Aug 19, 2013

Real Mind of Mysonne

In what has become almost a weekly tradition, I once again need to thank the power of Twitter for this find.   Technically, I need to thank the makers of the iPhone game "Original Gangstaz" because the guy who introduced me to this video is someone I met years ago when I got sucked into that game.   We have stayed friends even though neither of us plays it any more, and frequently discuss music.   Case in point...

You know I have this thing for Hopsin- he just seems like an interesting character who has a lot to say and has found a different way to get his music heard than the usual sellout gimmick method (a proven method, but definitely undermines the value of the product).   I wrote about him previously, when he put out Ill Mind of Hopsin 6 and my friend was very quick to share this response/remix video with me.

I've never heard of Mysonne before.   Seems like that's my loss, he's kind of fantastic.   I listened to the remix a few times, and have to say I really want to know more about him as an artist and as a person.   If what he says is true, he has a real story to tell, one I would be interested in hearing.

Check out the video and hit him up (links below).   Let me know what you think....


Funk Volume

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