Sep 30, 2013

Current Mood - Music

Every once in a while a specific song will play on the radio and grab my attention.   Like a moth attracted to the light I flutter back to it repeatedly, every time I hear it.   The previous fixation for me was Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke... and I played it on repeat even though I knew it was going to get over played and I would get sick of it (It did and I did).   I can't figure out what it is that makes these songs so engaging.   It can' just be that artist or the genre, because for me it can span many different kinds of sounds.

Currently I have two songs I am obsessing over.   The first is Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball.   Go ahead, judge me.   I can take it.   I was prepared to hate the song completely... and then I saw the video.   It blew me away.   Not the part where she sits naked on a wrecking ball or licks a hammer - but the intro where she cries is visually stunning.   Laugh if you want to but I love this song, and it has a comfortable place on my playlist.   Since I saw the video after her MTV performance I was ready to write it off (I don't like her party song at all) but I can admit when I am wrong- and there is something so raw about this song... yes, she is pushing the lines with the underwear and nudity, but it's ok, I forgive her, because I can't stop singing this song.

The second song is Avicii - feat Aloe Blacc "Wake me Up".   I don't really know where to begin with this song.   After Levels I was kind of really over Avicii, and then he goes and makes me fall in love all over again- I think full credit is due to Aloe Blacc.   Something about the lyrics and the positivity in the song just grabs me and makes me want to throw my hands to the sky and dance.   Every single time I play it in my car i turn up the volume and smile at everyone.   I can't help it.   I saw the video today for the first time and now I like it more- it's about finding the place you belong.  

I just felt like I needed to share two songs that I am loving right now, not trying to point the spotlight at anything new or undiscovered but showing something that makes me feel good.   Have a great week!

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