Oct 14, 2013

Covers, Soundcloud and Insomnia

This week was definitely an interesting one for me.   I heard a lot of new music and struggled with what to write about.   Then I realized the whole time I was researching music I was actually listening to my own soundcloud... it's not something I share with very many people but since it helps me I have decided to put it out there.  
Before we get into it, there are a few things you should know, if you don't already.   I am a closet singer- I sing in my car, my shower, my room, anywhere there is no audience.   Once I have to make eye contact while singing I get hot flashes and can't focus and fall apart.   I think I get shy and mess up if anyone watches because when I sing it is such an emotional and personal experience.   I relate to melodies and what music brings out of me, and as I have mentioned umpteen times before, songs represent different times and experiences in my life.

So I am about to share my two soundcloud stations- they are for the most part duplicates of each other, although some of the songs on my ChaniRubin account are sweeter and softer, and some on the ChaniSays account are just for fun.   The history behind my soundcloud is kind of random.   I have acute insomnia, and it can get so bad that I will suddenly realize I haven't slept properly in a couple of nights, so I set out trying to find a way to put myself to sleep.   I can't use medication because it's very powerful- one nyquil green gel capsule puts me down for at least two days straight, so no bueno.   I accidentally discovered that the sound of my own voice literally knocks me out.   I was messing around with the voice memo app on my iPhone and recorded myself singing American Pie - honestly it was an easy song to test the sound quality and I sort of know all the lyrics... I was listening to it on the soundcloud app and suddenly realized it was morning and I had slept a solid eight hours while it played on a loop the entire night.   Curious, I added a few more songs.   EUREKA!   Since the soundcloud app plays all the songs on my channel in a neverending loop I stay asleep all night! Insomnia cure be mine!!!!!

What has evolved is an eclectic collection of songs I love and songs I was curious to see if I could sing.   Nothing is edited, nothing is done after more than three takes, and sometimes I got creative-ish and added a karaoke track via YouTube as backup.   Nothing is original, it is all covers, although there are a few songs you will have probably never heard of because they are Hebrew, but maybe you will enjoy them.  I save the rapping for my YouTube channel mostly because I use my hands when I rap, definitely a spectacle to be seen, and it would be a total waste in this format. There are some flat notes, some sharp moments and some completely off key warbling, but this is a part of me that represents music I feel at home with, and since this blog is about music I like... well, enjoy.
I will start you off with American Pie, and feel free to explore from there:



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