Oct 21, 2013

Oh Dear Vegas

This week was absolute insanity- every single night of the week I had an event or show or something...so when I got a text to come see this band Oh Dear Vegas perform at the Viper Room on Monday night after I missed their show earlier at the Roxy, I knew I was giving up my one night at home- but it was totally worth it.   Oh Dear Vegas is a band from Paris, their sound is along the vein of Imagine Dragon but not really.   They have that raspy rock electric cool sound, but then there is a playful fun side they share too, it's a very interesting mix and sound and I am a huge fan now.   Extremely grateful that I did not miss their last show in the US, and definitely looking forward to seeing them again when they return!

I have one decent video of one song because I got really caught up in the performance and forgot to record, but I have all the links at the bottom so you can actually hear everything in it's entirety.   It's a Lana Del Rey cover of Blue Jeans, and the quality is always iffy when I record at Viper Room... but these guys are fantastic:

Their song Strange World makes me happy every time I listen to it:


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