just the band playing:

Then BB came out and introduced the entire band- it is long, but cool to hear

Then he jammed a bit on the guitar himself

Then he sang the longest version of You Are My Sunshine EVER - he was laughing and talking with the audience...some jackass asked him to "play some blues" and he said "What do you think I'm doing- I played the White House before he got there!" (He meant Obama... and it was hilarious, he's the funniest artist I have ever seen on stage, I am serious.   The audience sang along, and I started crying although not sad tears, it was just emotional because I could hear my grandmother singing the song in my head, she recently passed away and it just touched me...

Then came the song I was waiting for: The Thrill Is Gone.   Just listen.   I get chills listening to it now, and definitely when it was live and the music covered my entire body and then he started singing...

He sang a Christmas song, after all Tis the Season:

and closed out the show with When the Saints Go Marching In

I do have some pictures as well-

Ladies and Gentlemen... Good Night.
Thank You BB King.

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