Nov 18, 2013

Slim Jeff @ The Viper Room

This is definitely one of my favorite things in the world- going to a show at a venue oozing with music history, to see someone you know perform.  

Tonight I was honored to be part of the crowd that showed up to support Slim Jeff as he took the famous Viper Room stage, along with Brandon and David (links at the end).   Slim is one of those guys who is always thinking- you can just tell. And it reflects in what he is saying when he is holding a mike.

The first two songs were cool...

But the last song was called Reparations and it was the one that made the biggest impact on me- I tried to video the entire thing but I ran out of memory close to the end (my apologies). You have to check it out though, and listen to the LYRICS

Pay attention to Slim Jeff and his boys, David on keys and Brandon on drums... check them out on twitter and let them know what you thought.

Also keep an eye out for Slim's debut project
"Better Late Than Never"
and stop worrying, you know I will definitely follow up with info and details when it is released.

Support music that makes you think.   Tell a friend.

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