Nov 4, 2013

Charles Jones at the Sayers Club

You all know by now that I get fixated on people musically.   Sometimes it is their voice, their stage presence, their instrument skills... sometimes it is a combination and sometimes it is just plain magic.   Charles Jones is magic.   I cannot explain properly why it is that I stare transfixed when he sings.   He opens his mouth and my eyes well up with tears.   Usually he blows me out of the water with an unexpectedly fantastic note of some kind, something you never would have thought of that he just effortlessly throws out onto the crowd.
Here is a collection of videos you need to see- the first is mine and a few others have taken of him at the Sayers Club.

Here are two videos I have to share as well, not at Sayers, but definitely worth watching:

Added note- this is one of my favorite songs to sing on my own, hearing him sing it...take me to church Charles!

And as you know, I wrote about him previously -

Now go follow him on twitter and tell him what you think!

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