Sep 2, 2013

DJ As-Is Musty Grooves

Time for some recognition.   You all know my penchant for the random, underground, unknown and usually throwback or classic stuff.   There's a reason why certain DJ's and certain artists consistently draw my attention- it's because they are damn good.    Case in point- DJ As-Is.   I chose him for this week's blog post purely based on the fact that I listened to his latest mix that he just dropped on soundcloud and remembered why I love when he spins so much.   This mix is called "Musty Grooves" and if you need a one hour break from everything top 40 and overplayed (you do, you just might not know it yet) then take a moment and click and listen.   For serious, you will find yourself nodding along and suddenly realize you are totally digging the entire jam. Bonus points if you listen long enough to hear my favorite song of the summer (that means you actually listened to more than a minute and gave it a real chance. LOVE that he threw that song in there!!!! Hey Hey Hey)

In his own words:
Musty is a way I define a certain type of sound. I can't properly explain it without making the applicable faces needed to describe it but if you listen to the mix it'll make sense. This mix contains funky, discoy, housey, musty, grooves. Enjoy.
You can find him spinning his own superb blend of mustiness on Sundays at The Dime, among other venues (check his website for calendar).   Go see him do his thing and let him know I sent you. You know I'd never steer you wrong.

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